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19 Apr 2017

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LSC – Primary

LSC – Post Primary


An Interview with Noeleen McNamee


1. LSC: Introduction


2. LSC: If a parent believes their child child has special education needs…?


3. LSC: Who will be my first point of contact when my child starts secondary school?


4. LSC: How do secondary schools review the progress of a student with special educational needs?


5. LSC: How does a LSC enable their students to engage in the school’s curriculum?


6. LSC: Generally how big are the classes?


7. LSC: What arrangements are in place for meeting parents of the pupils in the LSC for support or to update them on their children’s progress?


8. What is in place to support a student if they are being bullied?


9. Will a student in LSC do the same exams as the mainstream and if so how will a school support them?


10. How will the LSC support students with the next phase of their education/employment?

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