Year 11 – Milla

17 Dec 2014

28 June

Hi There Blog, this week has been boring in school as it was the last week of term and we didn’t really do anything much but at least the summer holidays are finally here J


21 June

This week has been all right considering that nothing really happened as we didn’t really do anything. On Monday we had a day off. Tuesday we did our tests and then had Wednesday off. Thursday and Friday were OK as we really didn’t do anything.


14 June

Hi there blog, this week has been okay.


On Monday and Tuesday nothing that exciting happened. On Wednesday I spent six classes doing my science controlled assessment, and two classes doing my BACS controlled assessment for next year. Thursday was alright considering that most of the day I was doing science again. Friday was quite boring as most people in the school where away for the merit trip but I stayed in school and did science all day long.


31 May

This week has been quite relaxing after the exams.

On Monday and Tuesday nothing really happened except that we started the DA Science controlled assessments. Wednesday was quite quiet as we had a lot of work to do in occupational studies preparing for next year and in BACS we just took relaxing two classes to rest.

Thursday was alright filled with lots of work and Friday was literally filled with Science as most of the day we had science and in BACS we started to discuss and plan our controlled assessment for next year which is to create and evaluate our own website and research information about business.


24 May

This week has been absolutely mad, I can’t even describe it.

Monday and Tuesday were filled with revision. Wednesday was the Physics module, Thursday it was Maths, and Friday was BACS so this week has been filled with GCSE exams, and it was tough, but it still is a good experience after all at the end I am supposed to get my GCSEs.


17 May

Hi there blog, this week has been great.

On Monday we did a lot of revision, on Tuesday we had the Biology GCSE exam.

Wednesday was quite relaxing, considering that nothing really happened.

Thursday was quite mad due to all the physics revision for the exam next week.

Friday was great until even though I was alright with it I had to give a presentation in front of the whole class, I thought I will have a heart attack in the middle of it, and let me tell you that no matter how confident you seem or how many times you have done these kind of things, you will always get nervous because every time you will be presenting something new. After that the rest of the day was quite quiet.


10 May

Hi there blog this week has been hard due to all the revision going on and because on Friday I got sick. Isn’t that just fantastic, as I have a biology exam on Tuesday? So I have decided to make this week’s blog only this long because I really have to get better.


4 May

This week has been quite fun and a bit crazy because of all the hard work we have to do to prepare for the exams which are almost upon us so I can’t really think of anything else we have done this week except revising over and over again, and there really isn’t anything else to write about so I’m gonna leave it at that, I simply spent the week revising.


26 April

This week has been OK

On Monday I went to Stormont in Belfast for the Derrytrasna Award ceremony, where the minister of education presented the wining schools with the awards. As I was one of the judges for the award it meant that I got a day out of school to be present at the award ceremony. After the award ceremony and a great day I celebrated with some lemon meringue and after that I did some homework.

Tuesday was quite relaxing in a way compared to Monday and nothing exciting happened.

Wednesday the pressure was on and when I say on I really mean ON, we have one week left to do the coursework in occupational studies and we still have a lot of work to do on our bird houses never even speaking of keeping the evaluation up with time so yeh pressures on. To add to all that it’s only 3 or 4 more weeks until GCSE exams start.

Thursday was hard because we had a lot of work to do in science but it was still good, enjoyable and even a bit relaxing even though it sounds interesting that it could possibly be relaxing but it actually was.

Friday was alright compared to the other days of this week as we didn’t do anything major exciting, hard or stressful so it was kind of a great way to end the school week.


19 April

This week has been full of exciting things, and everything it was almost frustrating.

On Monday and Tuesday nothing major really happened.

Wednesday was interesting as we did a lot of work.

Thursday was surprisingly good unless the part I almost got a heart attack from finding out my score in GCSE Chemistry.

Then Friday was alright, because even though nothing really happened it was exciting.


12 April

Hi there blog this week has been the Easter holiday week, and I had such a great time in London the only downfall of this week was that I got sick in London again, it must be bad luck, but I’m home now and ready as I ever will be to go back to school.


5 April

Hi there blog this week has been OK.

On Monday we did a lot of quality work, and that really was kind of it.

Tuesday was quite interesting as you could feel excitement in the air while waiting for the Easter holidays.

Wednesday was great, it was supposed to be the last day and it would have been great as I had occupational studies and BACS.

Guess what happened on Thursday, the senior students had to go to school to catch up on some work, yes 🙁 . So I had to go to school while most enjoyed their holidays but anyway it could have been worse as I only had to occupational studies for the day.

And then there was Friday which was finally Easter holiday :D, and I’m going for a vacation.


29 March

Hi there blog this week can be best described as a roller-coaster with it up and downs.

Monday was alright as everything we had to do/study wasn’t too hard but at the same time wasn’t easy.

Tuesday was interesting because all the members of Eco club and year 11 DA science students went to IKEA in Belfast, to see how environmentally friendly the store and it’s staff was, and at the end of the day we all had a great time and really enjoyed it.

Wednesday was kind of great but at the same time a bit frustrating because we had to do so much of what’s expected of us and what could actually do in the given time limit we are facing, so even-though we enjoy the subject we really don’t have any time to really enjoy it fully.

Thursday was a bit calm I would even say it was the calm before the storm. So we did a lot of quality work in science, did some work in R.E and at the end of the day did a lot of work in Personal Development class.

Friday had a potential of being great but I think after I had the first two classes which was helping out for the year 10 playing and being coached on netball by year 12 student I was simply drained of all the possible energy I had at the exact time, so after that almost everything seemed as it was quite easy even though it really wasn’t.


22 March

Hi there blog this week has been alright I suppose.

On Monday we did a lot of work and it was great to do it as tests are approaching.

Tuesday was the St. Patricks day which means I got to sleep all day 🙂

Wednesday was great as we started our second project in the occupational studies which is the bird house. Then in BACS we did a lot of quality work which was great.

Thursday was a bit hard but nothing too hard.

Friday was just great because it was finally Friday, so yeh it was great.


15 March

Hi there blog this week has been great 😀

On Monday I did a lot of revision and a lot of work which was really worthwhile.

Tuesday was alright I think considering that nothing really exciting happened.

Wednesday was as always the best day if the week but this week it was different because for the first few classes I had the ordinary occupational studies which were fun but then me and some of my classmates went to the opening ceremony of the Movingforward app, in which I had to do a speech, and being honest with you at one point while being on the stage and giving the speech I think my heart skipped a beat and then started racing full of excitement. So yeh I really enjoyed the event. After that we returned to school and did some BACS and in the last few minutes my classmates where given the chance to read my blogs and I believe that one of them was really liked or simplify was surprising to them because I said that I had seen a ghost within the school.

On Thursday we really did a lot of work so I really didn’t notice anything exciting happening.

Friday was the Friday 13th and a big majority of students stayed of because of the strike which really didn’t affect our school but still they were “striking”, and since my classmates have read the blog I wrote on the 12 October which was about me seeing the ghost really raised some questions in them e.g. is the school haunted? if yes then why? what has happened in here or simply here to cause this? and so on and on and on. Yeh they really had an interesting response to the blog.


8 March

Hi there blog this week has been alright I guess.

On Monday we didn’t do anything much so it was quite boring.

On Tuesday we had a maths test which went quite well.

Wednesday was great I finally finished my project in the occupational studies, and then in BACS I did a lot of work so yeh it it was great.

Thursday was quite cool because the Eco club members got to go to Eco Schools 2 decade celebration which was great except the fact that in the arena it was held in it was colder inside than outside. When we returned from this event I finally found out about my grade in maths which I s an A but I still think I can do better so I will repeat it later in May.

Friday was quite chilled and I really didn’t do that much, except I had to do a lot of work in CoPE, in which we are currently doing research for a PowerPoint presentation on abortion which actually is quite disturbing when you think about it. And at the end of the day I had BACS which I really enjoyed and I made some updates to the speech I will be giving on the day when the moving forward app is launched.


31st August 

So, hi there blog. This week has been like crazy, you know with all the fuss because of the last week of holidays. Yeah I for one tried to enjoy it.

Next week is going to feel like hell if I may say so, all because of waking up early in the morning. I am actually bit worried now because there’s going to be a lot of hard work this year, and after the holidays it’s going to be especially hard to get into the rhythm of things, but hopefully I’m going to be just fine.


I am very sorry I haven’t really done a lot of blogging this week because I was very busy trying to get prepared for school, and I promise I will write more next week.


7th September 

Hi there blog

Today I just wanted to tell you that I’m in 11a1 Yessss!!!! 🙂

So the first day back has been great, hopefully so is going to be the rest of the week.

This week has been great. Every subject is just great and the DA Science is hard but it’s worth it.

The first week back has been full of new knowledge, and a lot of maths, but I’m not complaining about the hard work. It’s just hard because you can get really tired, and fast. Hopefully I can keep my enthusiasm going all through the year.

The Senior school has given me and my classmates a lot of new responsibilities, but that’s just ok with us. At least we know the teachers and the school itself so it just makes it easier for us.

So I will be going now to study but I’m going to write some fresh updates next week.


14th September

This week has been fantastic. Only bad thing about this week is that we are getting loads of homework. Every day gets harder, but I think that’s the point for it because harder it gets you show more of what you’re capable of and who you are.


21st September

Hi blog, this week has been quite hard, because of loads of work we have to do. But at least next week is supposed to be a bit easier because Monday is the field study. That’s probably going to be good.


28th September

Hi there blog, so this week has been quite interesting so I have decided to write this weeks blog a bit differently.

Monday was very good. The double award Science students went for field study to Oxford Island. There we learned about different sampling techniques which surprisingly was a lot of fun. Then there was Tuesday. Well, I better not start talking about Tuesday because it was just mad!!!

Wednesday was quite cool, because of Occupational Studies and BACS which were quite good.

Thursday was a mess, if I may say so. First we got Biology where we started baking soil. Then we had Religion where we had a test which gave me a headache. After that we got Physics where we were told that next week we will be cutting up a rat as part of Biology.

And then there was Friday about which I wanted to talk to you with.

First there was Eco club where we were overlooking our garden. Then it was Science where we did a lot of work. After that we got Maths in which we pretty much did Maths. Then there was CoPE where we talked about possibility of our school closing 🙁 .  And then we researched possible jobs for our work experience in October. After that we half to go to library and read a book.

Then we had a quick speech from principal which was about that we ( the school) have been given a month to come up with the plan to keep the school open. After this speech we had BACS in which we were writing letters.

So what I really wanted for you to understand was how good our school is.


5th October 

Hi there blog.

This week has been just great.

In Occupational Studies we are about to start our first project which is a nail box.

In Double Award Science we were dissecting a pigs heart, and I think I’m the only one who really enjoined it so now in DA Science I am known as Dexter 2, not from the cartoon, but from the TV show “Dexter”. :D.

And the rest of the week was good but not as good as these two.

So I’m really sorry this weeks blog is short competing from last weeks one but I have been busily trying to figure out a way how to save our school.


12th October 

Hi there blog. This week has been quite exciting. On Monday I did my first biology test which actually went better than I expected because I got my 80%  which I think is good for the first formal  test of the year.

Then the Tuesday was quite relaxing after Monday so I could build up my strength for Wednesday in which we did a lot of work on our first project in Occupational Studies and then did some time consuming work in BACS.

And then there comes Thursday when we had religion and we were learning about contraception and the Church’s teachings on it.

And then there finally was Friday 🙂 . So the first thing there was in the morning I actually think I saw a ghost in the school which was kind of freaky. Then there was Eco-club which as always was fun. Then I had my Physics test which actually was brilliant because I got my first but hopefully not the last of this year 100%.

And so they were the highlights of this week but the next week should be a real treat because of all the formal assessments to be done and then the week after we will have the work experience about which I will be writing a lot about and I am really sorry if I will do a bit of complaining in these next two weeks but that just belongs to this part of the life…


19th October

Hi there blog

As you may know this was an assessment week so it was kind of crazy :D.

So on Monday we were trying to save our school by writing to CCMS. Hopefully this will help the school to stay open.

Then we got Maths in which we did our test. Afterwards we got double Science in which we started Chemistry which I personally find quite hard, but as Miss explained “those who find Physics easy struggle with Chemistry, those who struggle with Physics find Chemistry quite easy”.

After that we got Religion in which we did our test which was on the abortion and our thoughts on it. Then we got English in which we found out what our formal assessment will be.

Then there was Tuesday when we got our Maths tests back in which I did really well but didn’t get the 100 % only because of one silly question :(. Then we got PE which was good because I can’t complain about it. The only problem was that I near broke my classmates finger in the match :(. Then we went to the Life and Work in which we completed tasks on money. Then we got English in which we got our formal assessment that was to write an essay on the theme “Curley’s Wife – A ‘tart’ or ‘just lonely’ ” which was based on the novel “Of Mice and Men”. It was to be completed for Friday and was supposed to be at least two pages long.

Then there comes the best school day of them all, the Wednesday. We had Occupational Studies in which we are flying. And then I got BACS where we were making a business card.

Then there was Thursday when we worked a lot but nothing really happened that was worth writing about.

And then there was Friday. And first thing in the morning I gave my essay to Miss, and then Eco-Club in which I was going around the school trying to find teachers who don’t have their Eco-code on. Then we had Science in which I still didn’t get the Chemistry :(. Then we were listening to the Careers teacher to explain the rules of next weeks work experience.

Then we got Maths, CoPE and English which were quiet because the boys were at the match. So it was nice relaxing quiet which you just sometimes miss in every day life. And then there was BACS where we did our test which was to make an effective and attractive poster, and write a welcoming letter which was kind of good to finish off the tests. And then we learned how to write a Memo/ MEMORANDUM.

And that was kind of it for this week. Hope you enjoyed reading it. And I promise next week you are in for a treat.


27th October

So hi there blog, as you may know this week has been work experience. Which means it was absolutely crazy.

This week I was working in a nursery school.

It was good and I had a lot of fun but as I said before it was just crazy.

So on Monday I was shown where and with who I will be working with, then I was introduced to the children currently attending the nursery, and then came the fun bit. I was supposed to help them with art, jigsaw puzzles and watch whether they are taking health and safety rules seriously.

The rest of the week kind of the same only difference was that I wasn’t introduced to anyone all over again. Only day which was kind of different was Friday on which we all were in Holiday mode, and had a good party. Yeah, so it was great.


I am super sorry that this blog is so short but while in work experience I caught a bad cold so probably for me some things that seem unimportant to write about I have taken out and as I don’t feel that great, so sorry and see you next week.


2nd November

Hi there blog. This week has been Halloween holiday week. So I have been doing a lot of sleeping this week and unfortunately I had to do a lot of Science homework too 🙁

The worst part about the Science homework was that I absolutely don’t get at least half of the Chemistry stuff but what you gonna do about it.

Yeah so that’s kind of all I did this week. You might probably think why this weeks blog is so short that’s because I didn’t do anything except resting and doing my homework, so see ya next week.


9th November

Hi there blog this week has been great.

On Monday we got a lot of work done, which was good, and a lot of fun.

Then on Tuesday we did some preparation for the parent teaching meeting, and also did some quality amount of work.

On Wednesday I was meeting and greeting principals coming for the principal meeting in the school. And then I went to my normal classes and in Occupational Studies I finished my first project.

On Thursday we had to do a lot of work and preparation for the prize giving. We had an early lunch and then we went to the prize giving. There was a special guest, the Archbishop of Ireland.

So we listened to quite few speeches and then got our awards. I personally got 5 awards which was just great.

Friday we got off because it was the staff training day. So this week was short which was great.


16th November

Hi there blog

This week has been …… Ok.

On Monday nothing majorly big happened, so it was kind of boring.

On Tuesday on the other hand was a whole different story. Because we had P.E I was so tired afterwards it was almost impossible to think straight in the classes after. In English we started making our first presentation called “Sound track of my life” which practically is your top 10 songs put into one presentation with reasons why you like them and then you will have to present it in front of the class.

Then there was Wednesday on which I was wrecked because of yesterday’s P.E. But still it didn’t take the fun out of the Occupational Studies, because we started our second project, “the Steps” which is great.

And then there was Thursday on which I was still wrecked from the P.E but I was feeling better than on Wednesday which was the good news for me because I had 4 periods of Science. It’s not that I don’t like Science, it’s just a bit hard.

On the Friday I was feeling great and had a good day.

So this week I think was just O.K


23rd November

Hi there blog

This week has been interesting

So on Monday I had great time at Science because we finally had an experiment…well it wasn’t really an experiment because all we got to do was to watch the teacher show us how different metals react to water, but still it was good.

Then on Tuesday we got a lot of work done in all the classes, and I just couldn’t choose which one to write about so I didn’t. Instead all I will say is that it was great.

Wednesday was just super. We had a lot of fun in Occupational Studies and we got some good amount of job done as well.

Thursday was a bit hard because I got 4 periods of Chemistry- isn’t it just great?

And then there was Friday which seemed quite easy and just the perfect day for Maths test.


30th November

Hi there blog.

This week has been all right.

On Monday I got a Maths test. Then we had Science which was still hard. R.E was OK, I think… And in English I finished doing PowerPoint on “the soundtrack of my life”.

Tuesday was generally OK and nothing really happened, except we got to write an essay which we had to finish up at home.

Wednesday was great, it’s still the best day of the week. I had so much fun in Occupational Studies I can’t even describe it, and BACS went great as well.

Thursday was a bit hard but I got through it.

Friday on the down side I found out that our T4 exam is on the absolutely worst date EVER…

After that nothing seemed as hard that day so it otherwise would have been OK.


7th December 

Hi there blog this week has been kind of boring because all we really did this week was revise for the tests next week or try to learn something really fast which is going to be on our test, so yeah it was kind of boring, and there isn’t really anything to write about.


14th December 

Hi there blog.

This week has been the exam/formal assessment week, so I kind of have nothing to write about, so see you next week.


21st December 

Hi there blog

this week has been interesting. So on Monday and Tuesday I had half of the day for Maths revision which was just great. I feel I learned more in those 8 classes in total than I had in previous 2 weeks. On Monday I also had Science and English in which we did a lot of work/revision.

On the second half of the day on Tuesday I had Science in which we did practical work, which was a lot of fun. First we made ” stink bombs “,  then we were demonstrated how magnesium burns with a very bright white light which could make you blind if you look straight at it. And then we did an experiment in which we discovered that burnt magnesium weighs more than ordinary magnesium.

On Wednesday I gave a speech on the transition app, and then returned to do Maths revision for the rest of the day.

On Thursday and Friday nothing really happened and we are finally off for Xmas…


28th December 

Hi there blog

so this week is/was the Christmas week. It was just great I had a very good time with my family and I finally got some rest from school, so next week is the homework week/ New Year’s week and I am super excited for the New Year, which means I will write some more next Sunday which will already be the 2015!!! So HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Here is something for festive spirit


4th January

This week has been the last week of the Christmas holiday which was kind of great but in the same time kind of sad because in this whole time I never really got to rest, with all the work and preparation for the Christmas and the New Year. And to add to all the time I had to do some bit of homework too. So yeah it’s been quite hard but worth it as is everything I suppose in life.


11th January 

Hi there blog, this week has been a bit fun, a bit hard, and a bit of something you can’t even describe.

On Monday we did a lot of hard and worth while work in Science and Maths, and the rest of the subjects had some hard work involved but it wasn’t as hard.

On Tuesday nothing very special happened, so it was just an ordinary day in school 🙁

Then there was Wednesday which usually is the best day of the week, but unfortunately the teacher wasn’t in so we sat at computers for six hours of Occupational Studies, and guess what, I got to spend the last two classes at computers too.

Then on Thursday I did a lot of science and had a great fun doing it, and then we had some maths revision for the Fridays Maths exam.

On Friday we had/will have a T4 exam.


18th January

Hi there blog this week has a bit of a rocky road.

The first two days of the week I was attending a wedding in London which was absolutely great.

And then on the Wednesday morning when I was supposed to go to school I woke up and I was literally drained of all my energy and I had a temperature, so I couldn’t go to school all week because I was sick, fighting the temperature and feeling horrible. And the worst part of it all is that all the work I missed this week I will have to do next week, meaning double work for me 🙁 well at least I’m not sick anymore.


25th January 

Hi there blog,

This week has been interesting.

On Monday I finally returned to school after being off for a week, which was a bit good and a bit scary, and I know it sounds funny that it was scary but that’s the way it was.

Then there was Tuesday which was quite boring considering most of the people were away for an Art trip or simply weren’t in.

Wednesday on the other hand was absolutely amazing, and I had a great time catching up on all the work I missed last week.

And then there was Thursday on which there was an open night, which went absolutely terrific and all of us there had a great time. On Friday we had a Maths test which hopefully went good, and that was pretty much it for this week considering nothing really happened on the weekend.


1st February 

Hi there blog this week has been quite interesting.

So on Monday we did a lot of quality work.

Then there was Tuesday on which nothing really happened.

On Wednesday I had great fun getting a lot of work done in Occupational Studies, and in BACS and it was great to get caught up with all the work I missed before and getting some extra done.

Thursday we did a lot of revision for the upcoming Science exam in Chemistry, which was good because Chemistry is the hardest of all the subjects.

Friday was interesting because the double awards spent 5 periods teaching p7’s how to properly use microscopes, and then we have 3 quite relaxing periods, so it was quite an interesting week.


8th February

Hi there blog, this week has been OK I think.

So on Monday we did a lot and a lot of work, getting ready for our tests/exams/modules.

Then Tuesday was quite relaxing and nothing really exciting happened.

On Wednesday on the other hand we got a lot of work done in Occupational Studies in which I quote ” we were pushed like demons ” because we were so badly behind our schedule but I think we are catching up to it.

Thursday was absolutely hard, with all the Science work we had to do. Even when I went home I felt absolutely drained from energy.

And then there was FRIDAY, on which I went to Belfast to be one of the judges for the award for recognised exceptional pastoral care in schools, and it was absolutely terrific.


15th February

So hi there blog this week has been boring. On Monday we had our first test of the week which was Religion, meaning it was absolutely hard.

On Tuesday nothing really happened, as always.

Wednesday was the best day of the week. We did a lot of work in Occupational Studies and in BACS so it was great.

Thursday was a bit hard but it wouldn’t be school if everything would be perfect. In fact it wouldn’t even be life.

Friday was ok, except for the fact that those who didn’t do hospitality got to do work while those who did do hospitality got to go for a nice cup of afternoon tea.


22nd February 

This week has been the mid term break, which was absolutely great, I finally got to relax.

Well if you look at it other way about it actually wasn’t that great because I did nothing until Sunday and then I had to do all the hard studying, home works and even more studying, so yeah it was fun but it didn’t last long enough for me to really enjoy it.


1st March

Hi there blog. This week has been alright I suppose.

On Monday we did an absolutely huge amount of revision.

Then on Tuesday we did even more revision but I think having P.E on Tuesday was actually quite good for a healthy mix of work.

And then there was Wednesday on which we had to do the first science module which was on Chemistry. Lucky us?! I personally think that the test was alright and that it could have potentially been worse, but who knows how it’s gonna play out in the end. And the rest of the day afterwards was quite relaxing. Filled with work but relaxing.

Thursday we had a nice relaxing day after the exam 🙂

Friday I think was alright. We did do some pretty hard work but nothing too hard or too stressful so it was alright.