Year 8 Pupil – Lucy

18 Nov 2015

12 June 2016

We are starting to get results in! I was really confident with French and English and not so much with science and technology. But so far I have got:

Music: 88%

History: 84%

Geography: 71%

French: 95%

HE: 87%

Math: 82%

RE: 86%

I don’t really mind sharing these though, because for first year, they don’t mean that much to me. It would be a different story if this was GCSE results. But it’s not so I’m all good. I actually got my science result but it’s not one I would really like to share, science isn’t really my thing so I didn’t do the best in it. Overall I don’t think it’s too hard and especially because I could have done a LOT more revision in the last few weeks


3 April 2016

Happy Father’s Day!!! This week we had sports day! Well… Half of sports day. It started raining and it was sooo cold!! But funny enough the day before it and the day after it were perfect. Just our luck. We borrowed some of the guys bags in our class and put them all under a tree and kind of sat there until it was over. There was a huge group of us and when one person left to do a race or whatever another one would join, which was good for keeping body heat. We also had loads of food to enjoy too!! We all sat on the bags and some coats that nice people had sacrificed for us to be happy. But then the rain started. So sports day was cancelled and we can’t do the rest because there’s no day to reschedule so that’s it! We are arranging for half the class to all go to the outlet on the last day of school which is also 2 days before holiday. So hopefully we will have some good craic and when we come back we’ll be second years! The year flew past and first years almost over which was sooo hard to believe. Soon I’ll be second year!


7 June

The last few weeks of my blog don’t really exist. The exams were hard!! I revised when I could and felt confident. I don’t think I did too badly, honestly, but I could have revised harder. Though the exams in year 8 and year 9 don’t really count towards anything, so that’s probably why I didn’t try that hard to revise. Hopefully my exam scores turn out what I think they are.

I couldn’t really keep up with my blog though, so now I have a bit of a gap in it… But exams are exams and they have to be done.


1 May

It’s MAY!!! And we are off school tomorrow for mayday! I want to lie up and relax, enjoying that I’ve no work to do. It’s almost my sisters birthday and apparently she’s going to buy a Segway with all of her birthday money. If you don’t know what a Segway is some people call them hoverboards, fly boards and Swegways. It’s basically a machine you stand on and then lean the way you want to go. I was on my cousins before and it’s really hard the first few tries but after a while you don’t even have to think about it and it becomes a second nature to you.

I hope she does get enough money to get one. I’d love to have one on the house!!

I used to play tennis when I was a little bit younger, and in school for PE we were playing it and I LOVED IT!! When I was smaller I wasn’t very good at it, but before mum pulled me out because the weather was always bad I felt myself getting better, so I might be developing a new favourite sport, in school we also have to do athletics. I love running and high jump in athletics but don’t like discus and that other stuff. I think I love running and high jump because I do Irish dancing, if you didn’t already know that. Though I’m a beginner and have only been to one . I’m flexible too which helps a lot.

In school our maths has been getting more and more complicated and I have a friend who can’t stay up with it bit won’t ask the teacher about it, luckily I can deal with it. We are getting up to where we have to be for exams and into more second yeary stuff.


24 Arpil

I loved little mix!! The traffic trying to get into the concert was crazy, but the show was amazing and totally worth it. At the start they turned out all the lights and everyone was holding up phone lights, glow sticks and wearing little mix light up bunny ears. My little sister got the bunny ears at the merchandise counter but I wasn’t fussed on them so I got the necklace instead. I liked the parts were they stopped singing and started talking to us as well, I definitely recommend it. I have to start revision for my summer exams in a couple months ? and first year is nearly over. it’s been hard keeping up with this blog but now I’m proud that I did it. How did it all go so quickly though? We will be coming back from summer and we will be second years! I think I’m growing up fast and I want to decide what I want to be even though it’s very very early to know for sure. The weather was really nice this week too!! it’s brightening up finally so we went to toymaster and bought a huge see through ball for my grannies house, my granny has a big car and to save us bother we got one already blew up, but it wouldn’t fit in the boot!! The boot was empty!! So my little sisters both got squashed at either side of it in the back seats because there wasn’t much room left. Why do first years wear makeup? I honestly have no idea but some in our year do. It’s not even a little bit, they plaster themselves!! I’m a first year that doesn’t though because I think we are a little too young, though I know a lot more people will consider wearing makeup next year…


22 April

We are gonna see little mix next week!! And it gives really good weather too so hopefully we’ll be outside playing, which is exciting! My school shoes are soon ready for the bin though, the colour is different, the laces are frayed and the heels are being worn in to. Mum says she’s not spending another £80 on another pair of shoes I’m going to wreck… So I’ll have to stick with them for a little while longer. In school I really want to go to loads of sports and stuff after school but I can’t!! We have so much on out of school and granny picks me up with my cousins everyday, so when my friends are starting all of these clubs I’m kind of left out. I have a friend that I was really close too last year, he’d lift me like everywhere and I’m looking forward to seeing him this year. It’s fun being around him and he only lives around the corner not far from my house. It’s been hard keeping up with these blogs, because of school and stuff, but I’m determined to keep writing because I know how scared I was coming to the school I’m in now. And how much I’ve changed since I left, I think I look better too. I’m trying to grow my hair long, but it’s already at my waist. I’ve tried looking at stuff online but I’m just going to let it grow naturally. Anyway, I need to quit blabbering on, can’t wait until little mix!!!


3 April 2016

 Back to school tomorrow. Time seems to go really quickly, I think I’d like another week off. in school every day I wear a different hairstyle, well most of the time, because normally everyone’s hair is really nice. But this week I’ve been loving French plaits! And if I’m not wearing them my hair is down, as it is pretty long, anyway enough about hair. Luckily we didn’t get any homework for tomorrow so we don’t have to do any until tomorrow for Tuesday, so we could relax over Easter, until we were back of course. We have technology practicals and home economic practicals coming up soon but sadly the worst part about being back is SUMMER EXAMS!!! People were already talking about starting to revise, and the teachers said if we start to revise early now, we won’t have to do loads of revising the month or two before. I’m going to wait until the teachers give us our revision lists though. I’ll just revise the same way I did for my January exams, take notes, put them in my ring binder, read over them and repeat. Repeat until you know it I guess. And of course take little breaks in between. Revising and taking tests that actually MATTER isn’t that fun or exciting. But I’m in a good school so I need to work and try hard. Exams are exams and they need to be done whether we like them or not…


27 March

It’s Easter!! On Monday we had to go and play our tin whistles and fiddles and stuff, in an Irish music concert. To be honest I just wanted to dance at it because there were three girls dancing, one around sixteen, one ten and one seven, next year mum’s going to ask if I can dance too. From then we heading straight up to the caravan and on the way bought a few Easter eggs for me and some extra for the girls. In the caravan site we go to they do a big Easter hunt and face paints and stuff. While I was enjoying my holidays, one of our school group chats started talking about our summer exams and saying we only have five weeks to revise so we should start soon. One of my friends big brother said that the January exam are ‘child’s play’ compared to the summer exams, which started to worry all of us. Considering that the January exams, well some of them, were hard. We made an Easter video at the caravan like we always do with an app called video star, I bought a few effects on it and I’m not bad at it. I love editing and filming and everything in between. When I’m older I need to do something that involves cameras or writing or technology in some way, because the final results of my videos can be really really good. One night at the caravan we would go to one person’s caravan play around, maybe eat Easter eggs,  then the next night we would swap caravans and do the same thing. All of the adults would all be in the same caravan too, so we got our free space and they got theirs. One of my sister’s friends was having a sleepover at our caravan, and my little sister was going to her caravan, but in the middle of the night her friend was sick, they had been snacking on Easter eggs, starburst, brioche, mini eggs and all sorts, so dad had to bring her home. Mum says there’s not going to be any more sleepovers for a while…


20 March

Easter is next week!! We’re off school now, but mum and dad are still working so we have to wait to go to the caravan. I’m not really sure if I’m actually excited for Easter this year because I didn’t get anything. Mum says she’s gonna buy me a few sometime this week. A few friends and I met up at our cinema to see zootropolis or zootopia, four of us got lunch first and then went to the shop before going to the cinema. It was nice to be out with them for a while. When I was getting picked up my friend’s car was kind of covering the other side of the road, so I couldn’t see it. I was waiting on my lift home. When I was crossing the road a car appeared from behind and beeped the horn at me. It wasn’t going to hit me. But my granny and my mum and dad are taking it badly and telling everyone, which is worrying. But I’d forgot all about it by the time we were in the caravan. It was all going perfectly well, but my mum got sick, like vomiting sick, but she was only sick twice. Them my little sister got the bug, but she was sick four times, my other sister caught it and was sick nine times. I caught it after, and because as it was spreading it was getting worse, I was sick thirteen times. Dad got it after me but I don’t know much about how many times he was sick though. The best thing is that we are fine now.


13 March 2016

The weathers finally getting better! It was so warm we were thinking about having a barbecue with the gazebo up, but then realised it wasn’t that warm which was a bummer. We’re almost off for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day! Only half a week left! On St. Patrick’s Day I was supposed to be dancing in a restaurant called the Corner House but instead, we’re just going to the caravan. I was really excited to do my Irish dancing, I could still get up at the caravan at the Irish music festival but that’s loads of people so it’s different. People in my family have started noticing me changing, my cousins, my granny, my aunties, but mum and dad don’t see much of a change. People think I’m getting so big but most of my class have sprouted up AGAIN! So I’m one of the smallest in my class, if I didn’t have my heels I could be the smallest. I haven’t got any Easter eggs yet, but my little sisters got some from school and I bought them one each too. My 9 year old sister is getting an iPhone 5c! She will probably drop it or something, but it’s my granda’s old phone because he upgraded his. I was very thoughtful and when I was out with my friends at the shopping centre I bought her a new case anyway. I hope it brightens up, and the clocks are going back to so hopefully soon it will feel like spring and in a while maybe even… SUMMER!


6 March 2016

One day this week in the morning it was snowing, on the afternoon it was sunny, then it was raining and then there was a rainbow! How an the weather even change that fast! Not too long now until we are off for at Patrick’s day and Easter and then soon it will be summer! In April I am going to see little mix in Belfast so I have that to look forward too as well. For Mother’s Day I kinda felt old enough now to have to get her something that’s not made by me, so I bought her face masks, a candle, chocolates,  flowers and a sign with a quote on it for the kitchen and I was proud getting her that. Though next year I think I’ll need to try harder. It was so weird because my little sisters went to school all dressed up for world book day but because I’m older now obviously we don’t do it, we got a book token though but I don’t think I will use it, so it was pretty useless to me. Anyway, that’s all for now!


February 21

School is back tomorrow. Mum and dad brought us presents from Amsterdam and we went to the pool but really that’s about it. Mum cut my dogs hair and she looks really small now. I think I’m excited to go to school. But I know that on Monday only one of my best friends is going to be there and on Tuesday both of them are off. One is sick and one is getting braces. She’s really worried about them and asked me what colour she should get, we agreed on light blue. In our class now there are loads of rumoured couples, and I’m one of them. It doesn’t bother me though because only one person really questions me about it, this boy in my class constantly asks and asks but I don’t mind. At least we got a little break. Only a few weeks then another longer break. But for now I’ll just be excited to go back.


7 February

It Valentine’s Day next week! Not that that really means anything to me, it’s still a holiday though. Next week is mid-term! I like school but it’s really nice to have a little break from it once in a while. My class is mostly crazy including me, well half is and the other half isn’t, they keep their distance and don’t really go near the other gender. Every day, well almost every day we play odds on which is kind of like dares but the person who gets dares and the one who dares them both say a number between one and ten and if the numbers match or they add up to ten they have to do it. We’re really creative and come up with the most weirdest dares for girls and boys. I can’t believe it’s February already! Me and mum were hoping that from now until summer would just flash really quickly in one big blur and then summer would last ages. Well hoping anyway, hoping and reality don’t seem to agree. Though in the end near the end of summer I’ll be missing school and wanting to go back, then the cycle will happen again until I move on from my new school, in seven years which is a long time away. But I really can’t wait until summer, Spain, jumping in the pool outside our villa. Anyway let’s get back to now where I like school and I’m happy.


31 January

We had an open night on Friday. I was really excited, I was showing people around the fitness suite and letting them ride certain things and it was so much fun. In the gym beside us there were people doing gymnastics and different types of dancing, some of them were amazing and I was dancing along with the Irish dancers behind the wall. If was actually weird and exciting being at an open night, to think, this time last year I was so nervous and only knew two people in the whole school, worried about if I’ll make new friends and if I’ll like the school. It seems so long ago now but really it’s not, it’s only been a year. Everything just kind of fell into place and I’m so happy it did. I’m starting to think now why I ever worried about moving school, I’m so glad I didn’t choose a different school. People in our class (the boys) are all doing dares from each other to ask one of the girls out or send a rose  to them, (in our school the young enterprise are selling and delivering roses to people) I honestly don’t know why they do it though. We’re back to loads of school work now sadly, a bell went off today and we all thought we were getting out of double maths but it was false and set off by an accident. I love my school so much and I can’t believe how long I’ve been here because everything went so quickly!


24 January

 I’m so glad that the exams are over, well at least until summer. I have a rough idea of what I did well in and what I didn’t do well in. Next week we have to just mark papers and get our results, all good hopefully. We’re starting to get homework again though which is the downside to not having tests. We’ve been having loads of substitute teachers lately, for teachers away to take other classes and stuff. We’re so friendly now with everyone in our class, well most of them, there is still some people we don’t like and they don’t like us back, but hopefully we can fix that.

We get our reports soon too with all of our marks and an effort grade and stuff, which I’m not too excited for…


10 January

 Next week is the exams! Lucky cuz I thought they were this week but still! We’ve been revising this week and just going over some stuff. Though on Monday we had a French listening exam and a music exam and on Thursday for art we had a drawing exam. I really wish they’d just come quicker really, because there’s too much stress and I want to get it over and done with so I can just relax and enjoy that it’s the new year. I got a new phone too, I got an iPhone 5s, and mum says I’ll probably lose it or drop it though, so I’m kind of guarding it with my life. I didn’t get one for Christmas because I didn’t ask, but I wanted one so I put £100 towards it and dad payed the rest. The year has actually gone really fast, well last year, already it’s January and before you know it it’ll be summer! I actually love my school so much now, it’s kind of like a home I know it so well; anyway, I hope I do well in my exams!!


3 January

 In Kilkenny we went ice skating, toured around the castle, went to restaurants, and went swimming. It was nice to get away from home, but there was no wifi! I had to revise now and then, and every night we would play cards, on the last night all the winners would play, but I didn’t win it. I didn’t want to revise, but my cousins kind of made it fun, they revised too, just, not about what I was revising. School is tomorrow! Tomorrow! I am not ready to go back to school at all. We have 2 tests tomorrow, our only music exam and our French listening exam. We have an exam on Thursday too, but it’s for art. It’s the week after that when all the other exams start to kick in


27 December

I can’t believe that our second week of Christmas holidays is up! It’s gone so fast. I think I’ve kept up with my studying but I’m not sure if I’ve done enough. Christmas is over! I can’t believe it! I got so much stuff, a new laptop, beats, smartphone projector, so many great things! I can’t believe how far away it is now until next Christmas, and to think that soon we’ll be going back to school for exams! That’s the part I’m not so excited for. Next week we’re going to Kilkenny for a little bit ofa holiday so we’re not in the house from now until when school starts, we’re going with my family, my two aunties, two uncles and 4 cousins. I can’t wait, it will be loads of fun!


20 December

Christmas is almost here!! I can’t wait!!! But it’s so close and it doesn’t seem Christmassy enough. We’re off school and I’m not bored. Yet it’s so good to be off but we still have to revise over Christmas for the January exams, which isn’t good. We had to make a timetable and do three subjects each day, but sometimes I can only manage two because I get bored or have to go somewhere. I have loads of revision notes in a little document folder to make it easier for me. I bought my family Christmas presents this year, like last year and the year before. I love Christmas.


13 December

This week a lot of the bells were off because of the school play, but we still got a lot of homework. We have all of our revision lists now for all of our subjects, and I’ve started to revise. The exams are in January, and we have quite a lot. The teachers gave us revision booklets to help us, and they’re really handy but we don’t have them for all subjects sadly. The teachers are choosing people in January to help out for the open night for the    P7s. I really want to help because I was really nervous when I was going in. All the transfer tests were done last week. But I can’t get my head around why the open nights after… Or maybe I’m just mistaking. I can’t wait to get Christmas presents next week!!


6 December 2015

I got so many things for my birthday! I got an emoji cushion, a bag, new heelys, a bath set, a makeup bag and a lot more! We had a lot of tests this week, it’s to get us ready for the January exam, and I keep thinking they’re really far away but it’s almost Christmas already so they are actually really close. Cross country started in school this week, but I’m not too good at running because I have a knee condition, so I avoided that. We have a school production next week and it’s ‘the sound of music’, I’m not in that either because I’m not a singer. I feel like I should get involved more but I don’t know how, there’s nothing that interests me. Apart from the swim team, but I missed the meeting earlier on in the year, so I can’t join that, not until next year.


29 November 2015

It is my birthday next week! I can’t wait! We’re doing netball in school now, not hockey, but I love netball so much more!! The school council starts this week and we had to pick someone out of our class and then the winner goes up against the other classes to see who represents year 8 I didn’t run for it but I hope the girl from our class gets it. We’re getting off for Christmas soon, not that soon but like 3 weeks away. Next week we’re going to vertigo to the trampoline park, can’t wait We went to the Nomadic in Belfast, our auntie rented it out for a party and they were handing out food all night, we had a big disco downstairs in it, it was amazing.


22 November 2015

When in was in a shop today I met my best friend from primary school, she looked so different and it was so awkward and I just didn’t feel like I knew her anymore. I’m getting more and more distant from her because she deleted all of her social media too. I feel like I don’t even miss her that much anymore. Everything that I ever thought about her has changed, she’s so… Different!! I don’t want this to happen but I know slowly and gradually it will, I will forget most of my primary 7 class, it is going to happen, at some point or another. Everyone’s been buying my birthday presents lately; mostly coats and boats and hats and stuff, and next week were putting up our Christmas tree!!!!!!!! I can’t wait so I made a little thingy that I change every day that tells me how many days until Christmas, Christmas trees! Candy Canes! Hot chocolate! Presents! It’s all coming!!


15 November 2015

I’m in too much of a routine now and everything was exactly the same as the day before (apart from the bad weather which was going from good to bad) so I decided to change my desk and move some of my furniture and it is really helping to refresh my mind. It looks so much neater and new and I think I might do it from now on every few months, so I’m not bored. The school work is getting easier and I’m not struggling and it’s my birthday in three weeks so I still need to decide what to do for that because I’m at an awkward age. I’m not a teen but I’m not a small child anymore either. I don’t know. My sister keeps coming into my room when I’m not there and taking out my hamster and she’s annoying me so much!!! Not to mention that she wrecks my room while she’s at it. But apart from that I love my new school!!!!!!!!!!


1 November 2015

I don’t know if I’m happy or sad to be going back but all I can say is that I could have done with an extra week. I’m going to get back into the routine again pretty easily but this time hopefully better. I’ve got a new routine where I get up and dress, get breakfast, brush teeth wash face and then go. Before it was all over the show and it was changing everyday but I’ll hopefully stick to the new one. We have finished almost all of our tests apart from our history test so I still need to revise for that this week but I can’t wait till Christmas!! I wrapped 3 more presents over the week and I’m not even excited for presents myself, I just want to give them to my family. (not too sure why) I know everyone in my class well now but one of my friends wants to move form classes. It’s not that she doesn’t like us (I think) but she has friends from her old school that are in our school but in a different form and wants to move to there. She’s already spoken to the teacher and she’s going to move, we are getting another boy in our class apparently and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Hopefully good.


26 October 2015

I’m so glad at we’re off now.

Finally we have a whole week off to do whatever we want! I brought my friends down to my caravan and we went to Rossnowlagh beach and Enniskillen park, I’ve also became obsessed with Reeces peanut buttercups somehow, and I’m not too sure how actually because I don’t even like peanut butter, anyway. I’m so excited for Halloween and it’s only a few days away now! Everyone’s trying to organise days out, all of my new and old friends. It’s actually really exciting and I can’t wait until next week to meet up with everybody!!

We went to this really spooky house tour thing too and it was so scary when I was in it, but when I got out I realised how it actually happened and started laughing my head off. Can’t wait until next week!!


19 October 2015

My new friends and I are really starting to get to know each other, we’re going over to each other’s houses and stuff and having sleepovers. I can’t wait for Halloween now, we’re having a disco and I’m a bit excited for that but it’s more the fact that my class and I can talk to each other out of class and I can get to know them better. We’ve had a lot of tests this week and last week because they’re seeing how we’re getting on and at first I was really nervous about them but now I don’t seem to mind. They need these for are report cards for our parents to see, I don’t mind what mine says but I’m for some reason anxious to read it. I definitely know my way around the whole school and we’re getting into a bit of a routine now, but I’m still finding it hard to wake up so early in the mornings. It’s not even that I am getting up early in the morning 7:45 is the norm, most people in my class are getting up at 6:30 but I still need my sleep


4 October 2015

Today I was so close to forgetting all about my math homework. I’d had such a lovely weekend at my caravan site that I forgot all about homework. I ended up doing it before breakfast and hopefully I won’t have to again, but I know I will. It’s hard to keep up with all the homework. Everyone told me before I went that there was gonna be loads and I knew there was gonna be loads. But I’m surprised how hard it is to keep up with all of it!

I like Tuesday’s. There’s something about them and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s because technology’s is on Tuesday’s or that I go to my granny’s after school, or that it’s not Monday. Well whatever one it is, I had a good Tuesday.

Today in home economics we made couscous salad. I thought that I wasn’t going to like it because I’m not a very adventurous eater, but I loved couscous. After that we did science but we were mixing solutions and recording the results, some of them turned a bright fluorescent colour that was definitely not transparent, and others were still coloured but you could see right through them. Instead of two periods of English today, we had two periods in the library, we had to log on to our accounts of the computers and stuff and find certain books by certain authors, but it was a nice change in the day.

Same problem as Monday, big homework rush, and that’s about it.

Today once I got home I decided to relax, and then do homework, and then relax more, and then relax more. Normally we go to the caravan right about now but this week we’re staying at home for my dad’s birthday party, and my two cousin’s birthday parties. And I was so glad because I really could not be bothered to do anything.

My mum and dad dropped us off at our grannies house a little earlier than we expected. They were going away to a hotel with my auntie and uncle for my dad’s birthday party and we had to go for a sleepover at my grannies house. Our dog came and stayed with us too. We had a brilliant night. We were mostly just watching TV and playing cards with my grandma, and playing my laptop, but it was still a good night. We got hot chocolate just before bed and then me and my little sister watched a movie in bed with our dog.

My mum and dad came to pick us up around 1pm. We’d just finished making buns and I’d had my shower and got dressed ready for my cousin’s birthday party. It was my youngest cousin’s first birthday party and the other one was have his ninth birthday party. We were upstairs and all the adults were downstairs. We could almost do whatever we wanted. We left three hours later, which I was kind of disappointed in because us kids wanted to stay longer. I finished the night practising French while everyone else was downstairs, I was revising with my two cousins and my sister on an oovoo call. Even though my sister was just in the room beside me.


27 September 2015

I’ve been really busy doing homework for all the different subjects and it’s really hard to keep on top of them. In primary school we got one homework a night and maybe to do some reading and learn our spellings, but know there’s a lot more, I have about three homework at least every night, and I’ve done three French tests and two reports, one on history and one for science. I’m getting better at planning ahead for what homework to do on what night. At break time and the end of lunch my friends and I normally go to the library to do homework or we just walk around school and talk. My teachers now that I’ve got to know them are really nice, most of the time. There are a lot of older pupils in my school, people that drive themselves to school and stuff. I’m getting used to it all though now. My favourite subjects are home economics, technology and PE.    I’m really enjoying school. I’m not excited for Halloween, I’m counting down for Christmas already!!


25 August 2015

This week has been great. I had fab time at the caravan, but we won’t be having any more weeks like that because this week we’re not going. We’ve been getting school bags and pencil cases and stationary and I’m getting really nervous to go into my new school and for some reason I don’t feel up for it and I don’t feel confident or ready. Mostly everyone in my new school has an iPhone and I don’t have that either but I don’t really mind because I might be getting one for my birthday. I’ve got everything else for my new school though. Everyone’s been telling how much work there is to do there and everyone’s saying that I’ll meet new friends straight away, but I don’t think it will be that easy. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage finding my way around the school because there are two floors! I know where my form class is though and where the room I did my transfer test too. I’m excited too, really excited and I think that I’ll like it and settle in quickly.