Year 12 – Tim

17 Dec 2014

31 August


This week has gone with an absolute blur. We’ll most of the summer has to be honest. I start school on Tuesday and I think my last week has had some of the best crack of the entire summer.


On Monday I went to town with my mate for a dander just to pass the time. It was pretty good catching up because I hadn’t seen him in ages. We ended up getting a Micky Ds and going home early. Town is absolutely dead.


Tuesday I headed to another friend’s house to stay over. It was great, staying up, watching scary movies, and eating a ton of ice cream. That’s what I love about summer not having to worry about tomorrow because it’s another free day. That’s why I stayed over on Wednesday as we’ll haha.


To top it off on Friday we went to see a movie in the cinema, great, movie and great company, possibly the highlight of the week. Usually the last thing I’d want to do is go back to school, right? But really I’m too tired to keep this up.



Although I’ve had loads of fun this week I’m doing my best to readjust to my routine before school starts, which is the hardest thing. My biggest worry is sleeping in and missing my bus. Hopefully, that won’t happen… Again. In hindsight of the first time I leave time for error which means I will have a few extra minutes if I forget to do something etc.


If I’m honest I’m looking forward to going back to school. I love it, especially seeing my friends who I haven’t seen that much over summer, along with my teachers. Once routine starts I.e. Getting up, getting the bus, going to school, coming home, homework etc. it’s easier to organise things around my time.


To end this week I’m sitting writing this blog, listening to music, and eating a big bowel of ice cream. I’m ready for school and what it has to throw at me…this week.


7 September


This week was the toughest to manage but the best to be part of. Honestly I’m ready for another year of it. It’s been great seeing everyone although the speech of “this is an important year” is ringing in my ears. The new principal seems nice but I need a bit more time to judge her character.  To tell the truth this week went quickly…


I wasn’t in until Tuesday and I waited at the bus stop as usual in the morning. My mates were too tired to function so I just put my earphones in and waited patiently on my bus. My uniform looked well on me and I was excited to see my friends. Wouldn’t you be? When the bus turned around the corner my excitement turned to panic, there was 3 seats maximum left on the bus. With 9-10 people getting my bus I made sure I wouldn’t miss out. Fortunately when I stepped on the bus my friends had saved me a seat. Thank goodness.


When I got to school I was ready to hug and laugh left right and centre. But nooooo they decided to herd the year 12s into assembly so the best I could get for now was a few awkward waves. Our assembly was plain boring but the rest of the day was great. Seeing everyone reminded me of why I love school.


Over the next few days nothing exciting happened nor anything boring. It simply just happened. I’m hoping I’ll have a bit more to write about next week because I’ve scheduled a band practise and I’m selling a guitar to build one from scratch so stay tuned.


15 September


Monday morning. Went a bit like this: eyes open. Grunt. Get out of bed. Grunt. Look out window. Got blinded by sunlight. Of course at this point I hadn’t realised it was 6 am and I didn’t need to be up for another hour. I walked into the bathroom and hit the shower button then it hit me. Silence. Nobody was up… I looked in and my brother was still in bed. I then looked at his alarm clock 06:13.

My head hurt with the joyful and angry thoughts of “yes! More sleep!” And “How much more stupid can I get?” I got back into bed to enjoy my final hour of freedom, then it hit me “crap! The shower.”


On Monday throughout school I was tired. I was more or less eyes partly open mouth shut. My PE was the last 3 periods as well so it was too late to be woken up by it. Tuesday was a better day though, even though I had to go through the one subject I can’t seem to enjoy or be good at; Science. I was more looking forward to after school, Band practise. I love it, one of the days where in can be as loud as I want with my guitar and nobody will be bothered. We practised a few green day songs and a Metallica one but we still need way more practise.


Wednesday and Thursday went with a breeze. Especially because I had the energy and sleep for it. Sleep is possibly the most important thing when you’re going to school or so I believe. Although if there is one thing I can’t stand during school is people zoning out when they’re walking down the corridor and then they bump into something or someone and cause a scene.


Friday was an exciting day because I was going to M&Ds in Scotland on Saturday. Hence I had to use Friday for the “I can’t wait for tomorrow” section of the week. On Saturday M&Ds was unreal apart from the 4am start and 1am finish. The rides and the craic were mighty. Although all the rides seemed super intense, I went on one which brought you really high in the air on the end of this arm and held you there for a few minutes then you went backwards and upside down and forwards repeat.


So now today I had band practise and had pizza for dinner. Even though I was insanely tired, band practise was pretty good. (Not to toot my own horn of anything haha). That’s me for now.



21 September


So this week was good but I am shattered from revealing my embarrassing local celebrity status to the school to Acting Romeo and Juliet in front of my class outside. It’s been crazy.


Monday. What a day. The hype about prefects being picked is high and mighty. Even when I walked to form class mummers were in the air. Everyone was holding their breath but I’m afraid they were disappointed. Myself on the other hand, I was greeted in assembly by the director if my web series : the gifted. She was there to present the trailer to everyone. I was happy until she pointed me out too everyone. It was embarrassing to say the least but I did get quite a few hellos from people who I didn’t know in the halls.


My band practise on Tuesday was cancelled along with my guitar lesson on Wednesday and Thursday was just a walk in, be there, walk out kind of day. To be honest nothing compared to the weekend. Friday night was only the set up. Let’s cut to the chase. My big brother was 18 on Friday and we planned to have a huge party at our house for him on Saturday. Only problem was my best friend was going camping for her 16th. Mental right? So I had to plan my time so that I could be in Lisburn, my brother’s party then to my friend’s house to camp.


So at 12:15 I headed to Lisburn on the train, went to the cinema and returned for 7pm to my own house. Have to say I would’ve stayed longer than 11 but I’d have to walk a fair bit if I didn’t leave with my auntie. There was good craic at my house, I even played happy birthday on the guitar and few Johnny cash tunes for my brother. And then headed out the door. Guitar, sleeping bag, and hoodie in hand.


When I got to the tent it was pitch black so I decided to give everyone a scare. Funny enough they were in the house having more cake and I was standing out the back like an eejit. The night was great and the singalongs were unreal. Even just lying under the stars was an experience that I’ll never forget. Definitely has to happen again.


So today I chilled out and I’m just waiting to go to bed.


This has been a crazy few days ending the week.  Tomorrow I may find out if I’m prefect, Tuesday I’m at my own premiere, and who knows what else is to come?


12 October


First things first, I have to apologise for not posting last week but I went to bed early Sunday night due to sickness and had lots of controlled assessment and homework to do. It’s been a hectic week. To be honest nothing really went on apart from a concert last Friday night.


This week though, was unbelievable! Let’s start with Monday’s issue (of course it had go be Monday) I had left my school shoes in my aunt’s house on Friday as I got changed there and headed to the concert. So, I ended up wearing my vans sneakers with my uniform until she dropped them off. By the time she had left them to me and I quickly put them on in the car I was 10 minutes late for form and a few of my friends who knew made a few jokes but I had my school shoes so I was okay, also my teacher said it was okay because my friend signed me in and explained my situation. After 5 minutes of form the bell rang and we headed to assembly. And yes! They finally picked the prefects! Hallelujah! And unbelievably I got prefect. Pretty good right? So anyway the rest of the day we got stick from people all in good taste of course but it was nice to be able to say I got prefect. My mum was so pleased she bought me new shoes for skating.


Tuesday was in school was just same old same old, but the whole prefect thing was still in people’s system. Tuesday night I worked on sub task 1 and 2 of my LLW. Wednesday brought an end to my LLW controlled assessment. If there is one thing I have to say about it, if you do have to do it, is that you get as much done as you possibly can. Because if you slack off you have so much catching up to do and it gets very difficult. Also the feeling of being able to print a 27 page document felt pretty good to be honest. The hard work and the effort pay off. Trust me I know. After school I went with my two friends for hot chocolate in a cafe uptown before my guitar lesson. When I got home it was revise revise revise because Thursday was gonna be a heavy day.


Thursday was heavy because I had to finish my business studies controlled assessment in class. In fairness I had it done in due time and had time to do my bibliography along with it so I was done early but it was stressful enough. My new shoes were waiting for me when I got home which was a bonus. Alongside that I had a ton of maths revision. I understand all this talk of revision and controlled assessment sounds scary but trust me, it’s not all bad and this has just been a very busy week.


Friday was a “let me out of here” kindve day. Everything seemed to run on and on and on. I guess it was because I had made plans with friends to come to my house, eat Chinese, and watch movies. Yep sounds about right. Saturday was also a pretty big day; I had to go and find guitar strings because I had a gig and was down a string. It took me 4 hours to walk to and from the music shop because my brother had the car and he was at work and couldn’t give me a lift. By the time I got back I needed another shower, to get dressed, eat, restring practise and panic in the space of an hour and a half. If I’m honest we absolutely murdered our first song (nerves related and too much distortion plus bad timing). Then we played knocking on heavens door and everyone was up on the dance floor. Redeemed was what came to mind. I had to work in the bar in the venue at the meantime and didn’t get home to 3am, but I got paid again so it was worth it.


Today I got up surprisingly early and chilled out the whole day. I watched Stephen king movies and overate. Good day right? So that’s pretty much it. I’ll do my best to keep these on track from now on.


19 October


Okay, so Monday was uneventful.  No morning drama, no complications just wake up, shower, dress and go get the bus. There was something though… Oh yeah… I managed crack my toe off the door making it swell up like a balloon. Great. Just great. Walking was a pain the whole day, and I couldn’t do games. What a swell day. Get it? Swell? Sometimes I’m easily amused okay?


Tuesday I had two unit tests in my science and maths. The only advice I can give for unit tests is bullet point and read. Even if you note them down on a small piece of paper you can look at throughout the day or in form class. And then once you’re happy throw them in the bin before the test. I also started the one week panic for my English controlled assessment. Yes Romeo and Juliet is my English CA and I’m going to nail it (or so I keep telling myself)


I’m trying to remember Wednesday but absolutely nothing comes to mind, I cannot remember anything, it’s really weird. Thursday though I won’t forget because I had 3 hours of maths 2 of which were during school. Because people are behind in maths we have to stay behind to catch up an hour every other Thursday. It’s just awful. At least I got to go out to dinner with my family which was pretty fun.


Friday was short and most definitely sweet day. Got my test results back for science and I got a C, which is good for me to be honest, I got a free bit of potato bread at break and I got offered a slot for a gig on Saturday night (see next paragraph). After school I went and got guitar strings and just chilled out for the rest of the evening.


Saturday was excellent. Woke up and got ready to go to town with all my equipment for the gig. My brother dropped me off and a mate met me to help set up because my bassist was at work. I pushed the handle down on the door of the basement and it wouldn’t budge. I knocked the house door and no answer. My Aunt had forgotten about me. Great, just great, I put my gear in the garage hoping it would be safe and went into town with my friends as practise wasn’t going to be till 6 and the gig wasn’t till 9.  After town and practise we headed to the venue and blew the house down. It was the best I’ve ever played live (3rd time lucky eh?) we also got a great reaction from the crowd so it wasn’t bad at all. When I got home I saw photos from the gig and I was red as a tomato. Doesn’t matter, still killed it haha.


Today my brother brought me a fry in bed, I had band practise, youth club and now I’m going to bed with no hesitation. Till next time.


2 November


A week off? Yes please! This relaxing week has been great!


Monday instead of getting up earlier than humanly possible I got up at 10:30 went for a run, had a shower, had breakfast and did the extra work I had to do over half term break all by 1:30. I was talking to the band on facebook about how I was expecting a drum stool and my new fender telecaster guitar in the post when the door knocked I burst through the kitchen door and there was the big YODEL delivery van outside. After signing for the stuff I brought my parcels inside. When I unbowed my guitar I couldn’t believe it. It was beautiful, Sunburst body with a white pickguard and a maple neck. I couldn’t wait for band practise on Tuesday.


By the time I was ready to leave on Tuesday to go to band practise I had learnt 15 new songs on my guitar. 57 in total to be exact!  A lot of the day was spent talking about what we were going to play, how we were going to play it and who was going to what. The outcome is that all positions I.e. Drums, bass, rhythm guitar and vocals, and lead guitar were filled and we were ready to go. Also they were all well impressed with my new guitar haha.


Wednesday I lazed about through the day simply because I had no work to do for school and everything seemed like a pointless endeavour. I had a guitar lesson at 5 so I had to wait for it and I had family coming from Essex at 6 so I had to wait for that too. The last part of the night was just me playing tony hawks on the Xbox with my little cousin so it wasn’t all bad.


Thursday I was out of the house by 2 to go for lunch in town with my family. Afterwards I went and met my friends at the shopping centre for the fireworks later on that night which I’ll be honest weren’t great but I got new clothes so I was happy. On Friday night I went to my friend’s house where a bunch of us watched a bunch of awful horror films, ate junk food and slept in the living room. It was good fun because I got to see a lot of friends I wouldn’t normally see from other schools.


On Saturday I had lunch with my family and had work at 8. It was an incredibly slow night at work so I had to go home early but I still got full pay and a McDonald’s. Today I had another band practise and I’m watching movies on Netflix. I’m looking forward to school on Tuesday and seeing my friends.


Until next week


11 November


Well it’s been a slow week. In and out of school. But here’s the just of it…

Monday I was off and did the homework I was given over half term other than that I lazed about. On Tuesday when we went in there was two things I kept hearing. Grumbling about being back and “we had homework? You’re kidding”. It annoys me that people do that. We are obviously given homework over breaks but we have lots of opportunities to do it. Its 5th year, GCSE EXAMINATION YEAR!!!! It’s the year we need to focus and get our heads screwed on. After school I had an interview with my form teacher and mum about my grades and behaviour. All was well and I got 1’s (excellent) for behaviour and attitude.


Wednesday was an extremely slow day. I must have been slowing the clock down with my mind when I looked at it haha. A lot of the lessons were reviewing what we’ve done over the past few weeks and how were moving on and such. I’m not going to lie, science has me worried. I’m struggling with it, well, chemistry anyway. If I can’t grasp it after this week I’m going to have to get help from the teacher. Never feel discouraged to ask a teacher if you don’t know something because the longer it’s left the worse it gets.


Thursday was the quickest day (apart from the double period of maths *grunt*) and Friday was remembrance assembly. I think I was zoned on Thursday and Friday, which isn’t like me at all, because I was invited along with my band to play in the oh yeah music centre in Belfast. I was excited for it but it was weird. I would be standing where I had just seen a band perform not a month ago.


Saturday I headed to Belfast and we played. It wasn’t a massive crowd but it was an unbelievable experience. It was actually my first ever acoustic gig. The band before us even came and told us they thought we were great. We walked about Belfast afterwards and went to see the giants play in the odyssey on Saturday night which was a good way to finish off the day as they won 7-3.


Today I went and set up the new PA system in the studio and organised the place with my bassist. It took about 4 hours but the place looks great! And we’re hopefully uploading covers on Thursday. Sorry this one was short but this week has been more or less uneventful. See you next week


16 November


Pretty good week. Pretty good week indeed. I’ll start at the beginning. Monday morning, my one nemesis. It was cold and windy but I managed to make it through the morning with no problem. A lot of my day was spent waiting on my work to be marked or checked. After finishing tests etc. getting results back can feel like a lifetime. I got a few good results finished and handed in my ICT coursework. Heed my advice, ICT is more important than you may think so listen, learn, and complete to your best capability because there are few jobs that don’t require ICT. I finished off Monday with fitness and a wet game of outdoor football in games. What a rush…not


Tuesday was a decent day. I handed in a few home works which I had sitting in my bag from last week (I do my home works as I get them. Less pressure on me) I also went to see a horror movie with my friends in the cinema. Wednesday was full a band practise. With the PA system we sounded better than ever. The only thing to do now is record and upload. Plus we got a cheeky wee pizza delivered to the basement


Thursday I find to be a rougher day lesson wise. There is a double period of maths and business studies. I do like those subjects but double periods can be strenuous and concentration can deteriorate. I always find drinking water makes me more alert when my focus begins to lack. Although a lot of it is down to getting enough sleep.


Friday was a quick day, which is weird when you’re excited. I was heading off to an ADYC weekend and I couldn’t have been more excited! I got home, packed my bag and waited ever so patiently. When the time came to go I got even more excited. Mum brought me to the bus and I was on my way. A few friends from school and some from youth clubs were there so I was glad I knew people. When we got to the place we were staying we dropped our bags in our allocated rooms and went for a beach walk followed by supper. Me and a few other people actually stated up talking til 3am. And me and my pal Sam got up at 7 to use the hot water before everyone else.


Saturday was the early start of 7 as I said, and it was an action packed day. Breakfast, trip to town, zip lining, rock climbing, and leap of faith. It was mighty craic. When we got back we had fibber and I couldn’t believe it when it was only 6pm. After dinner I got my guitar out and everybody had a sing song with me. That lasted nearly 2 whole hours! I love to see music bringing people together. Soon after 8:30 we had to start a campfire and we toasted marshmallows followed by a game of man hunt. As the night drew in we all got tired out and went to bed pretty early like 1;45 was the last time check and I was in bed at that point.


Today we woke up and got ready to leave. I’m not gonna lie, I slept through breakfast but there was still got water for a shower. We cleaned the house and waited for the bus to pick us up. Unfortunately my mates were up for chatting so I didn’t sleep on the bus. When I got home I unpacked, put the washing in, and had a bath. I’m really tired so I’ll have to finish. See you next time


24 November


This week has went with a flash. Monday morning started in school with assembly followed by a prefect’s talk which got me out of all but 5 minutes of English. Fortunately I had my homework to hand in. In ICT I got my game finished before anyone else because I actually listened and followed instructions which some people seem incapable of doing. Always do you best to listen and follow instructions so that when the workload comes you know exactly what you’re doing. The double period of business studies, llw, and games went quickly so it was a fairly good day. Monday is my favourite day because it goes very quickly but I always benefit one way or another


Tuesday is not my day. Not at all. Maths and science are right after each other and it’s too much to cope with. I think a lot of not liking a class is to do with how much you understand it. I get maths but it bores me to tears and science I can’t understand to save my life. I have to consult my teacher this week about getting help. If you’re struggling you should do the same. As I’ve said before the longer you wait the worse it gets. I actually enjoy English, history and technology. So Tuesday is sortie my day haha. Plus there’s band practise and pizza after school. Unfortunately our PA bust so we had to arrange to get a new one and we got no recording or anything done.


On Wednesday I continued controlled assessment in technology, had a free study period in ICT, and made chips in core science (so much for struggling). On Thursday I basically carried myself through school. Not a good sign. I had a very rough night’s sleep and wasn’t very well but I did my best to get through school because as much as it sounds nerdy and boring being in school is so important, I haven’t missed a day this year and don’t plan to unless absolutely necessary. I may not feel the best but is that going to stop me from getting my GCSEs? No. I don’t think so.


On Friday it was prize day so there was nothing to behold in school apart from me sitting at the back of the hall with the rest of the prefects watching people getting prizes. Saturday I went to the cinema with my friend whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while and we had food and caught up, then I went home and continued watching movies.


Today I had a very long band practise but the new PA system was here so all was good and then my aunt treated me and my band mates to a takeaway which wasn’t half bad and we just enjoyed ourselves. It was probably the best band practise to date. Now I’m going to finish my homework and go to bed.


30 November 2014

Sorry I have 3 controlled assessments this week and I’m not very well so skipping this week.


7 December


The first half of this week was not my week, Monday I was so ill I was sent home at break time. I was fortunate enough that after a few hours sleep I could revise for my controlled assessments on Tuesday. On Tuesday I completed one hour of my English and one hour of my history controlled assessment. I’m not going to lie, being sick did not help but I powered through it. Still feeling sick I ended up going to bed at 9pm, I thought it would help, but I thought wrong


Wednesday was the worst! I was so sick I couldn’t even contemplate going to school. That’s my first day missed this year. Thursday was again back to the English controlled assessment. I’m glad to see the back of it after the work I put in prior to the exam. On Thursday night I had work but it was actually quite a chill night, and I got a fair wee bit of money.


Hallelujah! Exceptional closure day! I was free to do whatever I want! Including being dragged to shop with my family. Yay… Then another night of work with not so great pay. Continuing onto Saturday I lay in my bed and watched movies so I didn’t have to face being sick and mobile. I did however get my band mates round and we had pizza that night and practised a little before the gig on Sunday. On Sunday we practised from 2-4 and headed to the venue we started at 5:30 and played a fair wee show and we were actually asked to come back after Christmas. Honestly I’m proud of myself and the guys because that was our first full gig and we brought the house down.


14 December


Woke up on Monday with a blocked nose that was just unbearable. I could’ve corked my nose and been able to breath better. I couldn’t even face the thought of sitting in assembly never mind actually placing myself on the cold floor of the hall. Fortunately it was cancelled! That was really the upside to Monday I did start to feel better throughout the day but it repeats it’s self the next day.


Tuesday was controlled assessment..again…history is one of my favourite subjects but taking notes for an hour of prep is a little too much for me, prep is vitally important if you’re allowed it and you should take advantage of it. I filled a page with all the information I needed next, it was the plan! But that wasn’t til Friday. After school I met with the band and had coffee to talk about plans for how were going to get our next gig, a few suggestions were good but later on in the evening I was asked to represent my youth club (band included) in some festival in the town hall. Of course I jumped at it and I can’t wait for next week.


Wednesday was an easy day if I remember so; a lot of teachers were doing reports so we just got on with whatever. Thursday was tests left right and centre. Maths, and science. My not so great subjects. On Friday I was surprised though. I got a B in science and maths! Hard work does pay off I guess haha. Then I planned my essay for history during controlled assessment and it was the weekend!


Saturday I literally did nothing but moan, watch movies and play video games. I felt worse than I had all week. Although I was able to make a, let’s say, miraculous recovery on Sunday just in time for band practise. In preparation for the gig on Wednesday we all brought extra equipment that we honestly didn’t need but y’know it’s a “just in case sort of thing”. Until next time…


11 January


So I’m back go school. It’s been a long week and at points there seemed to be no end in sight. As you know I struggled through it and came out on the other side! I’ve been exhausted though so I had to chill out on the weekend.


On Monday we all gathered in assembly and seen everyone who we hadn’t seen since before Christmas. It’s all smiles until the novelty wears off. Throughout the day we got information on the controlled assessment like every other day… It was generally all the same story all week. Also we had cross country which was absolutely dreadful. Hinting that I hate PE like I do in most other blogs.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all the same, come in, sit down, listen, move to next class, repeat. Although I took time to take notes during the listening. It’s an important factor of keeping up with or ahead of work. Take notes as much as you can because they benefit you in the long run. I also had to stay behind for extra maths on Thursday which wasn’t awful.


Friday was such a great day. Everything went really quickly. Before I could even realise it was lunch, then home time. Two of my new guitar effects pedals came as well so I had something to mess with on Saturday. On Saturday I lazed about and recovered from my long week at school and then had a movie night at my house with a few friends.


Finally on Sunday I went to sort sound out for band practise as we’ve been offered a gig in the local city marketplace. I made the sound as loud and as clean as I possibly could. It took ages but I’m pretty sure we’re sorted. I’m sorry this one has been short but it hasn’t been an exciting week. Til’ next time….


18 January


Well. That was an uninteresting week. It began with a great episode if target setting! YAY! (Sarcasm in case you didn’t know) target setting is one of the worst things we have to do. It’s just awkward. Though I did reach one of my targets I still find it useless. I also miss out on two periods of solid learning so thanks SELB. Thanks a bunch.


Tuesday was a decent day. We have started biology in science so it’s actually semi-enjoyable. I always like starting new topics because it gives you a chance to do really well if you didn’t do so well in the last topic. We also had a technology unit test which I managed to get a B in. Glad I studied because it paid off, and what do you know I past my target the day after I made it hahaha


Wednesday was a pretty chilled day. Usually because it’s all double periods and teachers are pretty easy going because there’s more time but that way I feel I learn more. I think if you relax, listen, and do your best you’ll always do well. At least I do. Thursday was the same because again it’s mostly doubles.


On Friday I was invited to go to the cinema and for food. I did manage to complete the first part of my controlled assessment to a high standard. And I’m glad that I did it well. If you crack in exam and don’t do as well as you hoped your controlled assessment can make or break your grade.


On Saturday I headed to Belfast for my mates birthday. The whole squad got the train down and walked about Belfast for a bit then headed to the cinema. It was a really good day and my friend enjoyed his birthday.


Basically after this week I used Sunday to chill out and do nothing. I just sat around, overate and watched movies. Too many movies this weekend haha. Honestly feel like nothing is happening anymore around school.


25 January


I am exhausted. Please send help. I’ve had so much work this week. I feel like I’ve had the life drained out of me. There have been good points though so I’m excited as well.


Monday I can say was fairly easy, it is always calm and mellow even though I usually have a panic in the morning. I had a lot of maths homework though because I’ve a mock next week. Mocks are really important because they provide a predicted grade. If you’re sick or unable to attend an exam then that is your next resort. Treat it like the real thing!


Tuesday was hectic because I had more history controlled assessment work to do and my head was completely fried. Even going to youth club felt like a chore and I love it. On Wednesday I actually got a break at the end of the day, we were doing swabbing to test for bacteria and it was actually kindve fun.


Thursday I had a lot of maths. I’m talking a double period and an extra hour after school. I really struggle sometimes with maths but with it all crammed in a day it just won’t go in.


On Friday after school I possibly got two of the best offers I could get. The first was a representative from Newry telling me that there was a battle of the bands in two weeks and the winner gets to play in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin! The second was a slot in a small music festival in Armagh the week after. I can’t believe the luck.


On Saturday I got together with my drummer and we wrote some stuff and on Sunday we all gathered and practised our set list for Armagh and agreed on the songs for the battle. It’s unreal how far we have come and there’s still more to come.


Thanks for reading


1 February


I have no solid introduction or catchy lines, honestly if I did, I wouldn’t be writing out this completely unrelated sentence. Although this week has been at what I can describe as waffle there is very little to say or report


Monday was a normal Monday, very boring, and over very quick, although I forgot my kit for games which was a bummer. I had to sit around for three periods which was awful. There’s being bored and then there’s counting the cracks in the floorboards.


Tuesday was very much the same. Come to think of it I never got to see my bacteria in science which is disappointing now that I think about it. We have been growing bacteria in a science and as strange as it may sound I am incredibly excited to see how it turns out. Okay?


On Wednesday we had our mock exam which *brushes shoulders* I got a B in. I pushed myself and achieved my result and it was totally worthwhile.


Returning to the nothing to report, I was off on Thursday due to being snowed in and I had a banging headache (probably from all my overthinking in maths) and Friday again, I was off. I did go to my mate’s house on Friday night and watched movies and ate pizza which was pretty fun so I can’t complain.


Saturday was quite a lazy day. Prone to the fact I had no plans and nothing to do. I literally spent my day planning for band practise and what I was gonna have for dinner. I know, I’m good at doing nothing. I even spent 5 hours writing songs which actually got me nowhere because my iPad ran out of battery before I could save them. Cheers apple!!


Sunday was the day we united as a band and aced our songs for the battle of the bands. We’re playing ‘Otherside’ and a song I wrote called ‘Origins’. I can’t wait. Next week is busier, I promise!


8 February


What. A. Week. I’m actually surprised I survived it. I’m sorry but school was the second thing on my mind. I’ve been so stressed about the battle of the bands and organising getting us there, getting our friends there, and getting the equipment there. But you know what? It was all worth it.


On Monday I had my normal day at school. Although it did start with my English teacher being extremely stressed. We’re doing our controlled assessment this Tuesday and Wednesday so we’ve to be extremely prepped for it and if I’m honest I think I can get my A if I do this well. English is my strong suit and I believe that I should do my best, focus and play by my strengths, then everything else I can work with.


Tuesday again was our double period of English. Then organisation mode set in for Friday I had to get numbers, money, ideas, ask favours, ugh it was awful.


Wednesday and Thursday was an absolute blur. My head was so fried getting ready for this gig that I forgot to remember what I had done. I just remembered a guitar lesson and an Ulster project meeting. I’m surprised I remember that much. And yes I do still go to guitar lessons because you can always improve yourself no matter how good you get.


Friday. Friday. FRIDAAAAY!!! It was unbelievable! From getting on the train to getting the taxi home. We went to the station and hopped on the train. My hands had been shaking from when I bought my ticket. We got off in Newry and got the bus to town. I met my ever so great equipment manager, my mum, who brought us the kit as we packed it the night before. We carried our kit up the stairs, into the venue, and mum left. We sound checked and then the arguing began. “I can’t do this” “I did this so you should do that” “I’m leaving the band!” Yep it went that far all because we were stressed we didn’t speak a word until the stage manager came in and said “!” This was the moment! Everything we’ve worked for. We played Othersided and everyone loved it. Then we played our original and they went absolutely mad! They moshed, jumped, pitted, everything they could do to show they loved it. It was the most amazing experience and I’ll never ever forget it. After we played we realised that this is what we want to do while we still can and were gonna go as far as we can until exams and other commitments take over for a while then we’re gonna dive back into it.


Over the weekend I just chilled out and watched TV. For now I’m just going to chill out play guitar, and wahey we’re playing Armagh next week….bye.


15 February


Not feeling great, I’ll have to skip this week, sorry


22 February


So half term came to an end on Wednesday. I can’t really say I did a lot because 3 days off is no time. I did go out with friends on Monday and stuff but nothing really spectacular. Unfortunately this blog is shorter as I’m starting slap bang in the middle of the week but it has my best efforts.


Wednesday was the dreaded return. Fortunately I had a reasonably quick day off school. It started with a class test in technology which was pretty easy and we didn’t have to work for the rest of the double period which was a pretty sweet way to return to school. The rest of the day was also fairly short because I had double IT and finished my CA before we left.


Thursday was the day of reckoning. Business studies was really mundane and usually it’s great and it’s disappointing because it’s one of my favourite classes. Then double maths! I was definitely ready for that so I wasn’t!! Then the rest of the day was one big long yawn.


Friday! Couldn’t have been happier. Getting back into routine was killing me. I know, three days off and suddenly I’m out of sync. It’s not as easy as you think. I did have a fairly easy going day. I like English and LLW which is great because I have a double of both and we were in the ICT room for history so the day moved steadily.


Saturday I didn’t do a lot. I went to town, seen a few mates, went to the cinema with them and came home.


Sunday was… Let’s say eventful. The band have paid to get a new drumkit so all 4 of us decided we’d completely gut the basement and get it ready for the new kit. It came to 4pm and the singer hadn’t shown up, nor had he told us he wasn’t coming. It really annoyed me and the others. We got on with it and the basement looks unreal now and the kit gets here tomorrow so I’m looking forward to next week.


1 March


I’m sorry this blog will be very short. I’ve been studying like mad all week for an English mock I have on Wednesday. I’m going to a concert on Tuesday night so I have to be ready. It really has been ram stam all week long and it’s not letting up whatsoever. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a really good full blog next week with lots of details about what’s going on.


8 March


So this week has been slightly more eventful in school and outside of it.


Monday was the beginning of the events, I’m skipping the school end because there is barely enough information to write, the band finally got the new drumkit! It’s beautiful! A galaxy blue marble finished premier with sabian cymbals and a tama snare. Of course that means nothing to some people but to us it’s the world.


Tuesday I got some brilliant results! My history teacher told me that from my controlled assessment and an exam last year I have already achieved above a C in my history which means I’ve already passed! Controlled assessment counts towards it big time especially when you get 22/25% of your gcse


Wednesday all I got were mock dates left right and centre. I can actually understand why bug, I feel they’re a tad late. Either way I’m going to work as hard as I can because mocks give you room for improvement whereas the real thing you only get one chance.


Thursday I went to scout a new school where I’m going to do my A-levels. It was quite nice but I’ve still other schools to look at


Friday I got more results. If I achieve the controlled assessment mark my teacher thinks I’ll get I could be looking at an A* in LLW. That wasn’t the best thing either. We were offered a supporting slot for a band in Newry next Saturday night! We were so happy to be offered the opportunity.


I had a very lazy Saturday because a few mates were coming round Saturday night and we stayed up and played Xbox and had banter. And band practise was cancelled Sunday due to exhaustion. Unfortunately the gig in Newry will be the last gig we play this side of the exams as three of us still have GCSEs to sit. We will resume in late June. Till next week


22 March


I’m really sorry I haven’t sent blogs but I’ve had so much work to do lately. I think I’m going to have to take a break !!!!