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29 Mar 2021

Christmas Blog

What is important at Christmas?

  • The day Jesus was born.
  • Getting presents and also giving presents.
  • Getting together and playing board games, watching movies and eating dinner.
  •  Building snowmen at Christmas day.
  • Eating sweets for desert.
  • We have snowball fights at Christmas.
  • Set up a Christmas tree and decorate the house.
  • Your mum and dad get a day of work to spend time with their kids.


Christmas Blog

Christmas – I personally like Christmas because it is a time of giving and relaxation, with family, friends or simply by yourself. It is a time of kindness and celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Many traditions exist for Christmas: Giving presents, Christmas dinners and Santa are among these. Quite obviously, many, including me, enjoy opening those gifted presents. In my house, unlike many others, we don’t cook a gigantic turkey; instead, we cook a lot of different fishes and meats. What traditions do you have for Christmas? 


         Christmas Blog

Christmas is one of the happiest timed of the year but not for all people. Some people are alone at Christmas. I’m always gonna be happy at Christmas. This year I’m going to spend Christmas with my dad. Christmas is celebrated for the birth of Jesus. You sit at your table with a lot of food. I’m so excited to open my presents on Christmas. My family & I play twister before dinner. This year is a special Christmas for my dogs because it’s their first Christmas ever. They are exited for Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!     


Christmas blog

Christmas is one of the happiest and jolliest seasons of all year. Christmas is the season of giving and receiving. Jesus was born on Christmas. We give gifts on Christmas because when Jesus was born the three wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts to him. I like Christmas because I spend time with my family and get gifts and give gifts. I love Christmas dinner because I spend time with my family. I love it when it snows and I play with my friends and love to build snowmen in the snow.