Social Matters

23 Jul 2014

We are Only Human

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Moving from Latvia to Northern Ireland – My Story

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Is it important to have hobbies and interests after school?

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Are you worried about changes in your friendship group?

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Social Matters

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Social matters are issues related to society, perceptions that relate to people’s social lives. For example, your family and friends.


How to become more sociable; eat meals at the table together, going out on family events, talking to each other about the days events and simply spending time with one another. Learning to respect one another is a main issue, and talking about problems to build a strong relationship.


Friends are an important part of our social life, our behaviour, reputation and actions are often a result of the kind of people we hang out with. More than you may have thought, friends have a huge impact and influence on us. Sometimes friends pressurise us, which can be difficult. We must have a balanced social life, but also need to focus on our families and school work. Phones and devices may seem to make us more sociable at times, but it is an artificial contact, without very much meaning. Talking to people face to face develops our social skills by much more, and we are given more opportunities to meet people that could stay with us for the rest of our lives.


When choosing friends, be wise, as popularity is not all that it appears. Peer pressure can cause problems for some people as they try to fit in. Friends should accept you for who you are and respect your views and opinions. Friends should not pressurise us into doing things that we are unsure about. One common occurrence in friendships and other relationships are arguments.


Arguments can be big or small and can last long term, or short term. When an argument occurs, it should never be dealt with on devices or social media. It should be done face to face, and nothing should be said with an intent to hurt the other person. Shouting is not necessary and we need to look at the situation from the oppositions point of view as well. Think about how the other person feels and try to pick up little things from the start and talk about the small problems with one another so they do not become larger.


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Clubs and youth organisations, always try your best, try different things and be sure not to over work yourself! You can take breaks! Always put your all into what you are doing and take pride in your work, people want to work with you when they see that you are co operative and hard working.


You should feel comfortable expressing your opinion and willing to go with what you believe in. Listen and feel respected, and learn to respect other peoples opinions. You should feel welcomed to any place of worship and feel like you belong there.





Hobbies should be enjoyable. Work hard and practise. Having fun is very important, and we shouldn’t feel judged or not good enough. Like with everything else, put your full effort into what you are doing. Build relationships within the teams and trust. Making aims and achievements can make us feel like our hard work is paying off and it becomes rewarding. You may feel more confident and hard working when entered into a competition. Doing sport regularly is important for an active lifestyle and sports should be done often. Make sure you get your sixty minutes of exercise per day! Remember; practise makes perfect!


Always remember to have a good balance of sport, relationships and work.


A good life balance is very important. Remember to organise time, balance work and free time and plan your days and events. Try having a calendar. Try to keep up to date with your work and make time to relax.


In conclusion try your best at everything and work hard, and relax well. Make sure you get a good nights sleep and always have people around to support you.

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