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02 Mar 2017

Year 8 – Study Skills Session

Click to download the Study Skills Session Document:

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 Moving on Moving Up

EWS Transition Booklet

Click to download  the EWS Transition Booklet:

>> Download: EWS Transition Booklet (.docx)



Miss School Miss Out

Lesson Plan – Miss School Miss Out

>> Download: Lesson Plan (.docx)



 School is Cool for Everyone

Bella’s Boring Day

Bella’s is Back


Lesson Plan – School is Cool for Everyone

Click to download the School is Cool for Everyone lesson plan:

>> Download: School is Cool for Everyone lesson plan (.docx)

Pam Powerpoint Presentation

Click to Download the PAM Presentation:

Download PAM Presentation


Looked After Children

Click to follow the link to the ‘Looked After Children’ website: A Guide for educators of care-experienced children and young people in Northern Ireland

Looked After Children