Year 8 – Jessica

16 Dec 2014


24th August

I’m going into Year 8. I’m worried about not knowing most people in my class and trying to find my way round.

31st August

Day 1

Got up and dressed and all ready for school. I met my friends, then we all went down to the assembly and most teachers talked to us in the assembly hall. Then we got our names called out and our form teacher called out and we got brought to our new class and we got lots of new books and timetables and all. Then we went outside for break and we went back to the assembly hall and the vice principal talked to us. We went back to our class for a while and the bell rang for home at 12:30. It was a really good day

Day 2

Everybody was very excited and couldn’t wait for the first full day of school. We went into the assembly hall and sat in rows with our class and we got told about after school activities and all the information we needed to know about our new school. The form teacher came and brought us to our class. We were there for around 20 minutes then we went to the first class which was French and got 3 books and wrote our names. Then we went out for break. After 15 minutes we came in and went to English. We got a big book in English and then we went to TD. The teacher just talked for a while then the bell rang for lunch. After lunch we went outside and then to the assembly hall for the vice principal to talk to us. We went to science and labelled all our new books then at 3:30 the bell rang and then we all went home.

14th September

Day 1 (Monday)

Today we did some Geography, music, Art, LLW and P.E.

It was a really good day because these are my favourite subjects but I have some others. I really know my way around the school now.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Today we had English, French, Science, Drama and Maths .

It was the first time that we had Drama and it was so fun. We had to present our own show- mine was The Becky Show. We had 2 periods of all the subjects we had today.

Day 3 ( Wednesday)

We had Geography, Maths, P.E, English and H.E today.

We had 3 long periods of H.E today. It was so long and it was really boring. We just sat there talking about rules but the English lesson was short and it was fun.

Day 4 (Thursday)

We had Science, French, Music, History and Maths

Today was fun because we did some experiments in Science and in French we did some greetings. It was really hard.

Day 5 (Friday)

We had Geography, Music, TD, History and Science.

Today we had 3 periods of TD it was so long. All we did was write out a page full of rules but we were getting marked so we had to do it neatly.

21st September

Day 1 (Monday)

Today we had Maths, R.E, Art, LLW and English.

We had 3 periods of Art. It wasn’t that boring but I answered a lot of questions but I like Art anyway.

Day 2 ( Tuesday)

We had Maths, French, Science and English.

We didn’t have R.E today because the teacher was out so we got split up.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Today we had English, R.E, P.E, Science and music.

Today I was really nervous because we had an R.E test. I thought it would be hard but it was so easy. After we went swimming for the first time and it was really fun even though we weren’t in the pool for long.

Day 4 (Thursday)

I had French, English, History, R.E and H.E.

I had a good day today. I got mentioned in the class report twice for good work in H.E and R.E.

Day 5 (Friday)

We had French, T.D, Maths and Science.

I got my French marks today from the test yesterday and I got 100%. I got them all right because I worked really hard.

28th September


Today we had Geography, Music, Art, LLW and P.E.

Today we had hockey for P.E it was really fun even though i wasn’t that good but it was too warm to play.


Today I had English, French, Science, Drama and Maths.

I had a French test today I thought it would be hard but it was really easy. We also had a test today on the computer but it wasn’t working and we didn’t have enough time to start again so we had to close it down.


I had Geography, Maths, P.E, English and H.E today.

Today for P.E we went swimming. I went into the big pool for the first time and can just about touch the bottom but I like it when it’s deep. We also made chess board sandwiches today in H.E.


We had Science, French, Music, History and Maths today.

Today we were split up for science. We tried the Maths test again today because we had more time today it was really easy but there were a few that were hard.


I had Geography, Music, TD, History and Science today.

We had a geography test again today. That was the 7th test I have had since I started school. In TD we started to make a money dish sort of thing. Mine is going to be blue.

This week has been tiring because I had around 4 tests but I tried my best in them all and because I revised a lot it was easy and I flew through it.

5th October


I had Maths, R.E, Art, LLW and English.

Today in LLW we were starting to make our own video/computer game about a shark. It is really fun trying to make a computer game but it was really complicated because we had to listen to a lot of instructions.


Today I had Maths, French, Science, English and R.E.

In English we wrote a story opening. It was hard and easy at the same time but when I thought of more to write it was really easy and it was actually fun because it was like I was making my own book .


We had English, R.E, P.E, Science and Music.

Today we did swimming. We went from the shallow end to the deep end. I was really nervous but excited at the same time because I had never done this before but I really enjoyed it. We didn’t do music today, for one period we went to the boys P.E teacher and played basketball and the other period we went to the TD teacher and sat in his room and did work and whispered to each other.


I had English, French, History, R.E and H.E today.

I had H.E today. All we did was sit in a room and talked about utensils that we would use in the kitchen. We were there for the last 3 periods it was alright after a while.


Today I had French, English, TD, Maths and science.

In science today we used the microscopes to see different things that we can’t see. It was so interesting. At first I didn’t like Science but now I really like it. I love doing different experiments and learning new things that I didn’t know.

12th October


Today I had Geography, Music, Art, LLW and P.E.

Today In Geography we were learning about maps and it was actually tricky trying to draw a map of our town and trying to fit the school in with it. But I really enjoy drawing maps because its just like Art.


Today we had English, French, Science, Drama and Maths.

Today we had Drama.We played “Honey, I Love You”. It was so embarrassing. You had to go in the middle of the circle and the girls had to go up to a boy and a boy had to go up to a girl and say Honey I love you but why won’t you smile and you have to try and make them laugh. We also did a French test today.


Today I had Geography, Maths, P.E, English and H.E.

In P.E we went swimming today we got assessed by the P.E teacher. We had to go from the shallow end to the deep end on our front then from the deep end to the shallow end on our backs. It was so fun.


I had Science, French, Music, History and Maths today.

We got our French results back today and I got 100%. I was so happy. That was the third French test and I got 100% in them all. I don’t even like French but I’m still trying my best in it. We also made our own rap in Music and then the teacher recorded us.


Today I had Geography, Music, TD, History and Science.

I got my results back from my Geography test like 2 weeks ago and I got 83%. I think I did well because there were questions in the test that we didn’t know and weren’t told to revise. It was easy, there was just one hard bit.

19th October


I had Maths, R.E, Art, LLW and English today.

Today in Art we did an assessment which is going towards our Christmas marks. It was only shading but it was really hard and easy at the same time. It was a bit boring just sitting shading and my hands were so sore after.


We had Maths, French, Science, English and R.E today.

We had a French test on the numbers 11-21. It was really easy and I enjoyed it. After that we had a Science test. I thought it would be hard but it was really easy and I actually enjoyed doing it even though it was a test. Then after that we had an English assessment where we had to write a story. I also really enjoyed that because I like making up stories.


I had English, R.E, P.E, Science and Music.

Today was the last day at swimming and we were doing different things in the water. We were doing different kind of floats and trying to do tumbles and hand stands under the water. We didn’t do Music so we went to the computer room and a teacher covered us for the last 2 periods.


Today I had English, French, History, R.E and H.E.

Today we got split up for Science and me and three boys had to go to Music. We had to sit outside because there was no room. We had a History test today on meanings and labelling them and all. It also goes towards the Christmas mark and I got 38 out of 40. I was really pleased with it. In H.E we made apple crumble. It was an assessment as well. It was so fun peeling the apples and mixing the food. I really enjoyed it.


Today we had French, English, TD, Maths and Science.

Today was heroes day and I went in as Madonna because she goes to different country’s and helps children. We had a French test today. In TD we have started to make the Christmas trees. They look so cool and it’s really fun to make.

I’ve had around 7 tests this week but they were really easy because I revised really hard but I had fun this week even though I had tests.

26th October


Today I had Geography, Music, Art, LLW and P.E.

Today in P.E we did dodge ball and some other games. It was really fun and in LLW instead of going to the computer room we went to one of the R.E teachers and did the same thing but it was called something else .


I had English, French, Science,Drama and Maths today.

In Drama we made posters and had to show them to the class. I got a B. I was alright with that but we are allowed to make a new one and we have to make another poster so I am going to make them soon. In Science we did experiments with the teacher. We did one with a Bunsen burner, match stick and tinfoil then after it was ready the match stick popped out and made a bang noise it was awesome.


Today I had Geography, Maths, P.E, English and H.E.

Today we didn’t do P.E. We got covered by another teacher because the P.E teacher was with the primary schools that had come in. We also didn’t do H.E and we were covered by the same teacher but it was still a fun day when we were covered.


We had Science, French, Music, History and maths today.

Today we did more experiments today and we had to explain what they did and what kind of energy they use because we are learning about energy. We didn’t do Music today so we got covered and the teacher brought us to the computer room because not everyone had a chair.


Today we had Geography, Music, T.D, History and Science.

Today for Music there was only one period so we only had half an hour so the teacher connected her iPad to the interactive  white board and we played games but she said we could play games because we were well behaved and I really enjoyed it.

I am really enjoying my new school and have really had fun with all the different subjects and it is brilliant 🙂

2nd November


Today I had Maths, R.E, Art,LLW and English.

Today we didn’t have R.E because we went to the youth annexe and went to a club called Reach and they were talking about changes that will happen in our lives. We were there for 2 periods so we missed R.E and one period of Art but we still had Art. Then we did PD for LLW and it was really fun talking about our family and things that also happen in our life and then English was the last 2 periods and then we went home.

Then we got off school for teacher training and Halloween.

9th November


Today I had Geography, Music, Art, LLW and P.E.

Today I had P.E. We played netball and it was really fun because I was in the goals. I got hit up the face 2 times with the ball but it was quite funny. I also had Geography today and we were learning about maps it was so hard because I don’t like maps and all .


I had English, French, Science, Drama and Maths today.

Today in drama we showed the class all the posters we made at home last week. I got a B for my work and I was allowed  to make another one so I made another one and a big poster and got an A on both of them. I was really happy because it goes towards our Christmas exam marks. I also had a French test.


Today I had Geography, Maths, P.E, English and H.E.

Today I had a Maths test that goes towards our Christmas exam. I was really nervous but it was so easy and didn’t take that long to do it. I also got my English test result back and I got 17/20 which was level 4+.


Today I had Science, French, Music, History and Maths.

I had a French test today on the days of the week. It was really easy and the one we did on Tuesday was on the months and I got 100% in it. They were both really easy to do. Then we had Music and we are making a rap up in groups for our Christmas assessment as well.


Today I had Geography, Music, T.D, History and Science.

Today I had a Geography test on the maps and it was really easy to do even though I don’t like maps. We also did a History test that we weren’t told about but we can’t revise for it because it’s like a comprehension. We didn’t finish it all. It was actually really hard and confusing.

16th November


Today I had Maths, R.E, Art, P.D and English

Today I got my Maths test results back. I got 90%. I was really happy about it. We also did P.D today and she set a test for us for next Monday but it is only 3 pages.


Today I had Maths, French, Science, English and R.E

Today we got split up first thing for Maths so we didn’t get to do it. We also had an English test. It was easy and hard at the same time but it was mostly easy. We had R.E and the teacher set a test for us on Thursday but we only have one period to do it.


Today I had English, R.E, P.E, Science and Music .

Today we were split up for English. We also had science and she set a test for Tuesday. We have to revise a booklet on energy. We also are making a rap up in music about listening and it is really fun.


Today I had English, French, History, R.E and H.E

Today we did a book quiz in English and we got the most points. I named our group The Book Worms and they liked it and the teacher said she liked it. We then got a pencil for winning. We were really happy that we won. Then we had an R.E test and it was easy and hard but we only had 30 minutes so we were under pressure to get it done.


Off because of teacher training!

23rd November


Today I had Geography, Music, Art, PD and P.E

Today we got told what stuff to revise for a Geography test at the end of the week. Today I had a PD test. It was so easy and didn’t take long to do. I like tests when they are really easy and then it feels like I do really good because I tried my best and it wasn’t hard to do. We didn’t do P.E because there was a hockey match so we got to sit on the wall and watch it.


I had English, French, Science, Drama and Maths today

Today we got back our results from English. We had a Science test on energy. It was so hard to do and the questions were hard to answer but I completed it anyway. We also didn’t do Maths. We were split up.


Today I had Geography, Maths, P.E, English and H.E

Today we got put into our houses in P.E I got into Dunluce. I had never heard of it before. We also had an H.E test today and it was so easy for me. I actually liked doing that test better than doing H.E because when we are doing H.E if we aren’t cooking we’re just talking about cooking and I find that boring because we have to sit for 3 periods. Today we didn’t do Maths we were split.


Today I had Science, French, Music, History and Maths

Today we got our Science results for both tests. I got 64% on the hard one and 87% on the easy one. On the hard energy test I got 10/10 on the very first page. Today I had a French speaking assessment where we had to talk in front of the class. I was so scared and don’t like doing French. We also got our History test back I got 19/25 but it was a source test and we couldn’t revise for it but it was actually really hard. We were split for maths again.


Today I had Geography, Music, TD, History and Science

Today I had a Geography test on 3 maps and some bar graphs and after break we had a Music test. It was easy and hard at the same time. We did TD and we drew out the Christmas trees that we are making. We nearly have them finished and I can’t wait till they’re finished

This week was a really hard week because I had a test every day this week.

30th November


Today I had Maths, R.E, Art, PD and English

Today we went to assembly and watched a play about road safety and about wearing your seatbelt. They actually brought half of a real car in but it was a really good play. Today we didn’t do PD because the teacher wasn’t in. Then we went to the split class and that teacher wasn’t in so we got another teacher . We also did an assessment in Art. We drew liquorice


Today I had Maths, French, Science, English and R.E

Today I had R.E and we were making wanted posters about John Wycliffe and writing about his crime which was translating the Bible into English. I actually like learning about him because it is really interesting. I also got back my R.E results from a test and I got 53/60. I was really happy because the teacher said that’s nearly the highest in the class


Today I had English, R.E, P.E, Science and Music

Today we played netball in P.E. I like playing netball, it is really fun. We didn’t do Music today. Instead we watched the Christmas concert rehearsal. It was so fun. I really liked watching it. I think it was better than doing actual music.


Today I had English, French, History, R.E and H.E

Today I got my French results. I got 35/40 for my listening and 56/60 for my speaking and altogether it was 91%. I was really happy and then I got happier because we went to H.E and the teacher gave us our H.E results and I got 94 out of 100. Then she said the highest in the class was 94% and she said it was me. I felt so happy and felt so proud. I also had a History test today. I thought it was hard


Today I had French, English, TD, Maths and Science

Today in French we started to learn the names of animals and I like doing the animals. Then in TD we just got a sheet of writing and copied it out because the teacher said we needed folder work because we are going to get marked by folder work but It wasn’t that boring. I thought science was disgusting because we were looking at animals that were dead they were in a jar and he put a hamster and a star fish on our table.

I only had 2 assessments this week which was better than having a test everyday. I am starting to like some subjects that I didn’t like at the start

7th December


Today I had Geography, Music, Art, LLW and P.E

Today we didn’t have Geography because the teacher wasn’t in so we got covered by one of the science teachers. We didn’t really do Music. We just watched the Christmas concert rehearsal.


Today I had English, French, Science, Drama and Maths

Today we did French and we did more learning about animals. I don’t like French but I like doing animals. There was only 6 people there because the group 2 had to go get their H.E results but me and 5 other girls are group 2 but we had to sit with 3rd years. They were all sitting at my table with my friend talking to us. They were really funny. We also did Drama. I love Drama. it is so fun and isn’t like a subject but I really enjoy it and the teacher is so funny and kind.


Today I had Geography, Maths, P.E, English and H.E

We didn’t do Geography today because the police came in to tell us about knives. It was called “guns’n’knives ruin lives”. It was so good but they showed real life things that happened with guns and knives. It was horrible to see what happened to people. We went back to class at 11:15 which was period 3. We had Maths but we were only there for 15 minutes because the other period of Maths our form teacher wanted to tell us our class place in science. I got 75.5% and I came 3rd in the class. I was happy because it was the hard test and I didn’t think I would come 3rd.


Today I had Science, French, Music, History and Maths

Today we watched the concert rehearsal again because it is on tonight for all the parents that are coming. I didn’t get tickets for it because we will probably see it during school time. In History we are doing a news report and me and my friend are the anchors. It is actually fun to do because we get to make up lines for ourselves.


Today I had Geography, Music, T.D, History and Science

Today was the BEST day ever. I didn’t do any written work. We went to Geography but didn’t do written work. I got my results back. The teacher said the mark going on my report was 87% and I got a special mention and two other people got 88% so I must have done well. Then we went to music but year 8 and 9 were watching the concert. It was so fun but the other group got took out early that were doing H.E because they were baking but our T.D teacher let us watch it all. It lasted 4 periods that were after break then it was lunch. After lunch we watched it again because the H.E group didn’t see it all. We went to the senior one because our form teacher told us to so it was a fun day and the concert was brilliant

14th December

This week was a really exciting week for me because on Wednesday the zoo came into our school. I touched a snake and a snail. They were so slimy and horrible but I just wanted to see what it felt like but it was so awesome. Then on Thursday we got our school report I was so nervous when I opened it. I looked at the A,B and C’s and I got 13 A’s and 1b I was so happy out of 77 people in the B band I came 4th I was so proud and everyone told me I would get moved up because my friend got 3 out of 77 and she was the highest. Then we had H.E before home time and people kept getting called out of the class then a boy from my class came down and asked for me and 2 other people. We didn’t know what it was for, then we went to the principal’s office and she gave us a note and said get your parents to sign this. We went back to class but on the way out we opened it and it said we were getting moved up to an A class I was so happy and shocked that I was getting moved to 8AZ. On Friday we went to Lurgan swimming pool and watched the swimming gala at the end we were told which house won and it was Dunluce the house that I was in. We screamed and cheered so much.

For a present for getting moved up we went to Belfast on the train. It was so fun but cold and very busy because of people shopping for Christmas but I felt so proud of my hard work because it paid off and I’m getting moved up.

21st December

We didn’t do much this week just watched movies and had form class parties but we did some work but mostly movies or did christmas activities. On Monday we went to Banbridge cinema and the outlet. It was so fun and we got to walk round the outlet by ourselves which was really good. I got a lot of stuff out of Claire’s and got some Christmas presents. We went to see our new form teacher because I’m getting moved up and he kept asking us were we excited.

28th December

I was so excited this week because it is going to be Christmas. On Christmas Eve I heard about Santa going across the sky so I went out and saw something in the sky so I got my mum. She didn’t believe me then she went out and actually saw it. My mum was really busy doing the vegetables so we got a Chinese for dinner. When it was Christmas morning my mum was first up then I was second I was up at like 7:45am my brother is usually up first but he said he would get up at 9:00 but I got him up. I waited till he came down before I opened my present I got a phone and lots of art stuff and nail polish. I can’t wait until Wednesday 31 December because it is my 12th birthday, I am so excited.

4th January

I actually can’t wait until I go back to school I am so excited because I am going to be in a new class and the best thing is I will be with my best friend from primary school. I can’t wait. It actually has been really boring being off but I have to wait until Wednesday but I am going tomorrow afternoon to school for the interview but I am still excited. I had so much fun last week because of my birthday because me and my mum went shopping and bought nice stuff and I had a multicoloured cake with smarties in it. It was so sweet but tasted really good. I have P.E first thing on Wednesday morning and I’m really happy because I love P.E.

11th January

This week I was really nervous because I am going into a new class but I’m excited because Im in the same class as my best friend. When I got to school my best friend told me was supposed to be in my class but she went to my old class but on Friday she came back and I was so happy. I have been revising because I have a French test on Monday on things in my school bag and in my pencil case. I’m actually enjoying English and French now because I have different teachers and they are so nice, funny and helpful to me when I need help but the other teachers are as well. There is also a thing on Monday called Love for Life about growing up. But I can’t wait to go back because I love my new class and they are so friendly and helpful as well

18th January

This week was so fun because we got picked to do open night and I got chosen to do French with my 2 other friends. On Monday we went to the love for life thing and it was actually fun. But Thursday was the best day because we got out at 1:30 pm because the teachers were setting up for open night and we got to go home so that was good and I couldn’t wait for the open night because I was doing French my cousin did 2 French plaits in my hair. When I got to school I went up and started helping set the food up and all. Then we started and I played on the iPad and helped clean the cups and then played on the interactive white board with the two other girls and we tried to challenge each other. We were off on Friday and I had a massive shock when I saw the snow and didn’t have to go to school because of teacher training. I went out and built a snowman and went down the street to play with a girl in my class and we brought the sleighs down which was amazing then when my brother got home me and him had a snowball fight. Then his friend walked past and started playing with us which was good with 3 people and then his other friend came out and was even better with 4 people I had so much fun off on Friday and was glad I was off  but I want it to snow again so there’s no school and I can play out in it again and have even more fun.

25th January

This week was boring because we mostly just worked but the best thing this week was H.E and TD because we made smoothies in H.E. It had strawberries, melon, apple, orange juice and a strawberry yoghurt in it. The best thing was when we could blend them with the hand blender it really tickled but was so much fun. In TD we started to do our castles. We got wood and sanded it down then scribbled all over a page that we had our castle on then we stuck it to the wood and went over it with pen and when I checked it and noticed it had traced straight onto the wood which I thought was a really good idea. Then I went over it in black and put a background in and then next week we will be colouring it in which I can’t wait for because I love to do anything that involves art and I like building things. In English on Thursday we are now doing a topic which is poetry so we just did a title page which was so fun and the teacher put music on but I just couldn’t wait to get out of school for the weekend to begin because I felt like the week went so slow.

Over the weekend I went to my cousins 18th birthday party. It was so fun and her cake looked gorgeous but I still had fun at school this week and because it’s cold I can’t be bothered getting out from bed but I still haven’t missed any days of school because I like to be in school to learn and I haven’t really been off in primary school as well because I want my attendance to be 100% like it was in primary school.

1st February

We did a lot of work this week and some hard work and some easy work but I still enjoyed it because it would be better than doing nothing I suppose because when it’s the weekend or I’m off school, sometimes I would get bored and do homework like right now because I’m only after finishing my Geography and starting homework that’s for Friday so I don’t forget and also homework for not this Monday but the next Monday so I’m prepared for it and will have It done and won’t need to worry about it or stress over it if I forget to do it. I like doing homework over the weekend if I stay in my PJs and do it. I had great fun on Friday because we were split a few times and we have started our castles in TD. We have them all cut out and drawn on the wood and we have started to colour the castles on the wood in which is so fun because I don’t think I have coloured in wood before. It’s actually quite exciting for me and especially because I love anything to do with art. It’s just so fun and you can make or draw anything you want. I am doing a nice multicoloured castle because I am imaginative and it looks nice.

8th February

It’s was really boring last week as we didn’t do much so it wasn’t an exciting week. It was just boring as the hours/days were just dragging along it felt like we were stuck in school forever as the time passed very slowly. We had a couple of French tests and also had a French speech but I’m doing mine tomorrow. I was so nervous but was chosen last so that was ok and I got a big round of applause but I thought it was boring but guess not. My class is really funny and I feel like I have been with them from the start as we know a lot about them but that is good and they are friendly and helpful. We made a smoothie in school last week so this week I made one at home. I used banana, grapes, apple, strawberry yoghurt and apple juice. It was really nice but chewy but taste a lot of banana which I didn’t like so that kind of ruined it but I still like it and it was fun to make but took forever to blend it so next time I will use the machine not the hand blender so it should hopefully be quicker and not lumpy with fruit in it.

15th February

This week was fun because we didn’t do that much but we did our History speech out of 20 and we had to pretend we were king William the Conqueror of England. It was really fun but really nerve racking. I don’t like talking in front of a lot of people but I was the last one to get picked even though I am really loud and never stop talking. We also did a French assessment. We got about one day to revise one page to do a speech as well. I got 19/20 in the History. The only thing I could improve on was to learn it off by heart and in the French speaking assessment I got 8/10. Then we had to do an assessment in French and the teacher said we would do it today but we hadn’t got told so we hadn’t revised well and it was 29 pages long. So he gave us the next day so we got 1 night to do it. I was really annoyed and panicky and thought I wouldn’t do well. I had revised well enough but wasn’t confident. When we got to Science the teacher said I know I only gave you one day so he said if you need more time tell me and I did as I was at my nannies after school and didn’t get much done so me and two other people went out to the side. One was off school and the other one wasn’t ready like me so we get 8 days to do it so we get to Thursday. On Friday we have a History keywords test. I’m about to start that tonight. Also last Thursday we did a keyboard assessment. I was on easy playing the Catching a Star and I got 96% in that. I was really happy because I still got in the nineties but I was nervous as the teacher was watching you. Now I am onto “Frere Jacques” on medium but it is hard but I will get the hang off it as I practice it on the keyboard I have at home.

22nd February


This week was boring because we have tests on Thursday and Friday. Well I guess it’s good because we were off on Monday and Tuesday for something so that was good. We got to relax and sleep in . On Thursday we had a Science test but the class had done it except me and two other girls because we only got one night to revise so we could get more time if we wanted so I did. Then on Friday we had a History test. It was easy then straight after we got our marks and I was so happy as I got 100%. I was so pleased and couldn’t wait to tell my mummy and daddy Then I got my science results after and I got 85%. It was ok but I was still happy though. We didn’t do much this week but I went to church this morning with my guides for thinking day and we sung swing along the open road but only 6 showed up out of about 15 but we still did well then we did Alice the camel

1 March

We had a few tests this week but not much because there were people going on History trips on Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday we made Paddy pizzas for St Patricks day. It was really fun decorating them. I decorated mine with everything. I had soda bread,tomato pesto, cheeses,tomato,sweetcorn,pineapple,ham and some herbs. We got to eat it after. It was so good and tasted delicious. On Thursday we had a maths test. It was really easy but then when I got to the back page I found it really hard but I tried my best .

On Friday most of the class were away on the school trip to the museum but some didn’t go because they had already went on Wednesday. So instead of us being 8AZ we were put into 8AX but we knew our class was better but we had to go with them. We didn’t do any work all day. At the end of the day before we went home we watched a girl from 3rd year get her hair cut off then shaved for the Little Princess Trust. She was really brave and an inspiration. It was really fun watching her.

I have a keyboard assessment and I have to give in my R.E Corrie Ten Boom leaflet assessment. We have a lot of assessments. I am really nervous about the keyboard assessment and have been practising all day nearly.


8 March

We didn’t do much this week but I did a French test on Thursday then got it back on Friday and I got 100% I was really happy. Before we did the test we did a fun game. The teacher called out a subject and we wrote it in French. I came second and got love heart sweets because I wrote down German wrong because I spelt it wrong in my book but I was still really proud. We did a lot of fun experiments in school this week with our science teacher. There is one with like crystals and peas and rice and a lot of other stuff. On Wednesday we have a science keyword test on the new words we learnt. Then on Thursday we have a English poetry test on all we have learnt but I’m going to revise hard for then so that I can get a good mark and that I do good. I have been revising since I got the keywords as I want to get a good mark but I’m not revising every single minute because that won’t help me at all because it will make me stressed but I’m revising right now after I send the blog.

15 March

This week was really boring until Wednesday when we went to the launch of the app. It was really fun when we went in the bus because I had never been in the front and I always was with a class but instead it was just 2 of us. When we got there we were kinda late but we just tiptoed in. The launch was really good with all the speeches. The food was soooooo good at the launch so I really enjoyed it and enjoyed the bag but I mostly enjoyed the speeches that people give because they were brilliant and I would be scared to go on a stage like that. The one about Northern Ireland was brilliant. He is just so funny.

On Thursday we got our French results for the test I was so happy I got 100% which made my day I really love French because the test are easy. Which means I get good marks.

Then on Friday I got my English test results that I did on Thursday and I got 73% but I was still happy because it wasn’t the lowest it was like 15 out out 27 so it was still good.

22 March

This week at school was so boring we did like so much work and got so much homework. 🙁

In art we have started to do self portraits and at the moment mine looks like shrek It doesn’t even look like me. It is really annoying because you have to keep looking back at the mirror like every 5 seconds.❤

In P.E we are doing the scissor jump it is really easy we are running and jumping over a bar onto the big mat and trying to land on our feet . It is so fun and not hard at all. We have it again on Monday and Wednesday and I really can’t wait but on Monday we have a French speaking assessment but it doesn’t go towards anything and it is really hard to revise because there are 8 sentences to learn and the times but the teacher only gave us 2 days.❤

Sundays are good because I do my homework’s and today I did all my homework up to Friday so I am well organised and ready for homework I get this week. ❤❤

29 March

This week was like boring because we had a bug science test on Thursday and the teacher said it would be easy. Yeah right it was the hardest test ever like seriously.

Well I guess it was good because we got a day off on Friday for something so it was good but all this week we just did a lot of boring old work and we have to make an outlaw poster for history and I did mine on Robin Hood and then my mummy made it old with a tea bag it was just so cool it looks like it was made ages ago.

We got off on Friday but I had to get up early to go to the dentist but I didn’t really mind. Then over the weekend me and my friend went shopping at Rushmere we met so many people from our school. Which you know is very very embarrassing.

We have finished the high jump in P.E we got so high on it. We started with scissor kick and then went on to landing on our butts. It was so fun but it really hurt my knees. Next week we will be doing something else but she won’t tell us yet.

5 April

This week was really good because we only were at school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so it was quite a short week I guess. I couldn’t wait till Wednesday because it was non-uniform day and it’s our first disco. On Wednesday we just watched movies and got out at 12:00pm but from 9:35am to 10:30am we had a disco with out history/English teacher being the DJ he was the best DJ and had the best music. He made us all dance. He wanted us to have lots of fun and certainly did because it was the best disco ever. I danced to every song with my friend.

I was really excited because we got out of school. At 1:00pm on Wednesday I went out for lunch with my mum and her friend and then we did some shopping.

I have been quite busy making and buying things for my mum and dad for Easter but I’m still really enjoying writing my blogs because it is like talking to someone about my week and I really enjoy it. I can’t wait to go to the caravan either tomorrow or Tuesday I just can’t wait it is the first time we will have slept in it since Christmas and I really missed that because I love my caravan and I love going for long walks on the beach and up the mountains and all the other things we do. We will probably be coming home on Saturday or Sunday so that’s good.

12 April

This week has been fun because we are off school. I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday revising and then on Monday morning we went up to the caravan. The weather was so lovely. I wish I could stay up there because it was so nice and relaxing. We wen’t up on Tuesday morning and came home on Saturday. All me and my friend did was play at the park. That is my next door neighbour. It was really fun but I still can’t do the monkey bars. I’ve tried and tried and tried over again but I still think you’re too high. Then today I am going to go out and then I’m going to revise. I had such a good Easter and really enjoyed getting off but I’m not back to school till Thursday but my brother has to go back tomorrow. During the day at the caravan it was really warm but then at night it was freezing. I really like making gymnastics routine. I cant stop doing handstands and cartwheels and headstands it’s just so fun. I keep thinking I really wanna go back to school but then I think I don’t wanna go back to school. I already miss the caravan and I only came home yesterday. I’m just going to revise each day for a while and then revise more until I’m am sure on what I am revising and I now what to remember

19 April

This week we got our revision booklet we were all really nervous because we didn’t know how hard we have to revise for our exams I have been revising all week for my geography test tomorrow and then I will revise for my history test on Friday so I’m really busy and then I will start revising for geography again because that’s the first exam we gave so that will be first.

I had a lot of fun of but we went back to school on Thursday so we only had 2 days in school but I didn’t find any of them days boring. I actually can’t wait to go back to school tomorrow  though there’s a geography test and I don’t like geography but I printed a lot of sheets out to help me. I actually remember most things because I started a couple of weeks ago because the teacher told us on our last day of school.

I’m actually still really enjoying school. I absolutely love music because we are in groups making performances. Last time we did one I was nervous because I had to sing some lines then after about 12 people told me I was brilliant because I never told anyone I liked to sing so I was really proud of myself.

26 April

We did 2 tests this week- we had geography and history. The geography was really easy. I got 89% in the geography then when we did history it wasn’t hard but it wasn’t easy so it was in the middle kinda. We get our marks back this week for history. I have been revising for my exams that are starting on the 20th of May 2015. I’m really nervous but am starting so I get a good head start. My class have all started because when we go to form class my form teacher will say revision. We revise every morning except Thursday morning because Thursday is when we go to ICT with the teacher that is also our geography teacher. He is always funny and making jokes. I’m drawing out my revision timetable so I know when and what to do. I am really busy and working hard.

3 May

I’m so glad it was Saturday yesterday. I’ve been working really hard revising. Yesterday I revised French, R.E and Maths. I am really nervous for the exams as I want to stay in my class. I am revising hard but am revising for about 35 minutes then taking breaks and starting again. Then on Thursday I have a French speaking oral and a science test on our new topic reproduction. I’m really nervous for my oral in case I say something wrong but she recorded what I am going to say onto to my phone so I can listen to it. We are off tomorrow as well so I will be revising again because the exams are in 2 weeks and 3 days I think I’m trying to think good things so I am not nervous but I’m going to revise hard and after I send this I’m going to start R.E on Corrie Ten Boom and other topics and then some H.E. Then after about lunch I will do other subjects.

10 May

I can’t believe it’s a week and three days till our exams start I have been revising really hard at nighttime and in school during registration though I also revise after school. We have a geography exam first sometimes I’m nervous and then sometimes I’m not. We did out French oral on Thursday and we did our science reproduction test. I got 76% and came 18 out of 27 but I got higher than a really smart boy in our class and got higher than a lot of other people so I was still happy about that. All our classes now will really be revision classes going over all the things we learnt so it’s fresh in our brains. After this I’m going to do History then Science then H.E and maybe R.E. I get a lot of revision done on Sundays and some done on Saturdays.

17 May

3 days till exams I’m getting nervous by the second. Only thing I’m scared of is a question coming up and don’t know it or can’t remember it. I have been revising really hard and have been revising today though I was at the youth parade at 3 o’clock so I didn’t get much done but I did before I went. I’m now going to revise before I go to bed and I have a music test tomorrow. I’m nervous about that but it’s supposed to be really easy though. I know everything but I might forget it I have finished English, French and Home economic’s and nearly finished geography as it is my first exam. I have also nearly finished science, maths and history. My R.E and some others are next week and I have Monday off for bank holiday so I will be revising.

24 May

This week has been really busy with exams and all. We have so far done:



History and English

None of them have been hard but they haven’t been easy. I haven’t been nervous for any of them. Though I’m usually nervous for everything but this time I’m not. I might be tomorrow because we have French and then Science and I hate those subjects.

I have been busy revising and doing gymnastics though I don’t go to gymnastics but I do it at the caravan. I have been revising in the lovely weather we have had at the caravan. I can’t wait till the exams are over on Thursday and then on Friday it’s brilliant because it’s Friday, It’s one more day till the weekend and our form teacher is bringing us to Mc Donald’s.

31 May

I’m very proud to say we have completed all our exams and we have no more till next year. I think I did well in some but not in others. I can’t wait to get my H.E results to see what I got because when we did a class test I got 94% which was highest in the class. I was so happy.

We got our History and RE results back. In history I got 70% I wasn’t that happy but I don’t think we got enough time we got an hour for 20 pages of writing out point of views and sources and in RE I got 82%. I was really happy with this one.

On Friday we went to McDonalds to celebrate but it was only our class that went as the other teachers couldn’t drive the mini bus. We went in and I got a mcflurry as we had to wait till 10:30 if we wanted a happy meal so I got a fruit smoothie iced before it. When I got a happy meal I ordered a cheese burger and got all my stuff and I also got chicken nuggets. I had a really good day.

Then on Saturday which was yesterday I went to Lisburn swimming pool with my guides. I went on The blue slide for the first time and on the white slide  for the second time. I was going to go on the green slide but it was closed and then it meant u had to go on the blue again but I didn’t really want to go on it and it was closed.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday we went out for dinner and had a birthday cake made for him with a picture of him when he was younger. We went to eds for dinner in Lisburn it was amazing it was like American and I got nachos, chicken wings and ice cream.

It’s been a busy week for me.

7 June

We have not really done a lot this week though we have got all our scores back. I’m happy with some but some not. I got 2 or 3 in the 60s, about 3 in the 70s, 2 in the 80s and 1 in the 90s or something like that.

I’m so glad that the exams are over and all our scores have been given to us but the only thing I’m scared of is getting moved to a different class.

Our teachers said not to worry as it is over and done with and all the damage has been done we can’t change it now.

I did bad in maths as I only got 61% though my friend got about 63% as it was the hardest subject and even all the teachers said that.

14 June

We didn’t do much this week and we are now having fun in classes instead of work. We didn’t do anything on Friday in English though we played Simon says, we read and we helped the teacher build his new fan.

I can’t wait to be second year in 9AZ but it will take a while to remember to write down 9AZ and not 8AZ. Though I kinda want to stay in year 8 as it is fun but I know year 9 will be even better.

21 June

We haven’t done much this week, we have just been playing games in classes, watching movies and doing fun work that is easy and not boring.

I was so nervous for Friday as we get our reports.

I can’t wait until tomorrow as it is fun day on Monday. l love that title we are having party’s, films and fun activities I can’t wait and also non uniform day.