Year 10 – Mark

17 Dec 2014

27 April

This week I was just doing my normal routine which is, going to work, watching Liverpool, in school and my football. This week at work we were de-horning cattle which took us a very long time. Also this week I was watching Liverpool but I was disappointed because they only drew against West Brom 0-0. In school I got my test results and my best result was in maths which was 100%. At football this week I had no match thankfully because I was tired. I just had training which was really hard. In school our next break is in 2 weeks.


19 April

This week was our first week back to school from the Easter holidays which lasted a week. Our next holiday is in two weeks which is “May Day” and that lasts only one day which is on the Monday. In school this week my brother had a match for the school in a competition which was called the Ulster College and they were playing in the quarter final against a school called St Columbus from Kileel but unfortunately they lost. Also this week I had a match against Kilcoo and we also got beaten, and in that match I went over on my ankle. But on Monday my brother was playing for the club and they were playing Tullylish and they won that game by three points and that was their first game of the season which meant they have two points now on the table. Also this week Liverpool were playing in the FA cup and they were beaten 2-1 by Aston Villa which means Liverpool are out and Aston Villa are in the final now against Arsenal who beat Reading 2-1 in extra time


31 March

This week in school was our last full week until the Easter Holiday. Also this week the International Football was on and one of my favourite England were playing and they won four nil against Lithuania. Also this week my brother, sister, mum and my sister’s friend Victoria went to a place just outside Belfast called we are vertigo and that is to do with trampolines and you could play basketball, dodgeball, wrestling which is throwing the other player off the plank and the player falls on a big massive air bag. You can also play do aerobatics which means doing front flips and somersaults


24 March

This week in school I was only in four days because some of my school teachers didn’t not come in because they went on strike and so there were not enough teachers in the school so the year eights, nines and tens got to say off for that reason.
But as the same as any other week I had to go on the farm, go to work, went to school and watched Liverpool play against Swansea.
On the farm we had to test the cattle and unfortunately two had to go. We also cleaned the tractor and polished it.
In school this week was the last week for my replacement teacher who is my favourite  and the rest of the class’s favourite too. I also had tournament in soccer in Dromore where we reached the semi-finals and were put out, during the match I hurt myself going into a slide tackle and got stood on.
This week Liverpool played Swansea City and was very lucky to win 1-0 because they scored a very lucky goal….


2nd September

Went to school for two hours just so we could get our bus passes, homework diaries and understand the new school layout. Looking forward to seeing my friends and seeing what they got up to.

7th September

Today in school there was a change to class times. Instead of a period lasting 30 mins it is now 50 mins. I think this is a good change because now you can get more time doing your work and the day goes in quicker

Today in school I went to the canteen for my lunch and noticed that the prices of food and drinks went up eg hotdog were £1.00 before the summer, this year £1.10

Today in school I had my first ever class of Performing Arts. I was looking forward to it but we did not do much. I guess the teacher was just getting us organised for the coming year, looking forward to next week.

Today in school I had History and we are learning about World War 1. I think it is so interesting because you get to learn about what the men, women and children went through.

Today is the end of the school week but it is also my worst day for subjects as I have double Art and double Science. This makes it a long day for me, but I really look forward to when the bell goes and I meet up with my friends at the school gates so we can all walk down the town and get a chip before our bus comes to take us home.

14th September

Today in school I noticed that the school was rather empty because the years 9 were at soccer tournaments just down the road from our school. Today I had double PE, RE, Maths and double Home Economics. My favourite subject of the day was PE because I am a very sporty person and very competitive person.

English this week we have been asked to write stories about important events in our lives. I wrote about my first holy communion as it was a special day and I can still remember it.

In Science the whole class were asked to take their height and weight for a bar chart. I don’t think this was a good thing to do because a lot of young people are very conscious of there weight, and it could lead to name calling.

In Learning for Life and Work we are starting to learn about the government. This could end up being a good debate because everybody has different views on how our country should be run.

Towards the end of the week in Maths we are starting to learn mode medium and range. This should be easy enough as I learnt this in primary school and really enjoyed it. I think it is easy once you really enjoy a subject.

21st September

Today in school I had my favourite subject PE. We did soccer. It is so much fun because the teacher lets us play a match and I scored one and got one disallowed. I also had HE. We had to pay £15 for all the practicals through out the year. I can’t wait until we start cooking.

Today in school I had Technology and Design. We are designing our projects, the desk tidies. I think they would be really handy because you can put pencils, pens, rubbers, glue and etc. I also have Geography which I think is so interesting because we are learning about the population, if it has gone up or down because of war, crime, etc. I also have Irish and I think it is a good subject because we are learning about how to say different countries in Irish.

Today in school I had Science and Learning for Life and Work. I really like Science because you get to learn about the solar system, population, etc. In LLW the teacher is just asking us how are we getting on, are we settling in etc.

Today I had Religion and History. In Religion our teacher has just came back from having a baby. I also had History and we are learning about World War One and how people’s lives were before the war.

Can not believe it is the end of another week, they are going in so fast. In school today I had Art to do our cover pages of all my favourite things.

28th September

In our school the teachers have organised after school football but the most disappointing thing about this is that no one turns up and for that reasons it is always cancelled. This really annoys me because I really look forward to it every week. I am really settling in to this school year because the teachers are not giving us too much homework. All the other pupils are really nice. Today in school I had PE and HE which are subjects I like because I am a very active person and love sports. I also like HE because every two weeks we do a practical which are usually really fun.

Our school has just got their boys changing rooms done up. They are a lot better than last years because they got new showers, walls painted, new seats, new floor and there is coat hangers in them and for that reasons you are not allowed to wear your football boots in them. I had Geography today and it is really interesting because we are learning about the population due to war and crime.

In school today I had Science which I think is really interesting because we are learning about cells in people.

In school today we had English and we have started to learn about travel writing but I still do not understand what it is.

I can not believe it is the end of another week but I still had a days work to do. Today I had Art and we are looking in magazines to find pictures. Can not believe the week is over

5th October

Start of a new week and start of all that work again. The subjects I had today was PE and in it we did our last week of soccer and I scored a hat trick, the final score was 9-8 to my team. I also had HE where we did a practical and we baked pizza which was really nice. I also had Maths today but the teacher was away so we did some revision which was really helpful.

Second day already and I have so many interesting subjects to tell you about like Technology and Design. We starting to design a 3d shape.

This week is flying in and we had Performing Arts. We started acting parts of a play which I think is really funny.

The week is nearly over but there is still a lot of work to do. For example we have Maths and we are learning about how to do your own pie chart which is really difficult because every section has to add up to one hundred.

Last day of the week and I am really ready to get off for the weekend but there is still today’s work to be done. Today in school I had Art and we are still doing our cut outs of the magazines

12th October

Today is the start of a new week and start of all that work again. Today in school I had PE and HE. In PE we had to play one week of soccer because in every sport we do six weeks, in PE we played a match and I scored three goals which counts as a hat trick. In HE we did theory and we are learning about where food comes from like croissants and they come from France.

Today in school we had to go to mass for a starting of a new year, so that took up the last two periods but in school today I had Technology and we are doing our designs for our projects, I can not wait until we finish this project because I don’t know what it will turn out like.

Half way through the school week already and I still have lots of interesting subjects to tell you about like Performing Arts and today in Performing Arts our teacher told us that when we perform in front of lots people to keep our voices clear because everyone will hear you.

Not long until the end of the week but still a lot of work to do. Today in school I had Geography but now we are learning about what people did during the World War 1.

End of the week but I still have to do the work like Art. In Art we are still doing our cut outs in the magazines.

19th October

Today in school I had PE which was really fun because we are doing Gaelic and I play Gaelic club so therefore I should be really good at this sport. Also in school I was doing a theory class which we had to do our formal assessment which is a test on what we had learned about from the start of the year which was about safe food.

Today in school I had Technology and Design. We had to revise for our formal assessment which I think will be really hard but now that I have revised for the test I think it should be pretty straight forward.

Today in school I had Maths. We are doing subtraction with big numbers, for example 1047-1013=34. I am good at Maths so it should be pretty straight forward so in my test I should get a good enough score.

Today in school I had my RE test which was pretty straight forward.

Today in school I was at a tournament and we were put out in the semi finals. I was really upset because we were so close to winning to get to the final but I was also so proud of how far we came.

26th October

Today is Monday and it is the first day of the school week. My first subject of the week was PE which is my favourite subject. We had to play Gaelic which is my favourite sport because I play it for a club and therefore it is very easy because I have been playing it for a long time. I scored five points and two goals.

Today is Tuesday and is the second day of the week. My first subject is Technology which I also like because I like drawing and building because I am a very good artist.

We are already half way through the week and nearly finished for the Halloween break but we still have work to do. Today I had Performing Arts and I had to help with the preparation of our prize giving night.

The week is near over and the Halloween break is coming closer. Today I had a football tournament which we did really well because we won all our games and therefore we have reached the quarter finals which will be taking part after Christmas.

Last day of the week and the last day before the Halloween break. In school today I had Art and we watched a film called Hocus Pocus.

2nd November

Halloween Break !!!!!

9th November

Today in school I had PE and it was good because we got to play another week of Gaelic and I was picked to play mid-field which is the hardest place to play because you have to do the most running which makes you very tired. I also had HE which was a theory class and we were learning about where do different foods come from like curry comes from India and noodles come from Japan.

Today in school I had Technology and Design which was really fun because we had to draw our designs before we went into the workshop because if you didn’t design it you would not have a clue what to do or you wouldn’t understand what to design or what shape it would be.

Today I had to go to another school because we had to do something about a musical programme which nearly took up the whole day. We arrived back at school after lunch.

Today in school I had Maths and we have moved on to drawing accurate pie charts and turning raw data into a graph.

Last day of the school week already but there are still my last subjects of the week like Art. In Art we had to finish up all our work from before the Halloween break.

24th November

Today I was off because I had to get my brace off.

Today I was at a football match but sadly we lost by 3 goals and 2 points

Today I only had a half day because I had to get a retainer for my teeth.

Today in school I was given a booklet for a walk called the MS walk.

Today was the last day of the week and is my favourite because I have double Art, and I am really good at Art. Then I had a free class.

1st December

This week our Maths teacher wasn’t in so we did a catch up on other work. I hope she is in next week because I really like this subject. Also this week we walked down to the chapel to remember the dead.

At home this week I have been busy. All of our cattle are in the cattle house and they have to be fed silage and meal and bedded with straw. We also have to watch out if the cattle take pneumonia because of the weather being so mild.

This also has been a good week for me because my favourite team Liverpool won their first game in four weeks against Stoke City with a score of 1-0.

7th December

This week there were a lot of things to tell you about, for example we had our Christmas dinner and Liverpool played twice this week.

This week we had our Christmas dinner which was delicious because we got a plate of potatoes, roast potatoes, turkey, ham and stuffing. It was my favourite dinner of the year by far. Also this week my favourite team in the world was playing. Liverpool were playing twice. They were playing Sunderland which drew nil nil and they played leister city which they won away by 3-1. I really happy because they needed the win to put them higher up the table. We are also getting off on Monday because it is a holy day.

14th December

This week I have stuff to tell you about for example, farming, football and school.

This week I went on the farm with my brother to put in a bail of silage, scraped the slots, bedded the cattle and mealed the cattle.

Also this week Liverpool were playing in the Champions League against Basel which they had to win because if they didn’t win they wouldn’t qualify, but unfortunately they drew 1-1. Steven Gerrard scored a free kick.

This week in school we were off on Monday but I was REVISING for the test we would have for the week ahead.

21st December

This week I did three things farming, watched football and went to school.

On the farm I had to feed the cattle, bed the cattle and put in a bail of silage because my dad wasn’t home until late.

Also this week I went to school until Thursday because no one went in on Friday because it was the last day before the Christmas holiday.

As well as that I watched Liverpool play Arsenal which they drew two two and I was really pleased with that because Liverpool scored in the very last minute.

I will not be talking to you for two weeks because it is the Christmas Holidays.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

28th December

Over Christmas I went up to my grannies for my Christmas dinner and I got my favourite film The Water Boy. I also had to work over Christmas at my job which I had to do the milking all by myself. After that I went home and got ready for Christmas Eve mass. As well as that Liverpool were playing against Burnley which they won one nil. On Boxing Day I had another big dinner but this time at my house and my other granny came up to ours for her dinner. It was really delicious and after that I was full and could not eat another bit!

4th January

This week I had to do all the farm work because my dad was home from work very late. I also watch Liverpool play on Friday against Leicester City. I also went up to my granny’s house yesterday.

On the farm I had to feed the cattle, bed the cattle, clean the yard and clean the tractor inside and outside.

I also watched Liverpool play against Leicester which they were winning two nil at half time but in the second half Leicester scored two so it finished level and each team got a point each.

Yesterday I went up to my granny and granddad’s house to see them and watched The Waterboy with my brother then we went home and ordered a Chinese.

11th January

This week I was back at school on the Wednesday but my sister was back on the Monday but she got off  before Christmas earlier than my school.

This week my team Liverpool were playing Sunderland at The Stadium of Light which is Sunderland’s ground and Liverpool won that game by one goal to nil. I was really pleased with that result because if the next half of the league turns out the way I want it to turn out Liverpool could go into a Champions League spot.

This week on the farm there was a cow that had a sore foot so we had to get the vet out to what was wrong with it.

2nd February

This week I was off school because of the snow and so I went sleighing with my brother, sister and two cousins. When we got to the field we built a ramp to make us faster and it worked.

Also this week Liverpool were playing and they won two nil to West Ham United and now they are eighth in the table.

As well as that I had to go on the farm and we got our sheds cleared out because the snow was at least 12 to 16 inches high.

I also had school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday but not on Thursday because of the snow.

8th February

This week I did so many things like school, went on the farm, watched Liverpool play, football for the under 14s and went on a run with the under 12s.

This week, as well as school on Monday I had under 14 training but lucky enough the training was in my school which was hard because we had to do loads of running and then played a football match.

Then on Tuesday I only had school. I had a couple of tests to do they were pretty straight forward.

The hardest thing I had to do this week was to go for a run with my brothers team up a mountain in Castlewellen. It near killed me! I found the task really difficult. But it was my choice to go as I want to get fit for the football season ahead. It made me realise how unfit we get in the winter months.

15th February

This week was the last week before mid – term break and everyone is excited for the weeks break because everyone is tired of school but there is only one week of school to go. This is how it went. On Monday I had PE and we were playing indoor soccer and I scored four goals and saved three goals. I also had HE and I baked Swiss roll and it was delicious. Later that day I had training for under 16s, it was really hard. On Tuesday Liverpool were playing against Tottenham Hotspurs, three, two. On Saturday I had to work on a local farm up the road from me and I was basically in the tractor all day. Also that day Liverpool were playing again in the FA cup against Crystal Palace and they won 2-1.

1st March

This week I had football training, first week back at school from the mid – term break, went to work, Liverpool were playing and my brother went to play a football match. When I went to my football training, my team and I were asked to do five laps around the pitch, then the rest of the training we were doing ball work. Also this week I was back to school and I was at a football match for our fifth years final against another school but unfortunately we lost 4-2. Yesterday I had to go to work but I was lucky because I got to go home early at six o clock. And today Liverpool were playing against Manchester City and they won 2-1. Also today my brother went to play a football match and they also won. After his match his manager took him and few of his friends up a local mountain.