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24 Oct 2019

My Class Blog – Year 7


I’m kind of worried about getting into a low maths class but if I’m better than the class they will move me up but I might not get moved up so that kind of worries me but then I will get new friends and that makes me happy. I am excited to go to a new school to see new people, teachers and to get a good class. I really hope to get a new education and other than that I will see my old friends that are in secondary school.

By Peter


I’m in p7 and I am scared and also excited. I‘m scared because I might not make any friends but I do have some people from my class. I might get bullied because I’m moving from the biggest in the school to the smallest in the school. I think I will fail and my parents will be really mad. I am also scared because I promised my mum that when I’m older I will buy her a holiday to New York.

And I’m excited because I might meet someone that likes me.

Henrique P6/7


I am excited to become P7 because I would be one of the leaders of the school and I can read books to the younger ones, I am also excited in becoming a playground pal. I am also excited about selling fruit to people in my school who have 25p.

I also am excited because I will get harder work in class I will get harder homework and harder spellings, I am excited about that because some of my spellings sometimes are too easy and that I already know how to spell.

Thom P6


I am nervous to go to P7 because we have to sell fruit and be playground pals which is hard to do. You need to speak when you are selling fruit and as Playground Pals. Pupils are too much silly and they can annoy you.

I am also scared about going to P7 because it is the last year of being in Primary School and I am also scared about chances to have strict teacher.

Natalia P6/P7


I am a little bit scared for High School. So this is the reasons why I am scared first I could be picked on or I could make no new friend or I could have no friends. I hope this does not happen to me. this is a positive thing about going to High School  or secondary school you get to wear a really smart blazer, shirt and tie. I cannot wait for secondary school it’ll be so fun.

Alfie P7


I am worried about getting into a low class but I can get into a high class if I study. I am so excited to make new friends and playing with them. I hope I get into a high class. I think I might be in a high class. I really love going on residentials, I am also excited to get my school uniform and after school activities. I will go to school at 8am or 7:30am so I won’t be late on my first day or any day of the week. I can’t wait for homework.

Chanelle P7

What is respect?

  • Respect is good thing to be.
  • We have to be respectful to everyone.
  • In the classroom we have to be respectful and to our Teacher.
  • Respect is being friendly .
  • Respect at home is a good thing as well.
  • We always have to be respectful to our self because we are special and unique.

 By Joanna

Respect means when you let people join in but some people don’t. Don’t be like that. Always respect everyone for their differences and beliefs. Also respect yourself by being hygienic. Be kind outside in the playground with your friends. Even outside of school cause if you don’t be respectful you might turn out to be a bully not a friend. In assembly as well because you need to be singing in assembly not talking or listening to the teacher you need to listen to them if they’re a boy, girl, man, women you still listen.

By Chanelle P7

What respect means, being good to others like you would like them to be good to you. If you don’t be respectful to others they wouldn’t be to you. You don’t just need to be respectful to your friends but also to your family. Respect not only means to be respectful to everyone it also means kindness and helpfulness. You not only need to be respectful in your house but also in school, playground, shop, class and everywhere you go. So do be respectful to everyone

By Dmitrijs p7

It’s important to be respectful

  • You also need to be respectful to the environment so you don’t harm animals
  • You also need to respect school rules and if you do you’ll find school easier
  • If you respect yourself you’ll find life more enjoyable
  • .I need to respect the elderly because they are in pain and their movement is slower
  • .I need to respect my friends because they are the people there for me
  • You need to respect everyone on the playground so you can make friends.

By Peter

Respect means if someone gives you something they say thank you and they always use it, that is one way what respect means. You can show respect in class by listening to the teacher and not talking when the teacher is. You can show respect in the playground by not messing about and letting people play with you. You can show respect at home by helping your mum out with stuff and don’t be rude to them. You also can show respect in assemblies by not getting moved and no messing about.

By Reece P7

Why you should not be disrespectful

If you disrespect people like your teacher, your friend, your things, a member of your family, an animal, yourself and more so if you disrespect someone they can ………

  • Treat you badly
  • They can report you
  • They can tell your mum
  • They can tell the police
  • No one will play with you or be your friend
  • Your friends and parents will be disappointed
  • You will get punished

So please don’t respect people or your stuff. Thank you for listening.

By Aleagh P7

Respecting is what we should do everyday so we can either get: Rewarded, pleased or even thanked.

It’s a really nice thing to do, even if you don’t like the person. An example of not bieng respectful is bullying, vandalising or just not bieng nice. Its way better if we do respect our elders or our famliy or friends. You should also repect your teachers, adults, in your house and most importantly… Yourself!

By Benny P6/7

Respect is the opposite of disrespect and it’s when you’re letting others join in your game and also shows that you care about them. You should always show respect or you will lose friends. So you should always show respect to other people because you should treat people the way you want to be treated.

By Dimitar

Respect is being really nice to someone or without hurting someone by your words,

Respect is really being really nice it solves somethings, people feel great after they respect someone, but some people are really rude and they are black hearted and they don’t care about anyone besides themselves.

Respecting elders is even better than respecting anyone else because, elders have been around longer than you and know more than you and respecting an elder just because they can’t move much is really respecting them.

By Thom P6


  • Always show respect in the classroom especially to teachers and other students.
  • In the playground always respect the equipment.
  • At home you have to respect your parents, siblings and your shelter.
  • In assemblies you have to show respect for the audience for coming to watch you and your teacher & your assistant for helping for the play.
  • I always show respect to my peers because they look out for you and care for you.
  • To adults because they always look out for you and keep you safe.
  • To myself because I love myself and know I’m important.

By Tia

What is disrespect?

Disrespect is the opposite of respect. You can show disrespect by rolling your eyes. You show disrespect by not listening, talking behind peoples back, always being late and ignoring people when they try to speak to you. You are disrespectful when you are rude or get really aggressive. You can show disrespect by leaving people out or boasting all the time. When you show disrespect you’re being selfish and it can hurt someone’s feelings. Being disrespectful is showing no politeness, being jealous, being ignorant and showing deliberate carelessness. People use bad language when they are being disrespectful. They also use non-verbal communication to be disrespectful and sometimes don’t even realise they are using it.

By Emilija P7

Disrespect can manifest itself in a lot of the things we say and do. Disrespect is the opposite of respect. It is not showing politeness or courtesy. People can show disrespect by swearing, being impolite, answering back, hurting someone’s feelings or lying. People can also be disrespectful using non-verbal language such as ignoring someone, not listening, rolling their eyes or shrugging. If you make plans with someone and they don’t show up without giving you any notice that’s disrespectful. People can also be disrespectful by talking about you behind your back or interrupting you.

Oliver P7

Disrespect is something negative and rude. There are many things that can show disrespect; rolling eyes, bragging, selfishness, ignorance and more. Being disrespectful doesn’t give you a good reputation. It gives the complete opposite. Being disrespectful can also make you lose friends and you’ll be lonely. This can stay on your records and when you go to look for a job you can be rejected. No one will like you if you’re disrespectful. I hope you’ve got the message.

By Patricia, P7 J

Friendships are important

Friendships are important because if you go to a new school and you are lonely, you will need to make friends. Friends are very helpful. They help you feel happy and they help you with bullies. But mostly it is very important to keep your friendship promises or you might become lonely. Friends make you laugh if they make a funny face as they are trying to make you happy and to feel better.

Amie P7

Friendship is important so you’re not lonely. You can spend time with your friends and enjoy your time with other people. You can have fun outside with your friends, playing football and other activities. You can have lots of fun and play enjoyable games. Friendship can also be used to go to concerts and discos with friends.

By Oskaras P7

Friends are very important. Without friends you would be very lonely indeed. You need friends to have fun with and to talk about things that are important. For example, if you are worried about something they may be able to help. To keep friends, it is important to be a good friend yourself. By being kind, helpful, fun and honest there is no limit to the number of friends you can have. When I move to my next school I will not forget the friends I have made in my Primary school. Some will be moving to the same school as me and as for the others I hope to see them in the future.

Sam P7

Having a friend is good because you can play and talk to her or him, they can make you laugh when you are sad. My friend and me love to play tig outside and we like to draw also we like to play the Scribble challenge.

 By Alicija

We need friends for many million reasons but the four special reasons are.

We need them to comfort us when we are sad.

To have fun with each other when we are glad.

We need someone that we count on to treat us nice.

But the top reason is we will share memories that will always last.

by Amanda

Friendship is good for our mental health. Friends make us strong and they help us deal with stress. I enjoy spending time with my friends because they always make me laugh, they are helpful and I am always happy when they are around me. Friendship is one of life’s greatest treasures. A true friend can be hard to find. Friends can help you laugh, they dry your tears, and because of a friend you will have no fears.

By Aleagh

Having a good friendship with someone is very good because if you need help or you are scared you can go talk to them. They could play with you if you have no one to play with. If someone is bulling you, your friends could stick up for you. Maybe they could stop them from bullying you. If you have good friends they could invite you to their party and you can spend time with them outside of school. In life you can sometimes have a friend that you have been with all your life.

By Alfie

Friendship is important because sometimes it is like this that no one likes you, and they don’t play with you, but you can find new friends. You can have friends like your dog, cat, sometimes mum or dad, but the best friend is when you know them a long time, perfectly then is the best friends and them never going to leave you, and you know that. Sometime it’s hard to get friends and you going be sad for a long time. Find new friends to be happy.

By Bartek

Friendships are important because you have someone by your side and someone there for you. They can also cause humour, which for me is the best thing about friends. They are also good because they are there for you when you are feeling down and stick by your side. You can trust them very well and really help you out with things; here are some good bits about friends:

  • They are kind
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Trustworthy
  • Always help you with anything

By Benny P6/7

Friends are always there for you when you’re sad or alone. Also they look out for you, my friend is Joanna. Joanna is kind, helpful, sweet, nice and caring, the reason she is my friend is because when she was alone I went over to her to play with her and we look out for each other that is what friends are for. Even though I have other friends, I always have time to play with all of them and my friends mean the world to me, I wouldn’t know what I would do without them

Chanelle p7

So let’s start why friendship is important. Your friends are all in your life family is important but friends help you. If you don’t have any friends you will

1 get bulled

2 get laughed at

3 never have someone to talk to you.

I have 3 best friends that is Katie, Dmitrijs and Stasik from my home country. And I love my friends they are best in whole white world. Just telling you, you must have friends they are best like your family they are your protection, strength and kindness.

From: Daniel P7

Friendship is important for me because I have lots of friends to play with and I wouldn’t need to do nothing. And I sometimes might need help so it’s nice to have a friend to help you when you’re stuck, so that’s why you might want a friend.


My Best Friend

My best friend is my cat. I always talk to her so She is most important to me. I talk to her more than I talk to my family the problem is she never answers back just joking I know she will not answer. I love her so much. When I come back from school she runs to me jumps and licks me she is adorable. I do my homework with her play with her all day like seriously. Oh sorry I forgot to tell you her name its Tricksy. Good bye meaw meaw.

By Amanda P7                 

There are lots of things that make me happy but the things that are important are even better. Like my family, they are always there for me and trust worthy so I know they will help me. The same thing goes for my friends but they aren’t always with me if they go on holiday or somewhere else. My pet dog (Bingo) is also important because I can play with him whenever I want and he’s really cute. Nice things are good, but important things are better.

By Benny 6/7  

What is important to me is….. my family.

My family is important to me is because there always there for me no matter what.  My mum makes me laugh, my brothers play with me outside. My sisters are so cute and they always help when I lost my school bag. One day they gave it to me and gave me a hug. My mum is important to me because she made me into this world and my dad helps me with my homework. I love them to the moon and back again.

By Chanelle

  1. My family is important to me because they feet me they make me a person.
  2. My house is important to me because I could live there!
  3. School is important to me because my teacher gives me instruction and I get more brain.
  4. My friends are expensive to me because they make me fun and not alone.
  5. My live is so expansive to me because if not my live I will never live in this world I am in this world because of my mum she is the best in whole world.


My family and friends are important to me because my mum and dad do everything for me to make me happy and also my friends are important because when I am sad they cheer me up and my pet dog is important because when I cry it comes to play with me, my parents are the ones that fed me and buy me clothes and work to make money and always support me when I go to school when I don’t have friends.

By Dimitar P6/7 

What is important in life to me my family is important because my mum raised me and if it wasn’t for my mum I would not be here right now. And my dad for raising me too and buying things for me. And finally my brothers for being with me and playing with me. And I love all of them.


Important to me is my house because I would homeless if I didn’t have it. Also my family is important because they made me I won’t be in this world without my parents. Also my friends are important because they make me laugh and help me when I fall or can’t do something or scared they will support me. Also my 3 dogs are important because I have had them since I was a baby one is 101 years old, the other one is 94 years old and one is 84 they are so cute.

By James

My friends Tia and Lily because we have so much fun together  when I’m sad they make me feel happy .                                                                                            My family because when I’m upset they make funny jokes.                                                                                      My house because at my house I have everything I need.

Ballet is important because I want to be a famous ballerina

By Joana p6/7 MC   

  • My family is important to me because they take care of me
  • My friends are important to me because they help me when im sad
  • My house is important to me because it keeps me nice and safe
  • My mum is very special and important to me because she is sweet,kind,pretty and she made me a thing:]
  • My dad is as important and special to me because he takes care of me

All of these things are very important to me and I hope I will always have them in my life 🙂   Katie

. my friends, Tia and Joana are important to me because we have so much fun together and they help me when I’m sad.

. my family is important to me because they look after me and feed me and give me a home.

. gymnastics is important to me and when I grow up I want to go into the Olympics.

. my school is important to me because the teachers help me learn and I wouldn’t know anything without them

by lily P6

My Cat Pepperoni

I call Pepperoni my son because he is my kitten and I love him. I called him Pepperoni because he is black, after I called him pepperoni I searched up cat names for black cats and it said that pepper is one. Pepperoni’s nickname is Pepper, as in pepperoni on a pizza and pepper as in a vegetable or extract. He is important to me because he is my only cat, once I had a cat but he died on March 2017. Thanks for listening, meow meow!

By Natalia        

For me it’s important my family because they’re always nice to me and my dog because he is the cutest dog in the world for me.

I have a mom and a dad they’re very important to me because they are nice to me every time.

And I have a brother who is very important to me because he is a very good brother he make laugh and I like him.


“What’s important to me,”

The most important things to me are my family, my pet and my BBF. One saying is “I’ll be there every step of the way.” My worst nightmare is me being separated from them because they are my everything. My favourite thing about my dad is that he is in the army and he earns money for my mum to pay the rent. My mum takes me everywhere. My two brothers are really funny and my dog is the cutest pet ever. They are all so important to me.

Hollie P7

“What’s important to me,” is a very good question to ask someone. Well today I’m going to answer it. My family, friends, pets and connection are important to me. First of all, family, because, well they’re family so you don’t really need a reason. Second of all friends, they’re important to me because you kind of need at least a couple of friends in your life or else you’ll be very lonely. Third of all pets. I don’t like to call them pets, I prefer family. Also they’re important because they are so cute and adorable! Connection because it’s special to me.

Katie P7

Hello! My name is Ethan. Friendship is the most important thing to me. Without friendship you’re not as happy as you should be. Over all be out and socialise with friends and be happy!

Ethan P7

My blog is about what is important to us. Everybody has something that is important to them. The most important things to me are: my family, my education and my health. Everybody has different things that are important to them, and these are probably most of them. If something is important to you, you must take care of it!

Noemi P7

Punctuality is very important because people will think you’re more:

  • Respectful
  • You care more
  • Organised
  • Reliable
  • Dependable
  • Enthusiastic and
  • Sets a good example

Please be the early bird and get the worm not the person who says better late than never.

By Scarlett Kelly

This punctuality lesson is about being on time so let’s just say like your job or your school. It’s also really important if you are late for…. Let’s say a job you could   easily lose your job. In fact, if you lose your job you’ll lose all your wages and then you will not be able to buy food, drinks and you will not be able to get a new job.

Now about being late for school it’s also important, because you could also lose grades and upset your parents.


Punctuality displays a person’s respect for people. In a scheduled appointment, the late comer usually gives an impression that he/she doesn’t value the other person’s time or considers his/her time more important than that of the other. This is exactly why candidates are never late to a job interview.

By James 

Punctuality is important. It’s important to be on time so you don’t miss out on anything. You should leave 10 to 30 minutes before whatever you’re going to, but it depends how much time it takes to get there. You should be punctual when you’re going to school, a meeting, hospital appointments and there are many other times for being punctual as well. Public transports can sometimes not be punctual and can affect your plans for the rest of the day.

By Maayan.

Punctuality is important especially when you start secondary school. You are always expected to be on time between classes. When you aren’t on time this will be added to your permanent record. This is also expected for your future career because your employer will be looking through your permanent record saying yes was a bright student but unfortunately he/she doesn’t arrive on time so unfortunately you won’t get the job, and this is the same with most jobs. If you are employed but you don’t arrive on time you will eventually get fired so, remember always arrive on time.

 By Paris

Christmas Blog
Ho Ho Ho santa hits the snow
Oh no hear the wind blow

Ding Dong hear the carols sing
Glory to the new born king

The wind is blowing with the cold breeze air
The children are singing everywhere

This is the time that you should really care
These are signs that Christmas spirit is in the air

Christmas is more than a day in December
It’s all of those things that we love to remember

This is the time when people have Christmas cheer
Come on it’s Christmas you should have no fear!

Aleagh P6/7
Carols singing in the frost cold air,
Holly wreaths are everywhere.
Reindeer galloping across the sky,
Icy cold snowflake twirling by.
Stockings hang on the bed,
Trees decorated in gold and red.
Mince pies ready, delicious and hot,
A baby in a manger cot.
Star that guides kings the way,
That’s what I call Christmas day.

Emma P6/7
People say Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. People remember his birth as a time of joy, as Jesus died for our sins. Christmas to me, means spending time with my family and showing how grateful I am for them. It also means that we can celebrate joy through presents and kind actions. I also believe Christmas is a time for eating, because I love Christmas dinners!


Christmas is a time for joy and happiness, but just remember

it is not just all about presents and decorations. It is about the

baby Jesus and being with our families. It all started by a star

shining bright in the sky. It was the baby Jesus being born.

Three Wise men came to worship the baby by giving Him

expensive gifts. And that is why it is called Christmas.


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Everywhere is lit up with decorations and Christmas trees look all festive and bright. There is Christmas music playing on the radio and in all the shops. The best part of Christmas is Christmas day when you get to spend the day with your family, enjoying lots of treats and Christmas dinner. Christmas is also a time to think of others less fortunate. That’s why every year we buy extra toys and donate them to charity, so that other children can also enjoy the magic of Christmas.


For me Christmas is my favourite time of year! I enjoy opening my presents and stockings on Christmas morning. My mum always makes a yummy Christmas breakfast for us all.

I love family visiting from overseas. And getting to enjoy my Christmas dinner them, although my mum doesn’t enjoy washing up! We spend time watching Christmas films such as The Grinch and Deck the halls which is funny

Alfie P7    

I really like Christmas because I get to decorate the house and get lots of presents.

Christmas can be bad for some people. They might get coal from Santa. I Like Christmas because I have an elf on the shelf that can moves around. I Also like to eat Christmas Dinner at home such as turkey and spend time together with my family.

By Dimitar p6/7                Merry Christmas

On Christmas in morning my dad told me to get up out of bed and go down stairs. When I went in to the living room I looked under the Christmas tree to get presents. I got a ps.4 I love my family. I love to sit with them and I like to eat with family and play with Christmas toys. I like presents and I was happy when I got a new bike.

Sometimes I miss my Mum. I talk her on the telephone.  I like go out on Christmas to play snow balls with my friends.

Eimantas P7

It was the night before Christmas. The children were all cosy in their bed watching a movie. Their parents are down stairs in the living room. The children were drinking hot chocolate and the movie they were watching was Deck the Halls. It was 8.00 pm they started to close their eyes and open them. Half an hour later they were asleep, cosy and snuggled up in their beds. Then they woke up. They looked at the time it was 7.00 am. They ran and woke up their mum and dad. They ran down as fast as they could, down stairs. There they were all the presents…

Reece P7

Internet Safety

You must be safe on the internet because you don’t know who or what is out there.  Cyber bullying is where you get bullied online and if this happens to you tell an adult. Never click on random things because it might not say clearly, but it might cost you money. Be careful who you add or follow on apps. Only add your friends and family. If you only add your friends and family you won’t be asked where you live. Please be careful.

By Chloe


When you go on the internet and post something you can never delete it. If you find a random app or commercial don’t click on it. It could be a hacker. Do not talk to people you don’t know. They could be older than you think. There are some apps on the internet that are not for kids under 13 like Instagram and Snapchat so don’t get them. Do not share any personal information on the internet such as where you live or your bank details. Cyber bullying is bad and you should not do it.



Internet safety is very important because there can be bad people on the internet. Rule number 1 is to never join a group chat with strangers. If someone is calling you names or giving you threats you should block them. Only friend people you know, not people your friends know online. Don’t send your address, phone number or school address. If someone is cyber bulling, you should also block them. Don’t go onto websites with no padlock on the top right of the screen. Don’t buy anything off people you don’t know. BE SAFE!



Every kid uses Wi-Fi but some go a bit too far, never tell strangers personal details like your password. DON’T treat online people like they are nothing, still treat them like you know them. Don’t add people you don’t know, don’t tell people anything about you if anyone is being rude just report them and block them and mute them, tell a parent. Leave the game or play a different time. Be safe never meet up with strangers in real life not everyone is who they say they are.

Peter P6/7

You should never give out your password and your email address and your address and you should never talk to strangers on face book, Instagram and twitter and never say bad WORDS in the comments and in the voice chat of games and face time with strangers and never say bad word in fortnite

Rodrigo Machado p6/7

When you’re online make sure you don’t post any of your personal information such as.

.Your address.

. Your email address.

.Your phone number or your parents phone numbers.

.Do not ever post any of your passwords.

.And last of all never befriend anyone you don’t know because everyone is not who they say they are.

Make sure you                          STAY SAFE

TiaP P6/7

When you are online never ever give out your personal details. You also never meet up with anyone you don’t know because they can pretend to be someone that you know but they really are not.

I will tell you some online apps like snapchat, rob lox,  Instagram, Facebook and Tick Tock. Respect other people’s view, even if you don’t agree, it doesn’t mean you need to be rude.

Keep your privacy settings as high as possible. Speak to your parent or carer about people suggesting you do things.

Aleagh P6/7

It’s important to pay attention to what you’re doing because people can ask you for private information and they can come to where you live and either kidnap you or murder you.

It’s really important and don’t give away you email because they could steal a car under your name and you can get arrested. If you tell them your account details they can get you banned if you’re are on ps4 or console so it is really important to not give away any type of information even if they beg you.

Henrique P7

Today I will be writing about how you could stay safe online;

. Remember that not everyone is who they say they are.

. NEVER give out your passwords

. Don’t post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile phone number.

. If you give any of your information to strangers they could know your name, where you live and your age.

. One more piece of information RESPECT other people online not just your friends but everyone


Lily p6

The Importance of Homework

Homework is very important. It improves children’s thinking and memory. It helps children develop positive study skills and habits that will serve him or her through life. Homework encourages children to use time wisely. Homework teaches children to take responsibility for their work.

Anastasia Year 7

It is important to do your homework because, you get marks on it like you would get with school work.

You need to do it to get smarter. You also have to do it because your teachers want to know if you’re having difficulty with your work.

Sometimes your homework can be fun like designing a ticket for an upcoming disco, or it could just be something more difficult like the twelve times tables. Whatever it may be you still need to do it like it or not.

Kamile Year 7

The importance of homework is that it helps you work independently and shows the teacher how good you can be.

It improves your thinking and memory. Maybe it’s something you have been learning in class.

Homework can be a big responsibility, taking it from school, doing it at home and then bringing it back to school.

Nikola Year 7

You should do your homework so you can get a good education and you can get smart. You get homework so you can pass exams and past tests in school. Homework is practise for school, unless you have a photographic memory and can memorize everything after you read it once, you need to practice these skills.

*Homework help’s you get a better job and help’s you write on computer’s for important assignment’s or something different*

Now you know why you should do your homework and get smart.


People don’t like homework because we already do six hours of work in school. But when you do homework you’re actually revising what you did in school. It’s important because you won’t be smart enough but it can be not fair when people play outside.

Dimitar P6

The reason why you should do your homework is because it makes you be independent at home and it reinforces your brain and what you have learned in class.

Homework can be fun but sometimes you will be sad if you your friend has not as much as you, six hours of school can be exhausting as well.

Sometimes you will be good at something than others when they didn’t do their homework and you will get a better education or job when you’re older, if you study a lot at home, school and everywhere you go you can study.

Chanelle  P7

The negative thing about homework is that it’s wasting my play time out side. But I enjoy it because most of the time I’m kind of bored so I’m glad I have something to do.

At least I have something to do at home.

My mum says it makes me more intelligent. The positive thing about homework is that it keeps my mind going and keeps me active.

Jodie P7

Opposing Opinions about Homework

You already do 6 hours work in school; it stops you from having free time.

You can feel bad about having homework and you can’t play with your family and friends.

Homework is difficult and boring, you do homework all day and then you have to go to bed!

Your brain hurts from doing too much work!!!

You want to go on a trip but you need to work instead…   you get tired and hungry.

Your brother(s) and sister(s) are getting less work than you.

It wastes all your time and you can’t get anything done.


You already do 6 hours of work in school

It stops you from having free time

You can’t play with your friends

You will get told off if you don’t do it

Your friends might not have homework and you do and they can play outside but you can’t play outside with them

And if you have clubs to go to you can’t go and you might miss something that is good for you

If you need help and no one can help you might get your homework wrong, and your mum and dad might not know anything about the homework you have.

Windsor P7

Importance of Attendance






Noel P7

Attendance is very important in school to get a good education and a good job. If you miss a week of school, you are one step behind your classmates. Your classmates might know all his 10 times and you don’t.

If you take days off for no reason your mum and dad can get fined for up to £1000. If you are sick that’s ok get your mum or dad to phone the school. Always attend school

James P6      

Why is it important to come to school every day?

It is important to come to school because you need to learn new things to have a good job. In school you can make new friends and learn new things. It is really important to come to school. On Friday there are the most assessments, so please make sure you are in school!

You can also make teachers as friends. (If you like to)

Being on time to school is really good for your brain and your teacher because then you got time to learn!

You must be responsible to come to school every day for 180 or 170 days.

Not coming to school is dangerous.

The reason not coming to school is dangerous because…your parents will have to pay a lot of money, you will miss out and you will have a bad rating in your school diary.

Think, Learn and Listen!

Natalia P6

You go to the school to have new friends. You go to the school to have fun with your friends you go to school because you need to learn more things to have then a good JOB!!!!! To be millionaire like Donald Trump. You need go to the school to listen to the teacher. If you like school, please come to school everyday, it is very important. I don’t know it whether you like or dislike school but I very like school and not only because of my friends. To get more learn. If true, I like my teacher. She or he very important too, because she or he told us what to do. She or he gives us instruction and work.

Daniel P7

One day I did not know what the point was for going to school? When I went to sleep I felt great! So when I woke up, I could not wait to go to school to see my friend. When I got off my bike I saw my friends and was really happy to see them. We all played together and laughed together and also sat beside together and learned new things! Until one day a new boy joined and he was very lonely so we decided help him and when we did he became our best friend and then he was not lonely. Now I knew why we had to go to school…to make new friends and get better at education!

Benny P6

When you come to school, you should always be ready, prepared for school all the time. It us important to listen to the teacher without messing about. If you do you won’t understand what to do in your work and then you will get in trouble because you did not know what to do. Always remember to learn in school.

Dmitrijs P7

I like coming to school because I can play and talk to my friends at lunch and break. If you come to school you won’t miss out on important work, trips and other types of education. Also if you come to school you will get better at reading, maths and literacy. Coming to school will help you improve everything.

Ignas, age 11. 

Good attendance is important in school because of the new topics your class covers every day. Every day of school is a new and exciting day with your friends. Every day of school missed is a missed opportunity to learn important information that will benefit you now and help build your future. Your best option is to only take days off school when you are horribly sick. Otherwise go to school and enjoy every day as much as you can.

Oliver, age 10.

School for me is very important because I really like learning new things and I enjoy maths and playing with my friends. School is also very important because if you go to school you usually get a good job, and with a good job you earn more money which will make life easier. School has many activities that are fun.  For example swimming, P.E, IPad time, trips and Golden time. When I’m older I want to be a doctor but I need to study a lot in school. Attending school is good so we don’t miss anything fun like making new friends.

Patricia, age 10.