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27 Sep 2018


Before I opened my eyes and got ready for the day I was excited for the letter to arrive.

I was watching TV, when suddenly I heard a noise at the door.  When I went to see what it was I saw one letter and the letter said my name. I opened the letter in my room alone and saw the letter that I was waiting for the whole week or should I say year.

When I read the letter I was so happy and excited. After some minutes I give the letter to my dad. The next day in school I told my friends about it.

Some of my friends are going to the same school but the others didn’t get in.  Some were happy and some were sad.

Gisela P7


I woke up on a Saturday with a knock on my bedroom door it was my dad holding my letter. At first I was really confused then I just remembered all about my new school letter.

I got really scared and nervous. Finally, I got the courage to open my new school letter. When I opened it I started to cry because I didn’t get into my first choice.  I found out that my other best friends did. After a while of crying my dad noticed that I was upset. He said you just have to accept it and focus on your own life and make brand new friends.

After that talk I felt happy to move on to my new school and make new friends and I think you should too!!!!

Sheena P7


What is important to me

Hi guys today I’m going to talk about music. Music is something important to me and my friends. Sometimes when I listen to music I feel happy, excited, fun and inspirited too. For me music is my dream. I always wanted to be a singer because I like to sing a lot. I don’t really play an instrument and I may not be very musical but I love to listen and sing along to my favourite songs.  Most of the time I just sing in my room and sometimes when I work.  I don’t think that I have a favourite type of music.  I just like it.

I think music is not just for people who sing or play an instrument but it may be something important to them just like to me.

BY: Narcisa


What is important to me?

Playing The Guitar

Playing guitar is important to me because I want to become a pro guitar player in the future. I have been playing guitar for four years, I am now on grade 3. I can play solo and I can fingerpick on the guitar. Not everybody plays the same guitar type as me. I play the Acoustic but some people play bass electric and even sometimes the ukulele, which is a really tiny guitar.

Now I am going to talk about the types of music you can learn on guitar. There is blues, rock, jazz and country. I hope you find music and playing the guitar as enjoyable as I do.

Thank you for reading my blog and remember don’t sit watching television and be lazy get up and do something like going to the park, activities, or even help your mum around the house. Do your chores or you can go take part in after school clubs and stuff outside of school. Try to take part in competitions and even exploring is good. Thank you for reading my blog.

Richard P7



In my family there are five people. My mum, dad, two sisters and me. My family is very important to me because they always spend a lot of time with me and my sisters. My mum and dad care a lot about me. For example, if I fall or get really hurt, they always make sure that I am ok. If I am stuck on my homework or if I don’t know the meaning of a word, my family will try their hardest to help me. Even if I haven’t got all my chores finished, they will always help me to finish them. My family always shows respect to me and anyone around them. I think it is important to look out for your family.  I will always make sure that I am a support for my sisters whenever they need me.

I know that it is possible to fall out with members of your family but it is important to remember to forgive and move on as you will always need their support in the future.

Erica P7


Music Blog

My Blog is going to be about music because music is one of my favourite things to do.

So why do I like music?

Well the reason is because it sometimes hypes me up and gets me ready to do lots of activities.  But it can also calm me down.  This is the coolest thing because I just feel chilled out listening to my favourite songs.

My favourite music is freaky Friday by Chris Brown. My favourite rappers are Travis Scott, Migos, Lil Yachty and Lil Pump.

My favourite of them all is Lil Yachty because I like every song that he has made.

I also like Spanish Music.  My favourite Spanish singer is Ozuna and my favourite Spanish song is La Modelo.

I use different apps, such as; Spotify and YouTube to listen to my favourite songs. That’s all I need to talk about for today. I hope you liked my blog and had fun reading it.

Sandro P7


My blog is about Art.

Art is important to me because I can express my feelings through art and to me its stress relieving.   I like nothing better than to draw or paint something and feel relaxed.

Do you like art? My favourite things to draw are people, buildings and animals.  I like to draw animals because I can try to capture their emotions in the picture which is often hard to do.  Art is very colourful which I often think makes me happy and sometimes dull which makes me think of sadder times.

Here are some things you could use to do art.  A pencil, rubber, paints, colour pencils, paints and markers. Those are some things you could use to do art. Art is one of my favourite hobbies EVER!!!!  Art is very fun for me. Is it fun for you?

Art is all around you. If you are in a classroom and you see papers stuck on a wall, then that’s art that you are looking at. Handwriting is also art. Did you know that? I think it is also great to try to have a creative handwriting style

Weronika P7


Internet Safety

Hello everyone today we will learn about internet safety.

It is important you don’t show your face or your school uniform on YouTube. It is also important that you show your parents what you are doing on the internet at all times. Never add people who you do not know on snapchat or other social apps.

On games, never tell people who you don’t know what your name is or any other personal information. If anyone is in contact with you or trying to add you on social media, who you don’t know, you should never accept it. This is because it could be a fake profile and that person might not be the same age as you.  And never meet someone you don’t know online even if you have been in contact online for a while.

Aleksandra P.7


Hello, today I am going to talk about internet safety. Internet safety is very important because lots of people have been getting stalked and bullied online.

If you have been getting bullied online, then it’s important to tell your parents or your teacher. Here are some tips on how I stay safe on the internet.

Firstly, I always have a passcode or password on my mobile and computer and I never accept a friend request by someone I don’t know. I always get my parent’s permission whenever I am using social media and I always show my parents what I have been looking at, as many social apps are not suitable for children under the age of 13. For example, YouTube and Facebook are for over the age of 13.  I know lots of people will use these apps when they move into secondary school which is fine as long as they remember to be safe using them.

Daniel P7   


The internet is awesome. You can play games, look up stuff and a lot more. However, the internet can’t always be safe.

It is important to always be careful with what you are doing on the internet. Here are some tips that might help you stay safe.

Always tell your parents what you are doing on the internet.  They are the probably the best people to turn to when you have a problem.

Be careful with friend requests.  Make sure that you don’t accept anyone you don’t know.

Don’t ever give out your personal information or look at things that are inappropriate to your age.

I always make sure I have private links and it is important not to use apps like Facebook or YouTube if you are under the age of 13 or at least have adult supervision.

Remember the internet is brilliant and we are so lucky to have it.  But it will only remain brilliant as long as we are safe using it.

Lavija P7


Hello everyone, today I am going to talk to you about how to stay safe whilst using the internet.

Firstly, you should never give personal details to people that you don’t know because you never know who they are. Therefore, you should always set your accounts to private when using social media apps or online games such as ‘musically’. This is to try and avoid strangers looking at pictures of you or finding out what school you go to or where you live. It’s also important to never accept a friend request from someone you don’t know.

Another tip is to always use apps and online sites that are appropriate to your age, for example using YouTube kids and not using social sites like Facebook until you are 13 years old.

Also if someone is being mean to you or trying to persuade you to watch things that are inappropriate to your age, then you should always tell an adult and block or report them.

Lastly it is very important that you always allow your parents to have access to your phone or laptop to ensure that you will always be safe online.

Beatriz P.7



Transferring to a new school

When I start secondary school I will have mixed feelings about it. It is very exciting but also very nerve wrecking.

I’m excited about learning new subjects such as science, art and technology.

However, I am also very nervous about meeting new people, having a new uniform and getting lots of new teachers. I am also worried about getting lost and ending up in the wrong class, as the building will be a lot bigger than I am use to.

However, I am hoping to build up my courage to be able to ask for help and make new friends. I am also excited for me and my new friends to have fun out in the playground and go on school trips together. I am also eager to be able to join a football or basketball club and be a part of the school team.

– Diogo


Hello, today I’m going to write a blog about transferring school. Transferring school is when you make new experiences like you meet new friends, new teachers and you make new subjects like science, drama, arts, and crafts. Secondary school is much bigger than your primary school because there’s more classes. The playground its much bigger, and there’s more people to talk to. This can often lead to kids feeling stressed out and worried about getting lost. I know that when I go to Secondary school I will have some worries and concerns but I know that when I make friends it will be a really cool place.

– Gisela


On September the 1st 2018 I’m transferring to a new school, a secondary school called Lismore. When I go in I’m going to get mixed feelings and feel worried. For example, on my first day I’m afraid of getting lost and I might go to the wrong class.

I am also really scared of getting 10 pieces of homework each day and fall behind. However, after a few days I was hoping to make a lot of new friends and become part of a group. Maybe even join an after school club like cooking class or the choir.

At the end of year 8 I am hoping to have settled into my new school well. I’m hoping to be able find my way around easily and I am eager to try all of my new subjects. I am especially excited to try science, technology and history.

– Sarah


I’ve never moved schools but I’ve been to schools and having the feeling than I’m moving schools makes me feel happy and worried at the same time.

Now let us talk about the excitement people have when moving to a new school. new subjects. In secondary school you learn way better subjects and I’m not saying primary school subjects are boring. I’m saying that in secondary school you learn new stuff and you learn science and more stuff like that and the reason why in primary they don’t let us use those gadgets from science and technology is because we could get hurt and were still small kids and not fully grown adults.

Now let’s talk about the worries people have when going moving to secondary school. Friends, not making friends might worry people because if you keep a bad attitude in primary school and bring it to secondary school nobody will respect you so change and be a good person, thanks for reading bye.

– Richard



Respect is something you show to people to people and if you don’t know what it means well keep on reading. For example, I show respect  at home and school, like I help clean up if something spills or drops. If i’m at my friend’s house and we play with toys I HELP clean it up and it will be much easier because you’re HELPING them. Here are somethings that MIGHT HELP you be a better person: not to talk back to the person, help the old Man/Lady cross the road, if someone in class asks for help well then HELP them and don’t leave them alone.



Disrespect is when someone asks for help and you say that  you don’t know the answer but you really do.  Another thing is a lady/man asks for HELP to cross the road and you just put on you head-phones.


Respect is all about showing kindness and helping other people if they fall. In school you should open doors for people, be polite, help your friends and help adults. Don’t speak back to teachers or assistants and don’t speak over the teacher. Showing respect will make you a better person and when you leave school you want to be remembered in school for being a gentleman or lady and showing respect.




Respect is when you show good manners, for example holding doors for old people and not to interrupt anybody. And also definitely not to talk back to other people.



It’s important to have respect because if you show respect you will get respect in return. Also people always remember someone that has shown them respect. Respect is a two-way path.



Of course, showing respect will stand you out in crowds and it will make you feel you’ve done a good deed.



An example of being disrespectful is when your mother cooked some delicious food and you say you’re not hungry that would be really sad because your mother spent hours cooking for you to eat.

So remember to show respect to everyone you meet and be good.




Empathy is all about doing good things like speaking/playing with another group of people and not all the time your friends group. Empathy is hard to control, for example. If it was Christmas and your parents gave you a PS4 but you wanted a VR(virtual reality) and you threw it to the ground that’s not showing empathy.

-Edmilson P7


Empathy means to care and share with people and not to be selfish. It is important to empathise because it is helping you become a better person and it also makes you less selfish. For example, if someone falls on the playground and everyone is laughing, it is important to show empathy towards them and help to pick them up and not to laugh. Empathy makes you a better person. Don’t be selfish be nice and show empathy in every place, every time.

-Joao P7


To show empathy is a good thing because it means that you care and you love to show kindness. Empathy can mean a lot of things such as to show respect, to give and to love. Here is an example of empathy like if someone fell and you asked them if they are ok or if they need help. Empathy also means not be selfish of what you have in life because some people don’t have a lot, not even a house and would love to have what you have.

-Lucia P7


We show empathy when we share our toys and games with each other, for example playing PlayStation with each other. We also show empathy when we play outside and let your brother, sister and friends join in with your friends. It is also important to show empathy towards others, like if they fall and cry. Not to laugh and to show her you care. Empathy is a good sign of love, respect and peace.

-Sandro P7



Stereotyping is wrong. Stereotyping is like judging a book by its cover. For example, if you had blonde hair and you said people with dark hair are dumb, then you are stereotyping. Stereotyping happens all the time in our community.

Discrimination is bad for you! If you discriminate a lot, you can lose your friends or even lose all your friends. Discriminating is like picking favourites. For example, if you are Irish and said you don’t like Polish people because they are not from the same country as you, you are discriminating!


If you discriminate and stereotype people, people don’t like it. Some people feel ok about it and some differently. But how does it make you feel? I asked someone from our community and they said “It’s bad to do things like that.” Imagine people discriminating and stereotyping you. So if you do those things, stop now! Please make a difference.



I love Christmas!!

Christmas is the most special time of the year in my opinion because…

Family surround you with love in their heart while you rip the paper determined to get the present

The dinner…Don’t get me started on the Christmas dinner it would probably be gone if you even reach the table!

And last of all time of. Christmas is all about sharing, caring and having a good time with your family. You’re probably thinking “I spend a lot of time with my family!” well that’s 100% WRONG!! A lot is never enough! So they take time off to spend quality time with you.

We do everything together and that’s the way I like it, so thank you Jesus for this wonderful time of the year!!!!

Tegan P.7


What makes a good Christmas?

A good Christmas is not about presents; it’s about spending time with your family even have a big family dinner. To get into the Christmas spirit early, decorate your house for Christmas at the end of November or earlier. On Christmas Eve my family and I watch Christmas movies with hot chocolate or tea. And on Christmas Eve night my sister and I open the presents my mum and dad get us, then we open the presents that we get for each other. On Christmas day we open the presents from are aunties, uncles, cousins, nannies and grandads. Then we give them their presents.

Remember Christmas is about giving and spending time with your family.

Eve P7


Hey guys, this blog is about Christmas.

Christmas to me is a special holiday that we celebrate together. We celebrate Christmas because of Jesus. Christmas is a magical season were we spend time with our family. I like to take a peep at my presents. Me my mum and dad go out and give some presents to charity because some kids don’t have toys or a family to give them love. We go to church and pray, we thank god for everything that he did for us. I hope you have a great Christmas everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!




Christmas is a wonderful holiday because its Jesus’ birthday and we have huge celebrations for it.

On Christmas in some countries it snows but in some countries it doesn’t.

If it snows in your country this is a small selection of what I do with snow.

I build snowmen. I have snow ball fights with my friends. I drink hot chocolate. I help my mum and dad decorate the house and Christmas tree and toast marshmallows, making Smores. They are so much FUN! If you have not tried any of them, you should really try them. They are so yummy and FUN!

These are some more things you can do on Christmas:

Decorate your house,

Spend time with family and friends,

Listen to Christmas music,

Go shopping for gifts

Eat yummy food

Watch Christmas movies

Kiss under mistletoe

Catch snowflakes on your tongue

Open presents

These are some things I like to eat on Christmas:   I like chicken, turkey stuffing chips, mash and gravy. Me and my mum and dad always cook this for Christmas. But Christmas is about Jesus not about the gifts, food or shopping. Christmas wouldn’t be true if it weren’t for Jesus coming to life. Jesus comes back to life every Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas blog!



Don’t stereotype or discriminate!!

Have you ever been discriminated against or stereotyped by someone?

Stereotyping is when you judge people by their looks and where they are from. Discriminating against others is when you put people in a group before actually knowing them and treating them unfairly. Stereotyping is unfair no matter if the other person has a different colour of skin, speaks a different language, or is from another culture or simply likes different things from you.

It is unfair when you stereotype your friends, or even someone that you don’t know. They might be a really nice person! Danger of discrimination and stereotyping is that you are kind of a bully; that’s not a nice thing. It makes people feel sad and can lead to them becoming lonely.



Don’t Stereotype!

Stereotyping is when you judge a book by its cover. It’s not nice to stereotype someone by their race, religion, age, culture, or nationality.

Stereotyping is a big problem in our world today so many people judge people by their looks and where they are from.

For example, football matches are a place to find stereotyping because if someone supports a different team than other people then it can lead to you judging opposite supporters. This can often lead to arguments and worse!

You never know that team might be the best in the world.



Be careful how you treat others

I think that people have to be aware of how they treat others in our schools and community. We are always judging people before we get to know them.

It’s not good to stereotype people by their look, skin colour or where they come from. I find that this can be a worrying problem. It makes people sad, angry, scared.

Make sure that you try to get to know people before you judge them. Talk and make an effort rather than think I won’t because they may seem different.

You never know they might be the best friend you ever meet so don’t bully.

-Kacper P


How to be a fantastic friend

Friendship is important. If you didn’t have a friend, you would be lonely and bored. If you want to be a good friend, first of all don’t lie to your friend, smile, be nice to your friend, and when your friend asks you a question you have the right to have your own opinion.

Also don’t laugh at your friend when he/she falls or gets injured. If someone is completely different, is from another country, speaks a different language or has a different colour skin don’t leave that person out. That person might have been the best friend you ever had and will have. Don’t be mean, say bad words and don’t be bossy to your friend or you might lose their friendship. If you breakup with your friend apologise and be the first one to say sorry.

– Justyna


Friendships are important

A good friend will always help you when you need them, like whenever you are sad, angry and lonely.

If you want to make a friend all you have to do is ask and challenge yourself, soon enough you will have a lot of friends. If you want your friendship to last forever always apologise and have fun.

Never judge a book by its cover. That’s what they say. AKA, never judge anyone by their country, skin colour, looks and gender.

– Kacper W


How to keep up your friendship?

If you and your friend fall out sometimes, be the first one to say sorry or you might lose your friendship. If your friend falls down don’t laugh just help them stand up and ask “Are they ok?”

To make a good friend play with them, share with them, talk with them and if they feel bad tell them a joke or at least try to make them laugh and tell them to
“Forget it.”

What me and my friends do is act all cool, say jokes to each other, play rough sometimes and talk about things we like or things we done.

– Brian


Being a good friend

What makes a good friend is not telling lies, is not hurting each other and not being a bully.

How can you make a friend? Say hello. Talk to them. Share interests and smile to them. Let them talk. Let them have more friends in their life and let yourself meet their friends, and be a nice person to them. Be their friend too and have fun.

Don’t judge people by the colour of their skin, the language they speak, or the country they come from.

– Anthony