Year 11 – Scott

17 Dec 2014

26 April

This week I have been revising a lot for my English and LLW exams which are coming quicker than I thought and on top of that we have to do end of topic tests in different subjects (which are annoying) also we have mock exams coming up but as for this week we hadn’t been doing that much because the teachers have to mark the year 12s course work so they haven’t been going that hard on us.

We started to do Athletics in Games now which I tread because we have to do all these long distance runs which I couldn’t be bothered to do because I am not even taking part in sports day but we are still made to do them.


19 April

First week back from Easter holidays and it’s back to the same old schedule and I actually thought the week would go in pretty slow but it actually when the in very fast which was good and the weather is a lot better than it was a couple of months ago.

Now we have exams in May so that’s something that I will be dreading because it goes towards are GCSEs so I would better start revising which is going to be annoying.Over all I have had a good week.


29 March

Next week is Easter holidays can’t wait because I have so much planned, the only thing is my friends from another school are getting off three days before me which is annoying that means they get three days extra but our last day is tug of war which I won’t be going to because it is only a half day and I couldn’t be bothered to go just to pull a rope.
There is barely any after school actives even though it is spring and the weather is getting better you would think they would have more after school actives in the spring and summer but they’re all at the winter and autumn. Overall a boring week.


22 March

Another week gone by its getting closer and closer to Easter holidays and the weather is getting better because it’s now spring, well least I think it is. Another fast week as well because there are no tests coming up and the teachers are more focused on the year above because they’re doing their GCSEs soon (which I am not looking forward to)

Normally at lunch we would go on the computer in the library or just talk but for some reason it wasn’t open like it usually would be so we had to stand out in the freezing cold. Some of us tried to sneak round the school to find a different way inside but the teacher read our minds and knew we would try it so they locked all the other entrances so that wasn’t exactly the best day. Overall it has been a simple relaxing week.


8 March

Another normal week at school and everything is in routine at school which I like because the week goes in a lot quicker which seemed to be the case for this week although we have been working quite hard in English because of our controlled assessment next Tuesday which is supposed to be pretty straight forward, well compared to the other assessments we have to do.
It feels like I have been going to that school for years now but I have only been going just over 6 or 7 months, I have fitted in quite well and I am in a good class where we all get along with each other which I think is the best thing about school. It has been overall a normal but challenging week.


25th August

I am 14 years old coming 15 in October!  Will be going to a new school this year.  It is a big move for me because there is going to be twice as many people in it than my old school.

The main thing I am looking forward to is meeting new friends and the new teachers.  I am quite nervous because I do not want to get lost or not know the way to the different class rooms.  Also, I hope I get the right bus because I don’t want to get in the wrong bus and travel the complete wrong direction to where I live. That would be a problem.

I am well prepared and have my uniform and all my pens and pencils etc.  Hopefully I won’t forget anything on the day I’m starting back or get up at the wrong time and be in late – that’s something I hate, being late.





2nd September


Tomorrow I am starting my new school.  It makes me nervous thinking about all the new challenges I will be facing and the thing that worries me the most is getting lost because it is a lot bigger than my last school.

The thing that I am most looking forward to is meeting new friends and teachers in the different classes, especially the people that are in my form class.  I am also looking forward to going to the new after-school activities, where I could make new friends.



7th September


It has been the first week at my new school and a lot has happened – it has opened new challenges and experience for me.  I like the class I am in because I have made new friends. Three of my friends from my old school are in the same class as me.

My first day went well, apart from getting lost once, but I soon found my way back.  My form teacher is really nice and he also teaches me in two classes which is good.  I was worried about missing the bus but thankfully I haven’t yet.  My bus is jammed packed and there are barely any seats left but I do manage to find a seat.

One of the things that happened this week was one of my friends couldn’t put his tie on so the teacher tied it for him but whatever way he did it came loose again!  This made the whole class laugh because the teacher had to redo it again I am pretty sure the teacher was starting to get a bit angry.



14th September


This week was a lot better because now I actually know my way around the school which is good.  Also, I now know all the people in my class and their names.  The bad thing is we have started to get homework, which I don’t like, because you already do enough work in school and then you have to do more work at home.

I am going to be to starting football this week although I don’t really want to be on the team.  I just thought it would be good to meet new people and also I could improve my football.  I don’t think I will go to rugby because I don’t like it and also there are a lot of people doing rugby.

In one of my classes, on a Tuesday, a boy had forgotten his homework and the teacher instantly gave him an after-school detention which I thought was a little unfair, but the boy then behaved better in class so she just told him to bring it in in the morning which was better.  Overall I enjoyed my week.



22nd September


Days are going in a lot quicker now that I am kind of used to the routine now.  I basically can walk around the school with my eyes closed.  We are also starting to get a lot more homework, unfortunately, and if you forget a homework you have to write out the rules, on most occasions, but that’s the only bad thing.

I started football for the first time which I really enjoyed.  We did a couple of warm-ups and then we did a passing exercise, which I found exhausting.  We finished it up with two games of football which somehow I hurt my back, probably because I had done no physical exercise the whole summer and just hung around with friends and played the Xbox.



28th September


I’m starting to enjoy school a lot more because I know the people in all my classes and the teachers names too.  I have a friendly football match on a Tuesday which I am looking forward to because in my last school I didn’t really play as much football.  I didn’t really play in any matches so hopefully now I can improve and stay in the football team.

Last Tuesday I was playing football with my friends and I was running towards the goal posts but I wasn’t looking and I ran into the goal post and gave myself a black eye.  It was one of the most clumsiest things I have ever done. The next day at school everyone asked what had happened so I had to tell everyone which was a bit embarrassing but now it’s better thankfully.





8th October


This week has flown in – it was like the start of Monday was yesterday.  In Technology I probably worked hardest because I have to finish a project for a certain time dead line which is coming sooner than I thought.  Also with other classes we are doing tests and assessments probably for parent’s night which is coming up and I have to now go to it.

Football is also going well for me and I am playing another practice match.  We can work better with other teammates because we all came from different schools and we don’t know everyone yet which I think is important in a team so you can check out the players’ chemistry with each other.



12th October


This was just any other normal week but I keep thinking of the assessments for our GCSEs.  It is coming closer to the time than I thought.  The class I enjoyed this week was Motor Vehicles because we actually got to go on the moped twice and the good thing is that it was on Friday’s last two periods which meant we didn’t have to do any work inside unless it rained, which happened last week.

I am playing a junior high this Tuesday as a practise match which I hope we will win because of the fact they are one year younger than us and after the match I have to get a bus which is at the other side of town and I won’t be home until six o’clock!



20th October


This week I have been working hard because we have had so many tests to revise for and assessments coming up to the parent – teacher interviews.  This is to see how well we are doing in school and what to improve on.  This week I have to go back to my old school for prize night.  I don’t know if I have won anything but hopefully it’s something good.

I played another football game this week for the school’s second team.  I feel quite proud playing for the school team and thankful to get a chance to play for them.  Plus, we won six nil which was good and I scored a goal which I was pretty proud of.



28th October


Another usual week, but at my old junior high there was the prize night.  I was there because I won something to do with endeavour, but that wasn’t the best bit. The best bit was seeing all my other friends there and people who had gone to different schools.  I did manage to talk to most of them and even some of the teachers.

It brings back a lot of memories going back to your old school and you can see if there are any changes for the better or for he worse.  One example is that my old Technology teacher has grown a beard and I can hardly recognise him.  Overall this was a great week.





3rd November


It was are first break off this week and it is quite a relief just to be off for a week especially because we hadn’t had any days off yet. I didn’t really do much over the break – just went out with friends and played football.  I actually started to miss my school friends but I don’t miss the homework and getting up early in the mornings.

I don’t know how I am going to get up in the morning because I have lay in every morning I was off, which isn’t the best thing to do.  I didn’t really do much at Halloween – just sat in and watched a horror movie.  I wish we could get more days off but I know I am going to have to wait until Christmas.



21st November


Each day I come home from school it is getting darker and darker, which annoys me because I hardly get to go outside after school.  More and more teachers are telling us that we have tests just after Christmas so we would need to revise during Christmas, which really bugs me.

The good news is we have a half day next Friday because it is prize evening, but it’s only for the Year 12 and past pupils probably because of the fact that us Year 11s have only been there for three months.  On that half day I mightn’t even be bothered to go in plus it would make my weekend longer.



23rd November


I had a pretty good week because in Technology we were meant to have an assessment worth 20 percent of our GCSEs but the teacher brought it back another week so I have loads more time to get prepared. I can’t believe I am doing 20 percent of my Technology already.

I had football practice which we didn’t have in ages so I felt very tired after and hardly anyone went.  Surprisingly afterwards I wanted to use the bathroom but there were barely any lights on in the school – it was basically pitch black.  I could hardly see down any of the corridors so I had to wait until I got home.  Overall this week was quite easy especially because I hadn’t much homework.





3rd December


This week I have to spend five hours in Technology for my controlled assessment which is going to take for ages to complete.  Also now it the month of December so hopefully school will be a bit easier coming up to the Christmas holidays.

Something else happened – a robin flew into my school and a lot people panicked.  It was only a bird.  I saw the caretaker trying to lead it out of the school while people in my class said to try and kill it!  Walking to my bus in the mornings is annoying because it is so cold and soon the roads and footpaths will be icy.  Overall a nice week.



7th December


I am so glad I got Friday off.  Getting a day off school is so good especially because I haven’t got a day off in ages and it makes a longer weekend.  Normally on a Friday at school I am so tired and I can’t be bothered doing any work.

I am looking forward to getting off for Christmas in another two weeks so hopefully we won’t be doing much work or getting much homework.  Also I can’t stand getting up in the mornings especially because it is freezing walking to the bus.  In class it’s normally cold on a Monday morning since there is no heat on during the weekend.  Overall a tiring, but easy week.



14th December


This week all we had is test almost in every subject even though it coming close to Christmas which they should of give us the tests weeks before are holidays. Apart from that it has been a pretty average week which I can’t wait for next week because we are going to the cinema and hopefully we won’t be doing much work.
The weeks and days are going in so quick and I can’t help but think about the injections I will be getting next week at school which I am not looking forward to.



21st December


This week has been one of the most easiest weeks yet.  We barely did any work apart from LLW which we will be doing an exam in during the first week of January, a couple of days before we start back which I am not looking forward to.  Also we went to the cinema which was our first trip and I enjoyed it a lot.  I can’t wait for Christmas.  Finally we get two weeks off school away from all the work, getting up early and going out in the freezing cold.  Overall I had a really enjoyable week.






12th January


First week back and I wasn’t looking forward to it especially getting up in the morning.  On a Tuesday we were straight back in doing a LLW assessment which was pretty straight forward.  I have to admit I was kind of nervous since it was basically our first written exam.

Things are back to the normal schedule and this week actually went in pretty quick even though it was our first week back.  Overall it was a quite normal week.



18th January


This week was the coldest week yet – the temperature was reaching minus 1, and below, which is bad for me because I am getting up every morning freezing.  Unfortunately we didn’t have P.E. because of our target setting we had to do which is shown to our parents at parents night (I hope I don’t have to go)!

On a Friday it started to snow and I honesty expected the bus not to come because of the icy roads.  Later on that day, at break, the school had a big snow ball fight on the rugby pitch – it was chaos and everyone was trying to hit the teachers.



27th January


At least there was no snow this week because we came in late when the roads were icy.  I began to realise the older you get the more you start to hate snow.  I don’t mind the snow when we’re off school but going to school in it is a different story.

This week we barely had any homework which is a good thing about senior high – you don’t get set homeworks – the teacher just gives you them every so often.  Overall great week.





4th February


This week was great because we had a day off on a Friday which was brilliant because it is one of my favourite days especially because the weekend then starts. The bad thing was it was parent teacher interview on a Thursday.  I asked my mum how it went and it seemed to go fine and I am doing well thankfully.

It also snowed again I thought it would only snow for a day. In science we got to go outside to build snowmen which was a lot of fun because at the end we had a snowball fight. Overall a good week



8th February


No snow this week.  Thankfully that means no more having to walk 0 miles per hour to the bus because I might fall from the icy footpaths.  Also I got another English story to write – I have been doing them all week in class because we will be doing the English exam in a couple of months.

There hasn’t been much football which is great because it is too cold outside to practise as for school you do it in the P.E. hall where it is warm.



16th February


Thank goodness I am off for three days.  I am so tired of school and at least I now get a break for a couple of days.  The good thing is we played football for P.E. but the only thing is it is on a Monday morning and to start your day doing fitness and then football is exhausting.

Days at school are flying in – one minute you arrive at school and the second minute the bell rings to go home, apart from if there are double periods which takes a while.  Overall a normal but fast going week.



23rd February


I was only in three days this week because of mid-term break which I enjoyed a lot. One of the reasons why I enjoyed it was because we didn’t have to do any revision or homework during it which is a change from the other times I got off.

I started to get back into football because I went off it for a while because of all the distractions and assessments but now there isn’t really anything going on in school so I decided to get back into it. Overall a short but easy week.





1st March


This week flew in once again, plus no homework which is very odd because usually we would get at least one or two.  I hope they don’t decide since we didn’t get any homework they will all of a sudden give us loads of homework.  I am glad it’s the start of spring because that means better weather hopefully instead of frosty mornings going to school.

I was speaking to a friend who used to go to the school I’m currently at and even though he had to survive two years of school here he still gets the same bus because where he has moved on to is right beside my school.  That’s something I don’t want to do.