Year 9 – Luke

17 Dec 2014


7th September

This week at school was the first of the new term after summer when pupils return to school again to resume their learning. My experiences of my first week back at school involved taking all my classes once again and being reintroduced to all my friends, teachers and subjects. I also got my first batch of homework assignments where I was told to draw a poster for English class which took quite a while. As well as meeting my own friends once again, I also met and caught up with some of the newcomers to the school that I knew from my primary school. Finally the last experience that I endured this week was that I also had a newcomer to my class and a new subject to learn which was German which is very hard but I’m sure it will be quite good when I get the hang of it. All in all the biggest down side to returning to the school year was probably getting up out of bed at 8am every morning after 9 weeks holidays and sleeping in as long as I possibly could. Week 1 done!


14th September

My experiences of school this week included playing rugby in PE, paying school funds and also meeting new teachers. School this week was very fast as time went past like lightning. This happened mainly because of how much fun I had as I got to meet one of my new and favourite teachers. One of my other exciting experiences of this week at school is I got my first glimpse of rugby in PE. Of course at the start I didn’t want to go anywhere near a rugby ball but in the end I sort of enjoyed it. I also bagged a few tries. This week also was the time when letters were given out for class and admission funds, permission slips and bus pass forms. Another endurance of this week also was the start of after school extra curriculum activities such as football, rugby, hockey, Scripture Union, Art Club and Drama Club, I will be attending football and rugby. Finally the last experience of my week at school, probably the worst was I found out that I would no longer have my favourite teacher for drama anymore as in second year you have to switch one subject for the other therefore we had to switch drama for German, I hate German. Week 3 Finished!


21st September

This week at school produced another full week of endurances and experiences including after school football and rugby matches, weekend hockey matches, the first week of football and rugby practices and also school trip letters given out. Firstly this week, instead of attending school for the whole day some of our pupils were leaving school early to take part in school football and rugby matches and thankfully they all came home victorious in all departments. It was not only rugby and football matches outside school, there were also weekend girls hockey matches. Not all sport took place during school, it also took place after school as this week included the commencing of after school sports practice. Another final experience that happened this week at school was the announcing of the first school trip of the year with all the year 9 students including all the A classes, B classes and C classes, therefore notes were handed out to all the pupils in year 9, can’t wait! Week 4 Finished.


28th September

My experiences of school this week included finally finishing the dragging homework I was assigned by my geography teacher which took almost forever, also this week was the reuniting of our school and cancer awareness project Charlene’s Project. Another thing that happened this week was the arranging of the sponsored walk for new school supplies and also another arrangement of the “adopt-a-street” project where all the pupils in each year group are removed from school to pick up litter in hope to help the environment. To just top this week off though I had to take a science test which of course came along with more studying and homework and of course more research. Finally to end this week on an interesting and let’s say proud note I was chosen to join the school rugby squad and asked to attend outside of school rugby classes and training which left me leaving school this week on a high note. Month 1 done and dusted!



5th October

This week at school was the fifth of the year and was also another eventful and exciting week in my school which included taking part in a sponsored walk to help raise money for new school supplies and resources such as books and school appliances, another one of this weeks exciting things was that I was forced to take three tests, including a science test on acids and alkalis which I despised throughout the whole of the examination. I also had to take part in two languages tests including German and French where I had to learn about my family for French and numbers for German which I found on a scale of one to ten a difficulty level of about zero. Another highlight of my week was getting to go to football and rugby practice and finding out if I would be joining the school football or rugby team. Unfortunately we didn’t actually get to find out but I am of high hopes that I have made my place into the squad and hopefully I will get to travel to the upcoming match this week. Week 5 Finished!


12th October

This week at school was once again a very interesting one as it included such activities like more tests, which are coming up tomorrow. Surprisingly we were told not to revise for these tests which left the whole class absolutely bamboozled and confused on how they would successfully take part in a test which required absolutely no revision. If you ask me I think it’s okay because if it requires no revision then that means less work for me to do over my weekend. Another slightly less exciting part of my week at school was that I had come down with a really bad stomach bug which took a huge chunk of fun out of my week, which in all honesty didn’t really consist of anything dramatically amazing, just two days of lying up in bed doing absolutely nothing which really isn’t my cup of tea. Finally to conclude this fairly short week the last event that affected me this week was auditioning for the upcoming Christmas concert in our school which I have absolutely no idea what to perform so that should be fun. Week 6 out the window.


19th October

Another week at school and yet another eventful one also. This week at school consisted of a lot of different activities including after school football and rugby which also consisted of absolute thrashings of wins with a 7-1 victory in Football and a 28-11 win in rugby. Outstanding results guys. Other activities this week was the occurrence of more tests, yes more i know they’re a drag but we have to do them. The tests i took part in were French, German, Maths, English and HE- too many! In my opinion tests shouldn’t exist

26th October

This week at school was another very fun and exciting one as it included an annual event occurring in our very school, more after school sports activities and the visits of the primary school sampler days. To start off this week, the school was in very high spirit as the annual event National Heroes Day came to our school once again for the fourth year in a row. In preparation for this event, year 8 pupils had the option to dress up as one of their heroe. Another event that occurred this week was another sporting victory for the school football team with a 2-1 win to send them to the next round of the high schools cup, well done again guys. And finally, the final event of the week included visits from primary schools from all over the local area to give the primary 6 pupils a sort of taste as to what life in high school is really like. They get this sample through taking half an hour classes that are the same as what the high school pupils get too. Also this week couldn’t get any better as it was the last of the first term before Halloween… Happy days!

Week 8 and 1st term done!

2nd November

Not a lot to report to you this week as the schools in my area were off school for Halloween. There will be much more exciting events to report next week.

9th November

Back to school again finally… The blog routine is back to normal and will continue to be weekly updated every week. Never the less, this week was another very fun and exciting one as there were a lot of new activities that will happen in the upcoming weeks. One of those upcoming events is the occurrences of this years year 9 school trip which is probably the only thing that I actually enjoy doing during the school year because we get to go on a school trip to a cinema and a shopping outlet in non uniform with our friends. How much better can it get. One of the other, possibly less exciting events of this week was that we were assigned the dates of our Christmas exams which actually start tomorrow with HE and German that I have to do in a 30 minute time range which will be almost impossible, but I think I have a good chance of doing well. Finally, one of this weeks better events was that I was absent from school for a family wedding. This was also my first ever wedding so I was very new to what actually happened but overall it was a very good day and I really enjoyed it. And I got off school for two days. Happy days! Week 10 done.

16th November

Another week of school and another week of exciting and slightly extraordinary events including football matches with cricket scores and yes, you guessed it more exams… Yay! Anyways, let’s continue the blog. This week started off pretty well I had no exams and I finally paid my money for a school trip which cost £179, but it was worth it for that £179 got me a ticket to a premier league football match! I’m buzzing. One of the other not so great events that I endured this week was that I had to do more exams. I hate them so much but they have to be done. The reason I hate them so much is because they require so much preparation work, which drives me up the walls. I hate revising. Finally, the last event of my exciting week, a football match which ended in cricket score with a victory of eight goals to nil in the junior high schools cup. This cup was won by our school last year and we intend to retain our title, but that is all in the hands of the new first years football team to reclaim the title and become the champions once more. Week 11 done!

23rd November

Back again, reporting on another eventful week at school. This week in my opinion was probably one of the best of this year because my year 9 Christmas examinations ended. Happy days! It took so much time out of my week that I couldn’t even attend my weekly football training sessions outside of school! Now to put all of that aside and talk about a less fortunate event consequent to the end of our exams is the resumption of homework’s. In my honest opinion I think we deserve a break after two straight weeks of endless revision and constant exams. It would be the least the teachers could do for us instead of piling more work on our backs. Anyway, all is not doom and gloom as this week is the week when our first school trip of the year occurs. I actually cannot wait. It’s going to be class with all my mates. I’m buzzing! Finally, to end this weeks blog off on a high note another amazing event that also occurred within school this week were even more sporting victories, but this week it’s a little different. The results are coming in from the female teams with a 9-0 victory in hockey and a 17-4 win in netball. Well done girls! Week 12 done!

3rd December

Firstly I started my exciting week off in the assembly hall where we were able to get a sneak peek of this weeks upcoming Christmas concert and may I just say all the performers were absolutely amazing, well done guys. Another event that occurred this week was the Geography W5 school trip. Unfortunately, I did not attend this trip as I was away to a family wedding and didn’t get to receive one of the permission slips to be able to attend the trip, therefore I stayed at home and done literally nothing all day. This trip took two days of school Thursday and Friday as there were two classes who attended and I was part of one of them and my class had to go twice, so lucky! Last but not least this week ended off with the arrival of a new teacher who has taken over the RE classes for my class for the rest of term up until the Christmas break and I have to say I actually prefer our old teacher as we had a lot of banter.

7th December

This week was another one that inherited so many amazing and exciting activities within the school grounds. One of which involved me watching this years annual Christmas Concert and as per usual all of those who contributed were absolutely amazing, well done guys. Another one of this weeks exciting events that occurred in school was that we got to make our very own Christmas shortbreads and they were divine if I do say so myself. After all that there wasn’t a whole lot we did in school, the only actual thing we did was watch movies and play games. Now that all of our exams have finished we practically have nothing to do until after the Christmas holidays, happy days! That is all that I have to report to you this week as that is all that I did in school this week. I will leave this blog once again with a few more sports results, as the year 9 football team won the NI mid-Ulster cup quarter finals with a whopping 7-0 victory, well done guys! I will be back next Sunday with another weekly blog but until then I’ll see you next time.

13th December

After another week of exciting events I return to update you again on my week in school. This week in school was yet another very exciting one, but not only have I got news for you about my week inside school I am also going to tell you what I have been doing outside of school too. Firstly, this week started off very well as I took part in house football which I loved for two reasons. The first one is that it got me out of class all day, and the second was that we won the tournament of the houses! Another one of this weeks exciting events was that I got my first school report of the school year and may I say, I think I did pretty well. I know this as I got straight A’s in every single one of my subjects. I’m not trying to be cocky but I am very happy with myself. Finally to end this weeks blog with a slight twist I would like to inform you on a few things that will be upcoming outside of school soon. These events include going abroad at new year and playing in the junior Irish cup final. I can’t wait for both of these to happen but until next weeks blog I’ll speak to you later.

25th January

This week at school consisted of many different activities and events. Including the primary 6 year group experience days where P6 pupils from schools across the city, come to our school and get a sample of what life is like at our school and a taste of what high school is like. Another event that occurred this week in school was the semi final of the local junior schools cup, where our school thrashed their opposition 6-1 to sail through to the final comfortably, well done lads. Finally, this week ended off with a slightly less exciting and happy event. The setting of a class science test on earth and space, but honestly I’m kind of looking forward to it as its my favourite topic and I enjoy learning about it. That’s all for this week guys speak to you next week!

1st February

This week was another very exciting and eventful week within school as there were a number of exciting activities which included a 5-a-side football tournament for the yr 9 and yr 10 boys who participate in school football matches and may I say I thought I did very well as I scored 12 goals and led our team to win the tournament. Another slightly less exciting events that occurred was the dates being set for my class Geography and Maths tests which I still have not revised for so I’m practically done for. Finally, on a slightly higher note this week was the week of the annual school ski trip to Spain, it went down well. Nobody was seriously injured just a few head colds and a double dose of the flu for some pupils. It also passed on to me so that wasn’t very good at all as I had to take off school on Thursday. That’s all for this week folks I’ll be back next week with another blog for you 🙂

8th February

This week brought another bunch of extraordinary and amazing events which included an intense week of PE sessions which consisted of doing 4 royal marine exercise training sessions which absolutely killed my legs and i couldn’t walk for 3 days straight I was so sore. Another one of this weeks exciting events that occurred in school was the arrival of the board of governors to inspect our school hopefully everything went okay and no bad reports were written but we shall see. Not that there is anything bad in our school anyway I don’t see why they have to inspect it, it’s perfect the way it is but they must inspect it to see if anything needs to be changed or adjusted. Finally to end this weeks blog the last of this weeks events included the arranging of the yr 8 school history trip. I went last year and I thought it was amazing as we got a tour of a castle and we even got to go to McDonalds, we even got to go shopping for about an hour it was class! That’s all for this weeks blog folks I’ll see you in the next one 🙂

15th February

This week at school brought another week of very exciting, entertaining and brilliant

events and activities such as the setting of the dates for our year 9 exams and may I just say I am terrified as I haven’t even finished most of my topics in most of my classes so I cannot start revising until I’ve finished those. On top of that I have missed almost a term of catching up because of sporting events like football and rugby. Speaking of sports this week also brought another group of sporting victories in all sports including hockey, football, rugby and netball. The footballers with a 3-1 win in the local school league, the hockey girls also picking up an 8-3 win in their local school league, the rugby boys with a 34-11 in their local school cup and the netball girls with a 13-8 win in a friendly. To end this blog I would like to conclude with something different, something that I did this week and that thing is that I scored my first ever hat- trick for my football team outside of school. I’m so proud of myself. That’s all for this week guys I’ll see you next week with another blog.

22nd February

This week started off quite well considering the fact that I came into school on Monday morning and the first thing I see is a 99% in my latest Maths exam. I was well chuffed with myself and the feeling was mutual with my parents. This was the best Maths exam I have ever done in my life! Another one of this weeks exciting events was the arrival of many new substitute student teachers in subjects including Science, Technology and Design, PE, English and Maths. All of the new teachers are really nice and are kind to all of the pupils in the school. Finally to conclude this weeks blog with something different, with something I did during the school week. That thing was that I got chosen to play in the school cup in the quarter finals, I’m so excited! That’s all for this week folks speak to you in the next one!

1st March

This week brought another week of exciting and fun activities and events that I would love to share with you. To start off this weeks blog I would like to start off with something that I did outside of school which was very exciting and cool. That is that this Saturday my mid Ulster football league team won with one of our best results ever with a 8-0 win over our league rivals so we were buzzing with happiness and excitement! Anyway, this week inside of school brought a number of events that are worth sharing with you guys. These events include the year 8 history trip to a local transport museum, I did not take part in this trip but I heard that it was the best yet so I’m guessing it must have been pretty good. Also this week we had a special assembly for a very brave girl in year 10 who decided that she would shave off all of her hair for a cancer charity. The hair is to be made into wigs for those having to lose their hair for cancer treatment. Finally, to end this blog I would like to say an amazing well done to any fans of Chelsea FC who have supported our wonderful club through thick and thin. We have done it again, we have another piece of silverware for trophy cabinet. That’s all for this week guys see you in the next one.