Year 9 – Kate

17 Dec 2014

31st August


I am quite excited to start back to school tomorrow. I can’t wait to see all of my friends who I haven’t seen throughout the holidays. Bags are packed and my uniform is ironed, that only means one thing… School time! When I go back to school I will find out all of my new teachers and I will do some new subjects! It is quite an exciting time of the year! Now my homework diary will be filled with work…Fun work of course! I have had a lovely summer holiday, but now I have to go back to school and stick my head down and get to work! Another year in high school. To be honest I haven’t been worried about starting back but it’s funny the way one year has passed so quickly! One year of fun so far… I hope that the future will be the same!



7th September


My first week of school has ended. It went so quickly! On Monday we found out who all was in our class and what class we were in. On Tuesday we started to get our names on new books and find out what we were going to do this year. Wednesday we started into proper work! That is where the fun begins! After school on Wednesday I attended hockey practise until 4:30. On Thursday we had P.E which we got to play rounders in! (That’s my favourite part on Thursday!) After school on Thursday again we had hockey practise too! Friday was a relaxing day as we just went to our normal classes which we didn’t work too hard in! Saturday we got to play a school hockey match as well, which was a success!


The first week flew in! Throughout that week I wasn’t scared at all even to start back at school! It was lovely to see all my friends again and not to be the youngest in the school anymore! So overall my first week in the second year of High School was a success!



15th September


So the second week of the starting back to high school went very successfully! On Monday we had hockey practise after school which we were getting prepared for our match on Saturday! We had no homework for Monday thankfully! On Tuesday we had a test on our History keywords which we were learning about. On Wednesday we had another hockey practise after school to get ourselves warmed up for the match on Saturday! Thursday – I had a speech to present in English , all about my favourite fictional character! I had rehearsed a lot for it and I was ready! I wasn’t worrying that much to be fair…It went very well! Friday-we didn’t have too much work, which was good! The last subject of the day was Geography, we all love our geography teacher! For the last 10 minutes of our lesson we got to play games! That was great fun!


On Saturday we played a school from Downpatrick. They were a very good team! We drew 0-0.

Overall my second week was very good!



21st September


So this is the end of week three!

Now we are getting into the routine of things! On Monday we had T.D for the first three periods! We were drawing out our cover page for our files! On Tuesday, we had H.E first three-we were learning all about food poisoning. On Wednesday we had German first two in which we were learning 1-20 in the alphabet. After school on Wednesday we had hockey practise and we were training for our match on Saturday! On Thursday we had French first two periods and we were learning about “places we go to”. On Friday (yeehaa) we were at music. We were practising our group work! On Saturday we travelled to Lisburn to play a hockey match… Which we lost in 🙁    The opposition were very strong !


So in conclusion my third week back of second year went successfully!



28th September


So this is the end of the fourth week! Time flies! This week wasn’t very eventful. On Wednesday I started back to Girls Brigade which I had missed going to over the summer! It was great fun! Meeting up with all of my friends again. We played games and we did bible class. In school, we had a hockey match on Saturday which we lost in. But everyone played their best! That was all that mattered.


I have been stocking up on all of the home works recently ! But I usually do my home works as soon as I get them so that they are all done and about of the way. It has seemed that time has flew past throughout those four week of secondary school. Bot sure I can’t complain!


Overall my fourth week was very good!



6th October


Time has flown by! It was a very eventful week! On Monday we didn’t have any homework for the next day… Which was lucky! But on Wednesday we had a science end of topic test… Which was wonderful! (NOT) We also had a German test on Wednesday. On Thursday we had to hand in our Projects on our towns traffic survey which we conducted. Also on Thursday we had a French vocabulary test which was ‘A walk in the park!’


On Saturday we had a hockey match in Cookstown!  We drew 2-2 which was very good! After hockey on Saturday we went out for a meal for Mums Birthday! We gave her a surprise cake in the restaurant.


Overall week five was a blast!



19th October


This week wasn’t that eventful. On Friday had heroes day in our school! It was great fun!  I dressed up as Andrew Trimble, who is a famous rugby player. I chose Andrew because he has done many charity events and he is very sporty… Just like me!

On Saturday we played a hockey match at 10:30. We won 4:1!

This weekend my Gran came to stay with us!

Last week we had our injections in school! They weren’t that sore… Some of my friends felt very sick afterwards!


I have an RE assessment for Thursday, I have to write a letter to a friend, coming from a servants point of view, telling them what happened at the Wedding In Cana and what Miracle Jesus performed. I loved learning more about the Wedding.


Looking back on when I started back to my first day in second year, time has flown by so quickly! The first time trying on my school uniform has now been worn 34 times!

So overall the sixth week of school was a blast!



27th October


It has been very busy! So this piece of writing mightn’t be as long. I had hockey trials on Saturday, which gave me a chance to play for my county! After that, Mum and I went to Belfast shopping… Where I got the cold!


I have 4 assessments for Monday! That why I’m really busy! Yeah, sorry this is a short piece of text! But, overall I had a good week!





2nd November


This week was very relaxing but stressful as well! I was all off all week bar Tuesday for , Halloween… It was great! I collected so many sweets! The dentists won’t like me! I had to revise for a couple of tests which I am having this week coming!


It has been so relaxing! My mum has a full week off which is great and she is work free! Also, I met up with a couple of friends which was good and because we had tests… We could revise together! There is nothing worse than revising alone! It was so good to have a lovely break off school, but now I have to get my head down and revise and work hard again!



9th November


So. This week was very boring, as we didn’t have too many exciting things happen. But, I do have a lot of revision which is very stressful at times! This blog isn’t going to be very long because I have a lot of revision to do!

On Saturday, we played Methodist College in Belfast! They were a very strong team! We just won by one point which was scored by our captain!

On Wednesday I have four huge assessments, Monday I have on maths homework and on Tuesday I have 2 assessments!

Overall this week has been very stressful!



19th November


The past week wasn’t very eventful, as I had a lot of homeworks and assessments to revise for!

This blog isn’t that long because I have a lot of homeworks and I have a lot of outside clubs that I attend!


On Saturday, I played a hockey match against another school. When it comes to big matches like these, I feel a bit scared and under pressure …TO WIN! Which, thankfully we did! Also, on Sunday I played a tournament for my hockey club… Which was GREAT FUN!


Homework this weather are my number one priority, to give as much effort as I can!

I try to give my best at all times! I will try and contain this for the future!



26th November


A countless number of weeks have flown by! Work, work and more work! The past week was another very stressful week as I had my Christmas exams to do. When it comes to revising for a test, I know that it is very important to revise well and practically learn the booklets inside out! The best way that I have found to revise is to get all my devices and turn them off, I then place them outside my door so I cannot get distracted.


So far I have been quite proud of my results and hopefully it will stay that way! On Saturday we didn’t have a hockey match as hockey is now over for Christmas, so that gave me an opportunity to revise! Eat, sleep, revise, repeat!



30th November


The past week was less pressurised as I finished all of my Christmas Exams. I had studied hard so, it’s time for a break! On Friday, we had a Geography trip to W5 which was all about Hurricanes! It was fun! We got to do a few experiments and we had to use our initiative to solve problems. We used our team building skills to work as a group. We went on the “Climber” – a massive climbing frame made out of slander planks, it was very tiring! On Saturday, I went to the local cinema with my friends and had a great day!


We have no hockey on until after Christmas, but in the mean time I have started to play Full-contact rugby and volleyball! Give me any sports and I will give it a go! I love playing sports! It gives me such a vibe!





14th December


This week hasn’t been as stressful as I had imagined because I have finished all of my Christmas exams! We also got our report this week! I was pretty surprised at how I did!  Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with my family because my hockey has finished! You wouldn’t know how busy Belfast is until you have been there! We spent the whole day there and finished up having dinner in a Chinese Buffet.


I cannot wait for the week ahead as on Monday I have a house Netball tournament, Tuesday we have a school trip, Wednesday we have a year trip, Thursday is our last day of term(PARTY DAY)


We also got our Christmas decorations up this week… It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas even though as I write this the sun is shining from the heavens!


I really do hope that it snows this Christmas …   So we can have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!



21st December


So… This time next week Christmas will be over and school will be starting very soon! The stress, the preparation and the tension is all setting in on our family. Our family is pretty organised this year as we have all our presents bought, wrapped and put under the tree ready for Thursday morning! Christmas is such an exciting time of year for all families, but people don’t remember the real meaning for Christmas which is the birth of Jesus.


In my opinion the end of term 1 of this year was quite sad because I do enjoy school as I get to my friends nearly every day of the week and also in school we have a routine as period 1,2 etc. As the Christmas holidays begin, the teachers, children and parents will be able to have a break from their work and spend time with their loved ones.


This year I was asking for clothes and money which I could save up and spend later in the future! My family are absolutely buzzing! I am actually quite anxious because I hope I love all of my presents and I don’t want to let my family and friends down!


Have a lovely Holiday!



31st December


So it looks like Christmas won’t be white in my town this year 🙁 very sad… But I got spoiled this year and so did the rest of my family! Starting to revise again for upcoming tests in the new year. These are just mini tests which wouldn’t go towards anything that big.

Throughout the Christmas holidays I have been relaxing, playing sport, missing friends and most of all… Recovering from my Christmas Dinner! I hope all readers have had a lovely Christmas spent with loved ones or just relaxing with your friends.


This week my dad and brother have been Standing Up For The Ulster Men (SUFTUM). If you couldn’t already guess, my family are big into their rugby! I hope to get down to Ravenhill and SUFTUM myself!


I have actually started to miss school as I have been bored throughout the holidays with nothing to do in my free time. Well… I can always revise 😉 As the start of the new year approaches I need to get into the working mode again and study hard, as I would like to do well in school which outcomes a clear future.



4th January


So, this is the time where school starts to become really important as the new term commences. The stress, the hardwork and the enjoyment of school will all start on Wednesday when I start back to school. I have had a brilliant time off school with the excitement of Christmas. But now is the time we have to get our heads down and work.


Each day I’ll do my best,

And I won’t do any less,

My work will always please me,

And I won’t accept a mess,

I’ll colour very carefully,

My writing will be neat,

And I will not be happy,

’till my papers are complete,

I’ll always do my homework,

And try my best in every test,

I won’t forget my promise,

To do my very best!


I base my actions around that poem, I try my best all the time and love to help others in their work and actions. As the new term comes in, I hope every reader has a very good term and starts their 2015 in a success. 🙂



11th January


So, the upcoming week will be the first full week into school and we might have a white winter after all haha! I sometimes feel quite scared when I start back to school as I don’t really know what to expect as the amount of homework we are given. From the past couple of days we have been given 5 pieces of homework which are like big projects and all go towards something very important(everything is important but this goes towards my reports.)


This past week I have been very tired as it’s hard getting onto my usual bedtime routine, so as a result I have started to get to bed earlier and get up on time so I’m never late for school.


Also, all my sports have started back so this is starting to become the busiest time of the year for me!


I hope everyone is having a happy new year!



18th January


The past week was really fun as I got to do open night and help out for PE with the new teacher. On Thursday I got home at 1:30pm as we had a half day to let the teachers get ready for it, setting up tables and equipment etc. As soon as I got home I got my lunch and headed upstairs to do homework. That night I had to finish off my Science project which I have to discover more about Mars the planet. After I had completed my homework I got into bed at 3:30. I was wrecked! I had a very late night the night before! So, I slept for 2 hours and got up at 5 – 6. I then had to get ready for the open night. I got picked to do PE and there we did mini tests and 100 m etc. On Tuesday I went on a run around my home village with my best friend who I hadn’t seen in ages. It was great fun! But, Thursday was the best day of the week. When I got to school I was quite early so I walked around the school and helped the teachers get their own departments set up and ready for the night to begin. In PE I helped my teacher to get sorted by setting up the tables and getting all of the equipment set out and stuff. The night was really good fun and I had such a ball!

The next day I woke up and looked out of the window and saw the snow!! I was in awe! Snow is my favourite time of year! So, as you do, I got out of bed (wait that’s a lie)! I JUMPED out of bed and got on all of my waterproofs and slipped on, shoved on my wellie boots. I got outside and started to build a snowman! Then after I built that I went and walked my dog in the snow., he’s hilarious in it! So, the last week was a blast really!



25th January


So, this week was quite eventful as we got even more snow! I couldn’t believe it! On Saturday morning I woke up at 8 and jumped out of bed to look outside. There was about 2 inches of snow!! So I spent all of my day outside playing with my neighbours and building snowmen etc. we had such fun! We started at 10 and just had a normal snowball fight. But, then it got intense and we started pelting snowballs at each other! It was crazy! After that, we were soaked to our skins and we decided to go back inside and warm ourselves up with some hot chocolate, and sit in front of the blazing warm fire! After that, we were ready to go outside again and have some more fun! So, that was when we made “Argie” – our wonderful snowman! We had to roll out two big snowballs – one for its head and the other for its body. We decorated it with three buttons (made from coal) , a nose (a carrot) and eyes made from coal as well!


When I got inside that night I was absolutely shattered! So at nine I decided to go to bed for a good nights sleep! On Sunday I thought I would have a good days rest and finish up some homeworks… That’s exactly what I did!





1st February


So, this is the beginning of a new month, this means that I’m going to have to work extra hard to do well in my exams which will be coming up in summer time! My town is very fortunate, as it has had snow again! This time round we have such a fun few days here’s why…


The snow began to fall on Wednesday night and it fell quite heavily! At this point I was wondering if my school was even going to be on the next day!? Well, I got up on the Thursday morning and I saw that the snow was about 3-4 inches deep! I couldn’t believe what I had seen! I got changed, had my breakfast and ran outside to see if I wasn’t still dreaming! I definitely wasn’t! Dad took my brother and I down to the bus stop to wait on our bus to get to school. As I was waiting in the car my school sent my dad a message saying that the school would be closed today!!! I was actually quite happy, as I got to play in the snow! On the other hand my brothers school wasn’t closed, but his bus couldn’t bring him to school! As soon as I got home I ran up the stairs and took off all of my uniform and threw on my winter woollies! I walked down to my friends house which took me about 4-5 minutes and we all went sledging! I had so much fun! We spent about 3-4 HOURS out in the lonely crisp winters day! I had a ball! I then went back to my friends house and had lunch. I was THEN invited to go to my other friends house and have tea with them and go sledging for a second time that day! I couldn’t say no, that would have been very rude of me! I had such a good day and was very tired at the end of it!



8th February


This week, has just been normal but I  had an amazing weekend! I couldn’t go to hockey training on Monday or Thursday as I wasn’t feeling too well. The cross country girls had their race on Thursday, so we were split up quite a lot as teachers were helping out with it. Also, the school had about 30 children who all went on the ski trip to Spain which happens about every second year. They left last Sunday and are back this Sunday! They all had a great time! I wish that I had been part of the ski trip this year!  So, because of those two events that took place through the past week, teachers and pupils have been away from the school, so it was really quiet with 40+ students away with skiing trip and the girls and boys away with cross country.  Our school got excellent results in the cross country, the boys came second – I am very proud seeing our school do so well!  At the weekend I didn’t go to hockey as we went to my mums friends house where we had a great time together! Even though I wasn’t too well this week, I had a lot of fun! I’m very sad that all of the snow is gone!



17th February


So, this week had just been very plain and normal. I was very lucky to have 1 previous day off school to an exceptional closure and 2 days off at they start of the week. The biggest upcoming event that I have in my diary is Pancake Tuesday! I love Pancake Tuesday for one reason only! I get to make Pancakes! Every year I always seem to have someone round due to half term and we have time off! On Tuesday my house will be buzzing! We usually follow a routine and this is it…


Me, my friends and my brother would usually get up at around 10-10:30 and run downstairs and start on making the first batch of pancakes for the day! We would usually have pancakes for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner again! We go all out on Tuesday! After breakfast we would go up and get ready for the day, then chill for a bit. When it comes to lunchtime Dad would usually make us all pancakes showing off his amazing pancake-making talent! He is a pro! That would then be repeated for dinner.


At about 6:30 mum would come home from work and I would make her some pancakes(which are obviously the best!)

That’s why I love Pancake Tuesday!

As I thoroughly enjoyed my half term break I do realise that I have to get ready for school again, completing homework and packing my bags. I’m sometimes quite nervous for starting back after the half term as I have tests coming up which I need to revise for, but I know I can get through it.

I really enjoyed the past week.



22nd February


This week has actually gone quite slowly, even though I was only in school for 1/2 a week. This week was also a tad exciting because in the next week or so, my room is being completely re done. I’m getting new furniture, wardrobes, chest of drawers etc. I cannot wait until my ‘old room’ will become my ‘new room’!

In school, we have been given dates for important tests that will count towards our summer report and place in our year groups. I haven’t been too worried as I have prepared well and haven’t needed to be stressed out.


Unfortunately our school hockey teams haven’t played a match since before Christmas which is quite sad. This is due to frozen pitches, weather and teams not having enough players. Hopefully we can get a match soon and the season shall fly by!


I had such a great half term! I had friends over to have sleepovers and we all went shopping together. It was such great fun!


But, as half term is over school is my no.1 priority at the minute so I need to get my head down and study!


1st March


So, this week was quite fun because we were non-uniform for two days because one was for a trip to Oxford Island and we met up with loads of different schools in the Craigavon/Lurgan area. We got to get into different groups and we got to know loads of new people from the different schools. We even got to make movies with each other and play loads of really fun games!


Secondly, there was a fundraiser for someone getting their head shaved! It was very good as we got to watch a live stream of the actual thing!


Over the past week or so, my family have been helping to re-do my room. So right now it is 95% complete! I got new wardrobes, chest of drawers and lots of new cabinets for storage space!


It is very close to the Easter Holidays, that only means one thing… Summer Exams are creeping up on us all! So that means that I have to keep my head down and to maintain my hard work!


8 March

This week hasn’t been too exciting, but I am starting to get a little bit stressed because I know that my exams are creeping up on me. That means that I need to make sure that I do not miss any classes for sport matches etc. I just need to get on top of my work and work hard. I know that I can do it; I need to believe in myself. My bedroom is officially 98% complete! Two more things to do and it’s finished! I love it!

This coming week is the year 10s transfer exams! I wish them all the best! We will have no assembly for 2 weeks as both halls are being used for the exams…in no time they will be over and done with! This time of the year really makes me think about this time next year, I will be in those halls, doing those exams and going through their stress!

Today, I was playing rugby for my local girl’s rugby team! I had such a good time. We met up with another team and we joined up because we didn’t have enough players and neither did they. It was such a great experience. We just played little mini matches in Enniskillen with 3 other teams. I cannot wait for a few weeks time until we play again! I had such a fun time!


17 March

This week…

Hasn’t been too abnormal as I have just been lazing about and revising really! The one thing that really is starting to worry me is my exams! The exams start on the 21st of May and are roughly 2 weeks long! It does certainly worry me, but I know I can get through it! Next week I have a science exam which counts for a big chunk of my science report mark! I have started to revise and will continue until period 4 on Wednesday afternoon when the hour I have been dreading for, is beginning!

The past week hasn’t been too exciting! I have been training hard for hockey as we have a very important league match on, on Thursday! We have a day off on Tuesday for St Patricks day which I will be using sparingly to revise for!

So yeah! Basically the next few weeks will be jam packed, full of homework’s, assessments, exams and even more class tests! All I can say is…ROLL ON SUMMER!


22 March

So… On Wednesday I have Girls Brigade which is held in our local church! In GB we do lots of activities and games etc. Every year we have an annual display which we show our talents or activities off to the local people of! But, unfortunately… I couldn’t make the display which was next Friday! As my mum got a Christmas present to go for a Weekend Break to The Holiday Inn Belfast! The best part was… She had company! I got to go with her!

That was the excitement for 1 weeks time!

This week… I had a mini science test… It went alright! Also, Ireland won The 6 Nations!! Our house was absolutely buzzing on Saturday past!

So, after all the GB training, sweat broken over the rugby and stress being released over Mini tests… The past week was very …. INTERESTING!!


29 March

This week… There was a French exchange student over with my brother! Her name was Clezia! She was like my older sister! The following info was what we did with Clezia;!

Day 1- Clezia arrived home just after me at 4:30

Day 2- Clezia went to school with my brother for the day and then she came home and did her English homework, which we helped her with!

Day3-Clezia went to Carrickarede Rope Bridge with all of the rest of the other French students!

Day 4- We started go get to know Clezia better and we played the Wii together!

Day 5-Clezia went to school again with Callum and the rest of the French students!

Day6- Clezia went to the Titanic Quarters in Belfast for the day!

Day7- Clezia had to leave early and Dad, Callum and I all left her off to the bus where the other French students were!


The Easter Holidays are very close! That only means that the Summer Exams are also very close! I do feel slightly nervous, but I do know that I will revise to the hardest of my ability!


5 April

So… The past week has been quite relaxing and chilled! On Wednesday we had a half day, which meant we go out at 12 and I went up to Subway with my friends, and then went shopping afterwards! I had a really good day… To know that I would be off school for 2 and 1/2 weeks… Was even better! Don’t get me wrong, I do really enjoy school as we get to learn and we learn with our friends!


On Thursday I walked down to my friend’s house, she only lives a few minutes away from mine! We played board games and watched movies! We did each other’s hair and just had a laugh!


On Friday, my best friend from Primary School was round and we went to the cinema to watch Cinderella for the second time (for the second time for me only!) I didn’t mind though, I loved spending time with my friends!


My friend then stayed the night at mine, we had so much fun! The nest day we got up bright and early to go and watch part of the Circuit of Ireland! Even though I don’t have much interest in Rally Cars, I really did enjoy my day!


Unfortunately, my friend had to go home later that day as she was heading away the next morning!


I had a lovely first week! It was such a good start to my Easter Holidays!


12 April


Adventurous, tiring, fun, thrilling and bonkers! Those words were describing my week, it was full of fun, laughter, enjoyment and a little bit of revision… Which I had to squeeze in! On Monday, my family and I went up to our Caravan site for the day to book our place for the summer… I am buzzing! We know a family who own a static up there and we spent the half day with them!

On Tuesday I travelled to the North Coast to visit some of my family for the Easter Tuesday, we had lots of fun! I have baby cousins whom I got to look after, I got to catch up with my family and spend time with them and I also go to eat Easter Eggs!


On Wednesday and Thursday I went to my local church to take part in their Easter Extravaganza Scheme which they hold yearly! I had so much fun, I got to meet up with friends from my own school but I also got to meet some people from different schools! We played loads of fun team games and even walked down to the local park to play more!


On Friday my parents went to Galway to watch the rugby, so I got to stay at our friend’s house which I thoroughly enjoyed! My weekend was packed full of entertainment, games and just really enjoyable activities! I loved every second of my weekend… And week I suppose! 😉


26 April



The past week was very stressful as we have had quite a lot of homework and my exams are only 8 weeks away! So at the minute I am revisiting like mad… Even though we have revision, we still have loads of homework which makes my revision schedule tighter. The words I stand by are: – go hard or go home. I really like this as it really means that go towards everything with such a courageous power and work your hardest until the end, if not, go home. This does sound pretty harsh but I love sticking by this very inspirational quote.


This week, Ulster rugby won their Rabo Pro Direct match which set them 1st on the table. That means that they need to win their next match to secure them for weeks to come. They will definitely win because I… Well, I will be watching! Yes!! My dad and brother go to the matches frequently and my mum and I are also going in a few weeks time, which is really exciting for me!


The quotes below are also very inspirational if anyone is struggling with their revision!


Fail to prepare…prepare to fail.

There is no failure except in no longer trying.

The best way out is always through.

Success is getting what you want, happiness is liking what you get.


4 May


Whoop! It’s my birthday! I have been spoilt rotten by my family and friends! I am very excited for Monday as I am going to a sky park with all of my friends and family!

We recently ordered a gravity defying cake! Practically… It’s just a chocolate dream!

Besides my birthday my exams are creeping up on me which means I need to get my head down and start to work very hard… As usual. In three weeks’ time I will be sitting in the assembly hall doing my exams.


I have been revising very hard and taking everything in, in all of my subjects! I know that I will get through these and my hard work will eventually pay off!


My secret to revision is to work very hard and then have a well-deserved break. I set all my devices outside my bedroom door, switched off.


I am also very excited about the Ulster Rugby match which I will be attending. It is against Munster, if they win, they have secured themselves first place in the Pro 12, if they lose they might drop a few points because of others gaining them.


After all, my career starts here!


“Work hard, dream big!”




10 May


This week has been quite stressful! Exams, exams and even more exam revision! Even though my exams may not have started, I really do feel the pressure starting to build up as they are only about 1 week away on Wednesday…Yes I have been counting! After school activities have had to stop recently as I really do want to do well in my exams so I am going to have to put the time and effort in!


I have made myself a timetable which I follow daily; telling me what to revise what quantity of the subject. Organisation has really helped me get to where I am! If I hadn’t been as organised, I would’ve been lost already!


Assessments have been given out as well as class tests, which go towards my final summer report mark, these are marks given out easily if I do well!


On Saturday, my family had a get together, there was only a few of us but we had such a good time! We went to watch the Ulster v Munster match which was played in Ravenhill, it was amazing! Out of all the rugby matches I have been to see, this one was by far the best! I had such a great time…. The atmosphere just made it!


After the match, we headed to the hotel which my second cousin was staying in. We got changed and sorted and met another second cousin at Cosmos! Well… I don’t think that I have ever eaten as much in my life!  I was like an oversized balloon ready to pop! After the meal, we headed back to the hotel! I was shattered, so we made our way home. I slept like a baby in the car! What a weekend I had!


31 May


Sorry for not being able to write out my blog for the last few weeks as I have been trying my hardest to revise for exams 🙂


As I look back to roughly 4 weeks ago, I realise that I was working my socks off! All my exams are over and now I have time to relax!


I have a few exceptional closures coming up due to teachers marking exam papers etc, which means I have to plan days out for my friends and I! This year, some exams were harder than others whilst others were fine. I really do hope that my hard work will pay off!

I will get my report in a few weeks’ time which will tell me where I have come within my band. Sometimes I feel very pressurised as I am part of a group of friends which may be slightly competitive at time which makes everything a competition and I think that is wrong. In my opinion everyone should just be trying their best at everything and as my family all say, “Hard work always pays off!”.


My family are always very in encouraging at this time of year as they know what exam stress is like. My brother is also still doing his GSCE’s, our house was very stressful a couple of weeks ago and still is for my brother!

I am very glad that I worked as hard as I did because at the end of it, I wouldn’t want to look back and wish I had revised harder.


The sun has shone since I have ended my exam which certainly tells me something! From today onwards, I can celebrate my future success and relax knowing my exams are all over! I must still work hard at school!


“Work hard, play hard!”



7 June



So…honestly, my hard work has paid off after all! I have got all my exam results back and now I’m just waiting to get my report.


3 weeks of hard, stressful and intense revision has all come to an end. This only means one thing… Summer is just around the corner! Throughout summer, I will be young up to the caravan for 1 month and then going to Gran Canaries for 2 weeks! I’m so glad that all the hard work for the school year is finally over and I can enjoy the last few weeks of being in second year!


Today, I baked brownies! They were delicious, I may think about becoming a chef for a profession! First of all, I woke up this morning and I decided to go for a run, I did! I ran to the shop and back-I got all the brownie ingredients then! After that I got sorted and had my lunch, after that I was going into chef mode! I made my mixture and scooped it into the tray. I then put it into the oven for roughly 45/50mins. First, it needed to cool and then I could cut it up and eat some slices!


I really enjoyed baking today as I find it really relaxing and I really enjoy it! As I go back to school tomorrow, I will be quite sad to leave my friends in a few weeks time, but summer will have arrived and that is just fab!


It’s the last day of school!

Let’s go to the pool!

Put on your bathing suit

And grab some yummy juicy fruit!

Now it’s time to tan and swim

School is over and so is Gym

I’m going to miss some things such as art

But school made me very smart

I’ll also travel and unravel

I’d bake brownies and cook

Instead of reading an old, boring text

I have to behave and be nice in school

But then I can do whatever I want and also be a fool







21 June


So, this week has been very relaxing! Since the end of my exams, I have been getting exam marks back which has been quite nerve racking at times! Also, I would be part of the most competitive group of friends in the school, which at times is good and others, not so good!


Friday past, we were given our reports! Yes… Reports! Everyone dreads them, everyone detested them, but really… inside…people love seeing their successes slip out in front of their faces. I worked very hard for my summer exams and thankfully, as I quoted earlier, Hard Work Pays Off!

My family and I were very happy with my results and I loved seeing my own successes pop out in front of my face!


Also, I visited my Gran this weekend, which I love! I love visiting my family because they are the ones who care for me and look after me! My family and friends absolutely spoil me in every way possible! Also, some of my family members are just back from their holidays… I was so jealous of them! They all seemed to have had a great time, which I loved to hear!


Just under 2 weeks time, it will be summer! I have a fun filled summer ahead of me and my family!

We are going up to the caravan for a few weeks. At the caravan, I have so many friends from last year who will be up this summer as well! I really enjoy going up to the caravan because we chill out and have so much fun with the family and all of my friends!


The second weekend in August, we are going on holiday to Gran Canaria for 2 weeks! I am so excited! This will be our 3rd year in the row going to the Island!


So, I have many upcoming events which I can look forward to!


Only another 7 days … I am NOT counting down them down at all!!



28 June


So, this week, nothing major has happened, except the excitement which has begun to hit me that… 2 days until summer! I am supper excited as this summer is going to be the best by far!


On Friday we had prize day which takes part in the junior assembly hall. You get told in advance what you have won, then you come along on the day. The rest of the pupils get a day off on the specific day. So, this year I won a form prize for overall endeavour which I also got last year! I am so glad that my hard work has eventually paid off! After prize day, I went to Lisburn with my Dad where we both got a McDonalds! It was great!


In class, we haven’t really been working too hard because the teachers like to give a bit of time to rest at the end of the school year, which I find very kind indeed! In most classes we have been watching movies with the teachers and in others; we play quizzes or just generally chat!


I am very excited for summer, and what it holds within! I will definitely miss all of my friends from school, but I will hopefully meet up with a few during the break!