Year 10 – Joanna

17 Dec 2014

1st September

Really looking forward to going back to school to meet up with my school friends and my new teachers for this year. I will be very excited to see them as I haven’t seen most of them since June and there is lots to catch up with. I have enjoyed my summer holidays off and all set to go back!


7th September

Oh I was so glad to be back to school after the long summer. Nice to see the school has got a bit of a facelift. New foyer. All my classes have been really good this week and I have new teachers, each class now has changed to 50 minutes instead of 30. Think they are a bit long! Overall this week I have enjoyed art the most because I like doing my front book cover! I am looking forward to HE and PE on Monday because I didn’t start school to Tuesday this week!


14th September

Have been away with county camogie team to Dublin all weekend. Just back 9 o clock Sunday night really tired will write more next week.


21st September

Monday back to school after the long exhausting weekend, off to a good start though with my favourite subject PE which wakened us all up. At our lunch break there was a football match on, it was out on our pitch. All the school was out to see it because our school boys were playing. It was very exciting as our school had the most support and it was a good atmosphere! On our way back to class everyone was annoyed because we had lost only by a point! Back into Maths and we were learning about stem and leaf diagrams. It was our new topic. We learned a lot in Maths today. In Tech and Design we didn’t do that much because we had to wait on our booklets being printed so it took a while but after that we got started to do some of our booklets and then we were looking our project up on the computers.


Friday was a great day because of Art. We have just started our new topic and it was completing a magazine cover we had to make up our own title and create a page and for our homework we had to finished it! Looking forward to the weekend.


28th September

Monday again! Into fourth week of school term already- that is hard to believe. Just into class and our teacher was in a bad mood. She was in a mood for giving out bad homework ticks for the people who didn’t have their homework done. She is never like that, she always gives us a chance, but not today. I was glad that I had my homework done. Into the English classroom and we were writing stories about special occasions. I was writing mine about a family wedding which I enjoyed very much. A boring day at school on Tuesday the only thing that interested me was Technology because we were starting our new project booklet.


Wednesday one of our teachers was off so we had a free class- hooray! She left work for us but we done it quickly and quietly and we were finished early. Probably not up to the teachers standard. Thursday was not really exciting at all we didn’t do that much in our classes. On Friday I was looking forward all day to the end of it because there was Camogie training so the day went really slow. All the classes seemed forever.


5th October

Monday, first thing was assembly. It was boring because it was just really the rules for the year 8 pupils, we already knew them. Into class now and it was the best PE class I had since I came back from the summer holidays. It was all about your fitness skills and running and catching the ball in the air. It was really good. On Tuesday our teacher told us that we had a test coming up soon and that we had to revise for it so we got a free class just to revise and no one was allowed to talk.

Wednesday was the best day of the week. Our school Camogie team were away to a Camogie tournament. It was really good because some of our new first years got to put their Camogie skills to the test for the first time playing for the school. We didn’t have any homework because we were away all day and not in school. Thursday in all of our classes we got all of our work to us to catch up from yesterday. We had lots to do. That’s how much you have to do if you miss one day. We have lots of homework as well. Did not enjoy Friday, very wet miserable day we could not get out to enjoy our breaks. Our whole school was in doom and gloom. I got soaked going and coming from school. I was happy it was the last day of the week!


11th October

Monday was not really that much of exciting day. We were told that we had our Math formal assessment 1 on Wednesday so we had to start revising. On Tuesday, we had our start of year Mass. It was lovely because it was for our school and some of the pupils took part in readings, the gifts and on the alter. On Wednesday we had our first test since we started back and it was Maths. On it were some key areas like the range, mean, mode and median. There was also stem and leaf diagrams and pie charts which I like.

On Thursday, the main subject of the day was History but our teacher does a lot of talking and it is hard to get it in your mind, but when we start taking down the notes I get it into my head because then I can read over it as many times until I know it for our test. Our geography teacher was away on a trip so all we had to do was complete a sheet and it was not hard so we all got finished quickly. On Friday we were told another date for a test. We always get tests coming up to the end of the term in each of our subjects.


19th October

On Monday, we had our formal assessment in PE. It was on Gaelic football and your fitness skills. I think I did well because I like football. Also that day we had our formal assessment in HE so we had a lot of revising to do. Our HE formal assessment was on food poisoning and we had to write an article on a food poisoning that happened in the local area. On Tuesday in English we were learning how to use adverbs in our recounts and stories. On Wednesday we had our Science formal assessment we were learning about how polar bears and camels stick their living conditions in cold and hot climates.


On Thursday we were on a trip down into town. It was on the population and traffic in the world. I really learnt a lot and enjoyed the trip. On Friday we got our Science results for the test on Wednesday. I got 81%. I was happy with this result.


26th October

For once I was glad to see Monday again, because this is our last week of school before the Halloween holidays. I was so happy to see it! It felt like the last six weeks have gone so quick. In HE today we were making freaky fingers for our practical at Halloween. They were shortbread only shaped as fingers and the nails were put on as almonds. I really enjoyed the Halloween practical! On Tuesday we had our Geography formal assessment. I revised for it so I hope I did well. In English it was also our formal assessment. We had to write a recount but I don’t think I did well because I didn’t know about it. This week we have formal assessment mostly in every subject so we have quite a lot of revising to do.


On Wednesday some of the people in our class were away at a football tournament and they won so that was good and on Thursday it was prize giving night so the teachers were getting set up for it and getting ready. On Friday all day we were just watching movies because it was our last day at school for Halloween holidays.It was really good but at the same time I am glad to be off.

3rd November

Off all week for Halloween so happy!


9th November

First Monday back. We were off to a Camogie blitz. What a great day even though we didn’t win anything at least it was a wee day out and we didn’t have school work to do nor homework. Tuesday was a little different because we had to get caught up with the others in the class. I was not happy because we had so much work. In most of our subjects we had to do a title page on our new topic. In Geography our new topic is rivers and coasts so we had to do a colourful title page.

On Wednesday we had a wee trip out of school to another school to see the musical Grease. It was brilliant. All the actors were class and all our year had a great day out. It was like going to the Grand Opera House it was that good. On Thursday in History we were working on a practical in class about the trenches, about when they were dug out and how they were used. On Friday in Art we were looking at animations, stop start animations and the props to use and we get to make our own one and I can’t wait!

23rd November

I was glad to see Monday again because last Monday our teacher told us that in HE we would be doing a practical and I love cooking! Monday was a long day right up to the last 3 classes when we had HE because I was looking forward to cooking that much and after school we also had netball training so Monday was the best day ever. In HE we were cooking……egg fried rice! I don’t mind fried rice but I have never tasted egg fried rice. When I got home and I got to taste it… was just alright I thought it would have tasted better.

Wednesday was assembly and the year 10 class put up a presentation about anti bullying week. This is anti bullying week and we were told the dangers of online and mobile phones. Some of it is really scary! Friday was a very bad days weather and we where away to Gosford Park. The whole school was away in a walk for MS. It was a good day!


30th November

Monday was a hard day because in PE we were doing circuits and it was all about your fitness skills and how far you can run in 12 minutes so I was exhausted by the end of the lesson. Our HE teacher also told us that we would be making a Christmas cake next week so our homework was to get decorations and icing and to be looking over the notes and practicing. Tuesday we were looking at anti bullying week and actions to stay safe online. We are also linking ITC with History because we are looking at the war and the dugouts and trenches.

Wednesday we were in the ITC suit and we were all completing a presentation on one of our famous writers…..what books they wrote and about their early life. In Irish we were practising our hobbies in Irish. My favourite hobby is football and hockey. On Friday we had our remembrance service for all the dead people in November because November is the month to remember the dead.


5th December

Monday we had a practical assessment in HE. We had to bake Christmas cake all by ourselves. We just got instructions. We were assessed on our hygiene- for example tie long hair back, wearing an apron, washing your hands. We were all assessed on how well the cake was cooked and for decoration on the cake. I think I did well and when I got home I was happy because the cake was delicious! Tuesday was great from the morning to lunch because up in our assembly hall was a young enterprise fair for our year. We were looking at what job we wanted to get and the skills and qualifications we needed. We also looked at how much money we would be earning. The figures of things were shocking. Our motto was learn to earn! We also had a lovely dinner today. It was the school Christmas dinner. It is the best meal in our canteen all year round! Wednesday we had netball training after school to train for a match coming up. Friday we had our History assessment. It was quite hard but I think I did alright!


14th December

I could not have wished for a better start to the week! Monday was the feast of the immaculate conception, a holy day. We were off. I was delighted to have a day off. Tuesday back to school! We had a Geography test today and it was quite hard, it was on rivers and coasts. And the formation of waterfall and some key words. On Wednesday it was a bad start. There was very bad rain and I got soaked walking to school so it was not very pleasant sitting in class all day wet. We had our LLW test today too. It was on “do children have a right to speak”? It was alright.

Thursday we were away all day. We were at at a netball tournament. It was a very good day out and it was held in Banbridge! I was playing all of the games and we won 2, lost 1 and drew 1. I think we did very well working as a team and we were all happy with our performance because  we know what we can achieve. We got to go to the shop after it. Friday we had a non uniform day. It was the Christmas jumper day and everyone had to wear a Christmas jumper. I think this has been the best week in a while!


11th January

Our week back to school but it was a brilliant start to the week with Monday and Tuesday off after our Christmas break. I loved the Christmas break it was good with all my family! Back on Wednesday again 🙁  when I got back into school………… it was like I never left those 3 weeks! First  class was Science and we are starting our new topic on acids…….. I don’t mind Science! It was the end of school and the rain was beating down…. I got soaked walking home! On Thursday, I am just getting into the way of school again! There were exams on today in the assembly hall so we weren’t allowed in there today. On Friday at the end of the week I was glad to see the last class. This week seems to be really long and I was only in three days…. I can’t image what next week will be like.


18th January

First Monday back after the Christmas holidays, up early again! It was not that bad because it is our school open night this Thursday night and we were all helping out with posters from the walk and in different classes. Plus we have no homework so today was a great day in school. I really enjoyed it! Tuesday was a brilliant day for six people in our class including me. We were picked to go to the a primary school to help the people in that school. It was a great experience and I loved working with them!

On Wednesday, it was a very sad day for the whole of our school. A staff member who had died was getting buried. Everyone in the school knew her and we all attended the funeral mass. There was also heavy snow and it was hard to get to school as the roads were very slippy. On Thursday in most of our classes we were helping the teachers out with their classes to get ready for open night. On Friday it was a staff training day so the pupils were off. It was good because there was heavy snow on Thursday night and the roads were slippy.


25th January

Monday was quite a bad start to the week because I was feeling sick but I went into school anyway. PE in the morning…… I felt so sick after doing PE and plus it was mostly running and exercise which I didn’t like! Tuesday was a great day. I was feeling much better. In Technology we were making a picture frame and designing them. I was really happy with my design and next week we will be cutting them out. In our class we were supposed to have Irish but our teacher wasn’t in………that was a good ending to the day!

Thursday we had assembly and we were talking about how we could keep our school tidy and clean and especially the school canteen. We also had a free class so we got to listen to our earphones. It was good because everyone was just quiet, all listening to music.


1st February

Monday……. and back to the early mornings! First class was Religious Education and we are on the topic about Death but it is flying through. It doesn’t seem like that topic because we are learning fun things on it! For PE we were doing athletics and fitness skills to succeed through life, it was very fun. Tuesday we finished the project of a picture frame after working a long time on it, I got a good score and I was happy with it!  Wednesday was a very bad day weather wise because the snow was starting to fall and land and when we were walking up to school the footpaths were starting to get slippy so it was hard to keep our feet on the footpaths! Today we had two free classes and I was happy because I was tried. Thursday and Friday I was off because could not get to school with the snow. I didn’t complain!


8th February

Monday again…… snow again….. the bus didn’t come but my neighbour left me into school which was great. First we had RE and we had our formal assessment 3. I think I did quite well. Then we had Maths and we are learning about fractions and percentages. At the end of the day we had our parent teacher meeting which I was not looking forward to… but it went great with all the teachers.

Tuesday, we got a new teacher for Technology and Design because our other one is sick. In assembly our main topic was talking about how we can improve our attendance. Wednesday we had a digital media roadshow in our school. It was really good because it was all about how technology is going to advance in the future. We had to make our own unique app that we think will be in the top 10 in 2015! We also got to go on iPads, control a drone in the air with an iPad. It was brilliant and to control a robot. It was a very good programme and I would like to learn more about it. On Friday we had a netball match. It was in our school and it was a very easy game because the other side were not that good! We won by 16 points.


15th February

Monday was a brilliant day because in PE we were doing netball marking skills. It was really good because we got to see how good everyone is at the sport! Tuesday we were working on solid works and finished off our design by using the app cad cam. We also had to create a metal lamp picture for our homework. Wednesday we had a Science exam which went really well and I found it really easy. We have no English teacher this week. Friday in Art we have to look up a famous artist and write about them or design a poster. It has to be done for two weeks time because we are off next week for mid term!


22nd February

Off all week for mid-term!


1st March

Back to school……after the short week off for mid term. It went really quickly but I had a great time!

Monday in our form class our topic was about lent and what did we go off….. But our teacher was more important by raising money over the time in lent so I think we are going to do a sponsored walk or run. I love walking and running. Tuesday we have a new Technology teacher. She is alright.


Thursday in Science was brilliant……..we were learning in a fun way because it was a start on a new topic! We were using a slinky and cardboard with jelly babies to create different types of waves. Friday I was in none of my classes………for the morning till lunch I was away in a different school to play netball for the school. Then when we came back I was picked to go to a farm quality assured presentation. There was also some cooking and we got to try some foods. Good way to end the week!


8 March 2016

Have got braces in top and bottom this week in a lot of pain can’t concentrate to write!


30 March 2016

On Monday morning in physical education we were practising our shot put and the discus for sports day. It was hard because in the cold weather your fingers get numb making it harder to throw. In religion we were writing down our revision list for our formal assessment next week. Wednesday first class… I was shocked with an unexpected test I hadn’t revise so I hope I did alright it was on light, sound and waves. I then had a free class because the teacher wasn’t in but……in English and maths I had lots of homework to do. Not happy.


5 April 2016

This week it is a short week only three days! Can’t wait to get off. Today we had a formal assessment in religion it was on the holy trinity I found it easy. In PE we were doing the long jump and the high jump I am good at both I love jumping and running. In careers we were in the ICT

Suite researching different jobs it was a good way to end a Monday. Tuesday I brought in my money for the charity and there was a bun sale in school so I got some nice buns for break. Wednesday was my last day of school for the Easter holidays we didn’t really do that much because there was only a few in. Glad to be off for Easter!


19 April 2015

Back to school this week after the Easter holidays I really enjoyed them. But only back Monday and Tuesday and sick the rest of the days so not feeling well. Monday and Tuesday we started new topics in near every class. In technology we were finishing our metal lamps and the light shade.


26 April 2016

This week has gone in really quickly! The last four weeks in PE we have been doing Netball so the next four weeks we are going to be doing athletics. PE is one of my favourite subjects. In Religion we had get different headlines of a newspaper or magazine to do with stereotyping for our homework.

I was really happy with my technology and design results for my formal assessment 4. We have to take the test home to get signed. Wednesday in Irish we have to practise and revise for our next test. We have to write an essay about ‘yourself’ including: where you live, hair and eye colour, and how many there are in your family. 


17 May 2016

On Monday I had the best PE session of the year!! We were in the hall playing uni – hock. The

teams were 4 against 4. My team won! In maths we got our results back for our exams. I was happy with my percentage. We were learning about the different types of fat in HE, saturated fat the unhealthy fat and unsaturated fat is the healthier type of fat.

On Tuesday in technology and design we were constructing the metal lamp shade and stand together with nuts and bolts. We were then wiring so that the light would turn off and on. In ICT

we were starting a topic on databases and the advantages and disadvantages of using them. I like ICT. Wednesday I took the day of school to go to the Balmoral show with my brother. It was a good day’s weather and a brilliant show. I had a great time!