Year 12 – Emily

17 Dec 2014

2nd September


Getting ready for school this year was surprisingly easy. I didn’t have much uniform to get because I haven’t grown an awful lot and I had stationary left over from last year. As for mentally preparing myself, I didn’t have too many nerves because I already knew everyone in my class, and that’s all I worried about last year, although I have been nervous about this year because it is the biggest and most important year as well as being the shortest amount of time to cover every topic. When I get nervous I just breathe and listen to some calm music and it will usually help me calm down. Although school can be emotionally draining and tiring, it does give you something more productive to do rather than sleeping all day, which I do a lot during summer. So I was excited to see my friends and get to work.



7th September


The first week is usually a laid back week, getting back into the swing of things, but this year we were started almost immediately. The first day we were back, made the summer break seem more like we were just off for the weekend, except for the new year elevens and not having last years year twelves, walking about. Before the break we were in the middle of our LLW controlled assessment and we started back into it as soon as we went into class. Although the school had updated the computer system and there was a problem getting some of the controlled assessments up, and of course one of the ones that refused to cooperate was mine. Eventually we got it sorted out and all that is missing now is a few pictures. We’ve got a couple of home works for next week, but they aren’t too bad. We’ve got revision sheets to complete for core and additional science, to refresh our memories. We did an icebreaker game in R.E. that related to our topic for the term. We had to stand if a statement applied to us, which meant we learnt a lot more about each other and our topic for the term is about uniqueness. I’m looking forward to learning about this topic. As much as I loved the summer, I am more than ready to be back at school and getting to work.



14th September


Well it’s the second week in and things got rather hectic. On Monday I had a hospital appointment to check how well I’ve healed since my spinal fusion surgery (an operation to straighten my spine). I also got a few homework tasks to do. When I got home, I went ahead and completed those, because I wouldn’t have time on Tuesday. I had promised my friends I would go into town after school for a catch up before we went to Explorers, as it started back this week in a newly built hall. Wednesday was a much more relaxed day. I only had one homework task to complete, an exercise in my maths book, which was already half completed. Although I did have to go to the hospital again as my mum had hurt her ribs. Thursday and Friday were the most relaxing days with no homework, so I went into town and when I got home I sat and had some family time. I’m definitely glad it’s the weekend, because I am exhausted. If there is any advice you take from this, let it be, do your homework when you get it because you’ll never know what could go wrong when you’re trying to rush to do it the night before. Do all your homework before the weekend if possible so you have time to enjoy the short break before you get back into the hard work during the week. Until next week, I hope this helps some of you out.



21st September


This week has been an eventful one. Between trying to complete multiple homework tasks and seeing friends, making time for Explorers on Tuesdays and trying to get to the hospital to see one of my friends was highly difficult. Although somehow I managed it. Next week however, is going to be tough, as I’m already exhausted before I even get into school. If I hadn’t have done all my homework when I received it, I wouldn’t have had time to go to one of my closest friends sixteenth birthday campout and cinema trip. I can’t stress this enough- sure not doing your homework can be ‘funny’ or make you out to look like you don’t care, and can make you look cool, but at the end of the day, what will you get out of that. You have homework to test yourself, to see if you can actually do the work yourself and if you can’t, get help! You might be afraid of what others will think if you ask for help. I usually am, but recently I’ve realised that everyone needs help sometimes, and the people who know they need help and actually ask for it, they are the strong ones. Most importantly you want to focus on school now so you don’t end up in a job or career that you despise. Until next week, I hope this will help some of you out, and I hope you enjoy fourth year.



28th September


This week seemed to drag on for ages. Nothing very extravagant happened apart from the premier of a web series I take part in called The Gifted, which was on the Tuesday night. Prefects are supposedly being announced next week, from what the other students have said, which is quite exciting. I have a few people in mind that would be ideal for the responsibility. Whether they are chosen or not is up to the teaching staff. There wasn’t very many homeworks given this week, so I got the chance to stay in town a few more days than I normally do, giving me a chance to catch up with a friend who went to another school. I hadn’t seen him in about two years, and I saw him multiple times in town with other friends over the past three weeks and finally got to spend the afternoon with him. Again ending with some advice, if you are friends with people who get or got into different schools, it does not mean you cannot be friends anymore. One of my closest friends only went to my primary school and we are closer than ever and see each other usually at least once a week, so just because we went to different schools we both had to put in that little bit more effort to see each other and it made us better friends. Even if you go to the same school, it doesn’t mean you can’t make new friends, especially because people change and their mindset changes at a different speed to others and you may not be friends with who you thought could be your best friend over the time you have left in school.





13th October


Unfortunately, one of my very close friends had a major asthma attack and ended up in a coma with brain damage and has been in hospital for two months already. Obviously this was a unexpected and traumatic event to happen in my life. As well as him being in hospital, I had a friend die of the same thing almost a year ago. Obviously this has impacted my whole life and I am taking what I get as it comes and I am incredibly grateful for what and who I have in my life. I would advise anyone to appreciate everyday and every little thing, as you never know when it could all fall apart. He is making a speedy recovery although it will still take a very long time to return to full health. I have had so many tests for my report coming soon, and I haven’t really had any free time and when I did, I made sure it was spent with my friend. The doctors said the more we see him, the faster he can recover, as the only thing holding him back now is his speech and mobility. Basically, sometimes you have to give up your own time to help others, and I am willing to do that whenever I can to help him recover! I hope you are all enjoying your time at school and that this helped you in some way.



20th October


This week was extremely tiring. I had at least one controlled assessment everyday and spent the majority of my weekend revising, looking over my notes and practicing my essay on Romeo and Juliet for my English Literature exam on Tuesday. Our question is based on Lord Capulet and how his relationships with the other characters in the play reflects on how he is a typical Elizabethan male. So I have been looking up context on Elizabethan times to include in my essay. Due to all the assessments I did not get down to see my friend in hospital and we will have to go down next week. Although he is now speaking and swallowing food by himself, so I am extremely excited to go down and see him next week! On Saturday my mum thought I needed a break from revision, so we went to a paranormal tour of a prison close to where we live. I would highly recommend going to a paranormal tour, as it was very interesting and the building had intrigued me for years. So I would advise you to take a break from studying even now and then to relieve some of the pressure of controlled assessments and exams.



26th October


We are now off for Halloween!! Although, we do have parent teacher interviews on Monday which we have to attend. However it is only 15 minutes so it’s alright. I feel like I should update you on my friend as he is doing far better than we thought he would do, even in a year. He is taking a few steps with the help of the physiotherapy nurses, and he has said a few words. He is also swallowing his food, which was not puréed. He is spending Halloween in the hospital, although we have high hopes that he might make it home for Christmas, which is very exciting and it would be a lot easier to get down to see him as his house is in walking distance of my house and the school and would be a lot less time consuming. I have a History essay and an English language homework over the break, which is less homework than I was expecting. I have plans to meet my friends to have a sleepover and a catch up. As well as having a small party on Halloween night watching horror films with a group of friends from school. I have finished two controlled assessments in Child Development and Learning for Life and Work, as well as nearly completing my ICT controlled assessment and just starting my Additional Science controlled assessment to complete when we come back. So I have a busy week off and I should get started on the homeworks, so until next time, goodbye.





3rd November


I was off school this week and it was a nice break from all the work in school, although I was working on essays throughout the week. Being out of the school routine isn’t something I look forward to, as it makes it hard for me to sleep, because I know I don’t have to get up early in the morning. I think it’s a subconscious thing. In the back of my mind I know I don’t have to get up early, so I would waste my time watching television shows or movies. Halloween was a good night though. I came home that night when my friends were staying because my back was a bit sore. I thought I would be better going home in case it got worse. It was nice to see my friends outside of school and actually getting to talk about everything and anything. A few trick or treaters came by the house around ten o’clock and stayed to chat for a bit, as they went to our junior high and we hadn’t seen them in a long time. Overall the break was nice, but I cannot wait to get back into my routine, work as hard as I can and be productive.



11th November


Yet again I have amazing news from visiting my friend in hospital on Saturday! He is speaking in full sentences and walked a few steps in physiotherapy by himself! This week seemed short because I was still off school on Monday for the Halloween break. The rest of the week I was back at school and straight into work, and controlled assessments as there is no time to spare this year! We only have a few months left before study leave and exams, which is kind of terrifying. Although we had finally finished some controlled assessments and we are finally starting on the new topics in Child Development and learning for life and work, after a few people were a few periods behind on the assessments. So we had to wait on them and had to do some revision of other subjects while they caught up. We also collected shoeboxes to send to Latvia over Christmas for children that will not receive anything this year. This was with the charity club and I spent most of Friday wrapping the boxes to be sent off next Monday! We collected over one hundred and sixty boxes! The charity club are also going around the school at break and lunch time in onesies asking for any change anyone would like to give for Children in Need. I will also be taking part in that, so I have a good week ahead and I hope you do too!



17th November


School days are going so fast and weekends are going even faster! I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas and I only have a couple of months left of school! It’s absolutely crazy! In other news my braces have been on four months and I only have another four months until I get them off, so as you can imagine I have had a very exciting week, and to make it even better, Adam is speaking more fluently and taking more steps by himself! Although I do have a lot of work to get on with this weekend, mostly History and English! So I better get on with that but before I do, I have only one thing to say that I realised during the week. At some point at least one person is going to make fun of you or spread rumours, and all I can say is that negativity is an ocean, it’s always there and there is far too much of it, but you can either be a boat that let’s the water in and starts to sink or you can be a boat that stays afloat and survives the journey to come out the other side. Basically, if you let the negativity get to you, you will get hurt and feel weak. Negativity surrounds everyone but if you don’t let it get to you, you can achieve anything. Have a good week!



23rd November


I have yet another amazing update on my friend, he walked up a few stairs, with assistance of course. However from being told he may never walk or talk again, I think it’s pretty outstanding, don’t you? School has been rather slow this week and I’m more exhausted now than at the start of the school year when my sleeping pattern was destroyed from the light summer nights. Prize night was on Friday though so everyone got a half day. Although I had to go anyway, my mum didn’t want to go alone, which is understandable. We sat beside some old friends of hers, so it was nice to see people that we knew amongst a crowded room of strangers. My brother was receiving his certificate for his GCSE’s, so it was lovely to see him back with friends that he hadn’t seen in a while. Homework has been pretty difficult this week because I’ve been so exhausted, and when I come home I just want to sleep and have to do my homework anyway. It’s basically all I’ve been doing recently, but it will be worth it in the end. Until next time have a good week!





1st December


I’m very sorry but it has been another absolutely hectic week and I’ve gotten ill and I have exams next week so I will have to rest and I will update you properly next week.



9th December


The past two weeks were very busy. I’ve been revising and doing exams while trying to sleep as much as I can to work off this ill feeling. Although I have also been planning my sixteenth birthday and as I’m in school on my birthday, we are planning on having it on the last Friday of school, which is actually quite close and obviously a party takes a lot of planning and with it so close to Christmas we have to make sure everyone is available. I have finished fifty percent of my English Literature and only have one exam left. I have a Maths mock this week as well as my History controlled assessment on Friday, with an hours preparation on Tuesday. Even with all of this hectic school work racing around my mind, I’m still feeling very festive and ready for the Christmas break. I have gotten myself a possible one day acting job towards Christmas, in a music video and if chosen, I’ll be getting payed for the 5 hours work, which will be great near Christmas, to buy a few gifts for family and friends. Though I already have my mum sorted with a gift. Nothing big, but thoughtful and that’s what counts, right? Anyway, enjoy your week and keep working!



14th December


This week has actually been quite enjoyable, even though it was packed full of controlled assessments. It’s been incredibly cold at school though. Just walking outside to get to the canteen is like walking into a freezer. Walking home is ten times worse though, especially after Drama, which ends at half four. It actually started to hurt it was so cold. The cold weather is starting to irritate my back again. My muscles get really sore with it being so cold. Although, it’s not putting me off my work and I managed to get an A grade on my Core Science mock. It just shows that if you put the work in, it will pay off. Also, I turn sixteen next Wednesday. My mum has arranged to go and see my friend who was ill, so I can spend my birthday with one of my best friends, so I am very excited for that. Although, I am in school on my birthday, we are supposed to be going to the cinema for an end of term treat. However it’s eight pounds and I’m not sure if I want to go because of that. The cost was reduced by the school as much as they could, although, it is supposed to be a treat for behaving and working hard in school, and eight pounds is a bit extreme in my opinion. To end on a happy note, have a nice week and a happy Christmas.



31st December


Well, Christmas is over and a new year is beginning. I would like to say a new year and a new and improved version of myself is on the horizon, but realistically, that’s probably not going to happen. I’ll probably just have my head stuck in books for the next year, whether it’s school books or a book I got myself. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try new things or speak to new people, which is exactly what I plan to do next year. I have a goal to read a few books by the end of 2015, as it will hopefully increase my vocabulary and increase the speed of my reading so I can involve myself more during classes. As a result of my recent desire to participate in classes, mostly History and English, I received five books for Christmas, three of which were a series, The Maze Runner, which I would highly recommend for teenagers who are interested in beginning to read. So far I’ve only got to chapter ten of the first book though I have attached myself to a few characters and I can barely put the book down. I have only read it for two days and already enthralled and amazed by the amount of linguistic devices and amazing choice of vocabulary that I have witnessed and recognised. Overall I had an amazing Christmas and I am looking forward to next year and possibly making improvements in my life. Until next time, goodbye and happy new year.





11th January


The first week back after Christmas is normally a hectic week. We have already had an exam in Learning for Life and Work and I had a mock in Child Development. I imagine the teachers are quite stressed as well as they have to write reports for each student they teach in less than a week. However, relieving stress has never been easier for me. Getting The Maze Runner books for Christmas was definitely the right choice. I am now on the second book , although I cannot read as much as I’d like to right now with being in school and doing home work. However it is a great way to wind down before going to sleep. I already have a few more books lined up to read and I might actually achieve my goal to read a couple of books before the year ends. Explorers hasn’t started back yet. However, I have been down to Belfast with my best friend, and we did a bit of shopping before coming back to mine to watch movies all night. I hadn’t seen her in ages due to school, so it was nice to have a catch up, as we text every now and then, but we don’t need to talk all the time. I am taking part in debate club on Friday. I’ve wanted to do it for a very long time but I never felt like I could, so my close friend is first speaker and I am her second speaker, meaning I will add anything she may have missed in her opening statement, or counteract any points made by the opposition. Wish me luck? Until next time, goodbye.



28th January


It’s been difficult trying to balance everything with school and sleep. I’ve been exhausted lately, and having controlled assessments almost everyday and mock exams as well as a few actually exams is tiring and obviously you need full concentration which is difficult when you are lacking energy due to a lack of sleep. I feel pretty confident that I am improving in almost all of my subjects, especially the optional subjects, which I chose at the end of year ten. I have filled in an application form for college and have decided to do A levels in Biology, Psychology, Sociology and English Literature, which is going to be difficult, although I feel very happy with my choice, I have always been interested in how the human body works and English Literature, particularly Shakespeare. Although, I have to focus on what I am doing in school, and doing additional research at home. I do enjoy watching documentaries on psychology. Of course I am still reading my book whenever I can, which has been difficult recently, with all the coursework I have had to do at home. I prefer to do work at home, if I’m honest. My class is rather rowdy, therefore not much work can be done, whereas at home I can work in my own environment, where it is nice and quiet. Advice for this week- if you have the option to do coursework at home, do it! It is far better to do it at home and maybe miss going out for a night or two, rather than being behind in class, and rushing to get it done before the deadline.